Thursday, July 23, 2020

Chris Barron from the band SPIN DOCTORS loves the Tico staff at COSTA RI...

Chris Barron from the band SPIN DOCTORS loves the Tico staff at COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER.

The video begins in classic rock star form when Chris says, "Hola de mis amigos de Costa Rica. Hello to the Tico staff." Chris Barron (born Christopher Gross) is an American singer and songwriter, best known as the lead singer of Spin Doctors.

"From the best boss, Richard. Ricardoooooo." The CEO of CCC is a big fan and wanted to gift the organization with a special cameo. Spin Doctors are an American rock band from New York City, best known for their early 1990s hits, "Two Princes" and "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong", which peaked on the Billboard Hot 100 chart at No. 7 and No. 17, respectively.

"Celebrating the 12th year anniversary in business." Chris can understand and appreciate how competitive the offshore BPO industry can get. Just like the music business, there will always be tough competition and anyone with the ability to endure the test, can show the luxury of a solid track record. The history of Spin Doctors can be traced back to the late 1980s in New York City, originally as a band called Trucking Company; this band included harmonicist John Popper, and later vocalist Chris Barron, who was Popper's Princeton, New Jersey high school friend. Popper left this side project to focus on his main gig with Blues Traveler full-time. With a name change to Spin Doctors,  the classic lineup was in place by the spring of 1989.

"Your classic art deco building, neon marquees, jukebox arcade and 11 pinball machines. And a 50's cafe." An impressive rock concert needs a top quality environment. CCC strives to have the most striking building in Barrio Aranjuez with the best office gamification culture.Spin Doctors signed with Epic Records/Sony Music A&R executive Frankie LaRocka in 1991. Spin Doctors were known for their somewhat lengthy live shows, sometimes jamming even more than is evident on their live releases. They also often performed double-bill gigs opening for Blues Traveler, with members of both bands all jamming together as the transition from Spin Doctors set into the Blues Traveler set.

"A vintage 300D Mercedes." all special guests are met at SJO for a ride in style and comfort. Chris has toured the world in luxury during his live shows. We can accommodate all of our visitors with a memorable trip to the beach in a classic Lang.

The shout out takes a funny turn when Chris exclaims his thoughts on the local environment, "Hola Ticos viviendo la vida loca. Rica, Costa Rica."

"This is Chris Barron. Soy Chris Barron de los Spin Doctors." The message switches back to English for a bilingual introduction from a music legend.

The singer continues with his personal approach when he says, "This is a cameo for the Tico staff!"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             The video concludes with a final wish of happiness, "Yeah Costa Rica. Viva!"

The entire staff at COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER  appreciates the time and effort in making this video. Stay safe and Pura Vida CHRIS.



Jon Matteson wants the pandemic to end so he can play pinball at COST RI...

The high energy video begins with a bang, "Hello cool staff. Jon Matteson here."

"Happy 12th year anniversary. That's incredible." Jon Matteson is a famous actor with a large following n Twitch.

"I looked up your business online. It looks delicious." Yes, the business process outsourcing industry is very exciting. CCC works hard at presenting the world of telemarketing in the best light. 

Jon really shows his work life balance when he said, "I am a huge classic arcade fan and a huge pinball fan. Honestly, I really wish I get a chance to go." CCC is known for the best company culture in Central America. There is a free play arcade where gamification is highly encouraged to increase morale and team bonding. Old school gaming is a personal favorite of the CEO as well.

"I also looked up a lot of your reviews online and they are all really really good. So, the food looks incredible." CCC has the coolest cafe in Barrio Aranjuez on the corner of 23rd street and 11th avenue.

"And a vintage 300D Mercedes Limousine. That' can't go wrong. This sounds so fun." Every specal guest that arrives on an international flight to SJO is picked up in class, luxury and style. A very memorable ride to the beach in comfortable LANG is in store for the lucky few.

Jon moves the video into a very positive tone when he said,  "So, congrats on the 12th year anniversary. I hope you all are staying safe and sending each other a lot of love and light at this time." 

"I hope I get the chance to visit you one day. Cause, it looks like a lot of fun." When the pandemic is over, there is an open invitation for you visit. There are hundreds of Tico call center agents that would like to personally meet you.

"And all of it check, check, checks all of my boxes. So, all those things are things I love in life." Water seeks it's own level. Jon understands how important it can be to have the best nearshore office environment to produce the best results from the telemarketing staff.

Jon stayed focused on our current situation when he said, "Stay safe and I hope that once the world gets a little bit better and the quarantine is done, I will get a chance to visit you all one day."

