Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Wine Thirty Podcast Host ANDREW LINDASS and Zelda the dog congradulate C...

Podcaster Andrew Lindaas and Zelda the dog congratulate Costa Rica's Call Center.

" I heard you guys have cool retro pinball machines" said the Podcast Host of Wine Thirty Podcast, The Bach Report & The Travel Cleanse. CCC boasts the largest collection of American pinball in Costa Rica. An impressive row of 11 classic machines on free play. A gamification call center culture was created and is the only known retro video arcade game room for employees in Latin America. 

Naturally, Andrew understands the importance of a ten year anniversary in business since he is building his own on line empire while traveling the world.

Finally, coolest moment of the video was when Zelda gave a perfectly timed bark for a special shout out when CCC was mentioned by Andrew.