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Costa Rica Rock Star IGNI FERROQUE new hit single and old school retro v...

---------------------------------------------------------- Costa Rica Rock Star IGNI FERROQUE new hit single, "SHINE LIKE THE SUN" Original song and video submitted to The Association of Composers and Musical Authors of Costa Rica (ACAM) for the 2024 awards. The famous Latino guitarist, IGNI FERROQUE teams up with CCC to produce a classic MTV retro video.The band is promoting their 44th anniversary album and national tour sponsored by Costa Rica's Call Center. The hot single has become the official 15 year anniversary theme song for CCC. Pura Vida. IGNI FERROQUE. Banda de rock original costarricense fundada en 1978. Shine like the sun lyrics: Have you every thought of leaving home? How far would you go to find you space? Are you willing to start all alone? Without letting your mind scatter...Out of place Working hard everyday dawn to dawn Hitting the phone to reach the goal Fitting in your spot in paradise Never take your eye off the prize YOU BETTER SHINE LIKE THE SUN YOU BETTER DO THINGS RIGHT IT'S A GAME OF WIN OR GO BACK HOME BUT YOU'RE A WINNER, YOU TAKE IT ALL No matter how strong you feel you are No time for breaks until you're all done With all your goals there is always stress And everybody needs to rest And yet there is no dream that comes alone Once you feel great, you feel at home You find the beauty of a smiling face You find the love, you find the GRACE YOU BETTER SHINE LIKE THE SUN YOU BETTER DO THINGS RIGHT IT'S A GAME OF WIN OR GO BACK HOME BUT YOU'RE A WINNER, YOU TAKE IT ALL Producer: Greibyn Krriyo Executive Producer: Richard Blank Production Assistant: Rolando Araya Igni Ferroque Roberto Ferroque Ruiz Eduardo Doryan Jara Models: Dayana Solis Silvia Rojas Rebeca Meneses Shirley Rodmon Fabiola Castillo Julissa Meneses Yoselyn Fonseca Maria Jose Castro Free Spirit Hippie: Eddie Fridovich Grips: Edder Nuñez Fabian Sequeira Special Guest Appearance: Grace Borbon Video Record: Jersan Jimenez Edition / Post Production: Michael Arce Mora Sunset Productions CR 2023 1993 Gottleib Street Fighter II Pinball Machine 1994 Bally World Cup Pinball Machine 1992 Data East Hook Pinball Machine 1995 Midway Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Arcade Machine 1993 Sega In the Hunt Arcade Machine 1979 Atari Asteroids Arcade Machine 1996 Namco Alpine Racer 2 Arcade Machine 1996 Midawy Killer Instinct 2 Arcade Machine 1958 Seeburg 220 Jukebox 1964 Wurlitzer 2810 Jukebox 1961 Seeburg AY160 Jukebox 1995 Dynamo Air Hockey Table ACAM The Association of Composers and Musical Authors of Costa Rica, committed to the cultural development of the country and in compliance with its objectives derived from the constitutive statutory statements, has decided to hold the COSTAR RICAN MUSIC AWARDS, hereinafter the Awards ACAM. The ACAM Awards will always try to recognize the musical talent of the country, through the evaluation of the productions made during the review period, having to review everything that happened around this field, such as musical, audiovisual, incidental, advertising and other new ones, to select by means of a highly qualified jury, installed sufficiently in advance, the various events that have occurred that serve to stimulate future creation, provoke the interest of young people in composition, all thanks to the promotion and defense of Law Author who assists them. The award is for all those persons, natural or legal, who are selected by the qualifying jury and whose productions or musical works have been published or communicated to the public between the dates that will be duly announced according to the event. The evaluation period corresponds to the dates on which the industry releases its musical products to the national market.We are the Association of Composers and Musical Authors of Costa Rica, a Collective Management Entity, created by musical authors and composers with the objective of collecting and distributing copyrights. Once the composer and/or author has understood the basic responsibilities and the minimum duties, both of the association towards him and of him towards the association, this agreement is signed. Through this ACAM is empowered to protect and administer on behalf of the author, exclusively and fully, all the rights mentioned in the first and second clauses, in accordance with the provisions of its Statutes and Regulations. We are pleased to know your interest in protecting your musical works with ACAM, the association of musical authors and composers of Costa Rica is dedicated to the protection and care of Copyright. By declaring your work in ACAM you are obtaining worldwide protection for your creation. Once your works are endorsed by this committee, the Board of Directors will approve your admission as a new associate and your works will be protected worldwide. We are at your disposal to help you with the affiliation process and we hope that you will soon be part of our association. \A copyright management society must collect the amounts generated by the works of its associates and, therefore, must distribute them. This Regulation will be governed by elementary principles inherent to the distribution of copyright worldwide, namely, the principle of equal treatment for all authors, the principle of equity, the principle of complete distribution and the autonomy of distribution. For a better understanding of this Regulation, a series of definitions of the concepts of perception and apportionment that make up the technical language of Collective Management of Copyright have been added. September 21st, 2018. Hard Rock Cafe, Costa Rica. IGNI FERROQUE live in concert. The LONDON ROOM. September 23rd 2022 SHINE LIKE THE SUN IGNI FERROQUE LIVE. El Club de Bella Escazu! October 15th 2022. Shine Like The Sun closed the set. SHINE LIKE THE SUN. LIVE JANUARY 8th 2022

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