The video concludes with some final words of peace and happiness, "So, stay safe and have a good week."

The entire staff at COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER  appreciates the time and effort in making this video. Stay safe and Pura Vida JON.


Thursday, July 16, 2020

Garret sees the advantage of a classic ride when he said, "Vintage 300D Mercedes Limo. That all sounds dope."

GARRET DUNN is impressed by the dope limo for COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER guests.

The video begins with a smart question, "What's up Costa Rica's Call center?"  Garret Dunn is the Director of Finance & Strategy at Cameo HQ in Chicago. He started out as the

Finance & Strategy Manager in 2019, but after a solid nine months, he earned a promotion to lead the finance team. Well done.

"This is a message from me, Garret. Booked by your boss, Richard." CCC likes to go the extra mile for their staff and clients. The CEO enjoys having personal videos made to enhance morale and motivate the telemarketers. We continue our outreach to other business executives in all verticals that like to make shout outs to Ticos.

"Big congrats to all you guys for your 12th year in business." As an alumni of the University of Iowa - Henry B. Tippie College of Business, Garret can appreciate the struggle, risk and joy in creating a business that can endure the test of time. The offshore business outsourcing industry is very competitive. The luxury of a track record with the addition to the CEO on site, has ensured CCC the stable foundation to last over a decade in telemarketing services.

"I hear you got a classic art deco building, neon marquees, jukebox arcade, 11 pinball machines, 50's cafe." Obviously, any successful individual finds the time to balance their work with fun. CCC encourages a retro gamification free play arcade experience. The call center is known for the best company culture where the boss not only knows your name, but will play pinball and pacman with you as well to relax and bond.

Garret sees the advantage of a classic ride when he said, "Vintage 300D Mercedes Limo. That all sounds dope." All special guests are met at SJO for a memorable ride in luxury and comfort. The 1984 Lang is ready for a straight shot to the beach or a leisurely ride in the mountains.

"Big congrats on the 12th year. I think that is pretty impressive." Any business leader can understand what it takes to make it. Garret is a professional that can spot talent and encourage his network to continue winning.

"The video concludes with a final thought for the local Ticos, " Big fan of Costa Rica myself and Pura Vida."

The entire staff at COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER  appreciates the time and effort in making this video. Stay safe and Pura Vida GARRET.



FRENCY from the movie GREASE sings do wop for COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER f...

The amazing personal shout out begins with style, "Richard, the best boss asked me, Frenchy, to give a call out to COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER Grease T-Brids." Edith Conn Bernstein professionally known as Didi Conn, is an American actress, best known for her work as Frenchy in Grease,

"Congratulations on your 12th year anniversary." CCC appreciates the acknowledgement from a special star. When a movie or an offshore telemarketing service shows endurance, it proves that the foundation was strong to compete in Hollywood and the BPO industry. Grease continues to shine with old and new fans alike.

"He says he has the coolest staff around." Hearing that from an original Pink Lady is a huge compliment since the were the most popular girls at Rydell High. Hearing Frecny call us "cool" only ensures that CCC has the best call center agents that have produced the most effective office culture. Edith Bernstein was born in Brooklyn, New York City and knows how to handle herself in NYC and Hollywood.On November 13, 2008, she was named national celebrity spokesperson for Autism Speaks.

"And I can't get over...what an accomplishment. 12 years. Wow!" Conn made her debut as an actress in the 1960s and is still working and very popular today. Anyone that can celebrate a work milestone deserves recognition and respect when competing for a role on the big screen or a perfectly executed cold call close over the phone. Both show talent, skill and the ability to act professionally. Conn provided the voice for Raggedy Ann in the animated feature Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure (1977). Her voice is one of her trademarks. She appeared as a celebrity guest on game shows like Match Game, The $20,000, $25,000, $50,000, and $100,000 Pyramids, Chain Reaction, and Go

"I hear you have a classic art deco building. Neon marquees." Grease showed the world how society looked in the 1950s. CCC wanted to make Barrio Aranjuez shine with a classic building that makes a statement and has given the artist culture in Central America a solid example of class and taste. In January 2016, Conn had a cameo as Vi in the Grease: Live television special on Fox, thus being the only actress to appear in all three screen adaptations of the franchise.

"Jukeboxes, arcades, 11 pinball machines?" In 2018, it was announced that Conn would be a contestant on the eleventh series on Dancing on Ice. At 67, she was the oldest person ever to have competed in the show.

"And a 50's cafe" . It my not be the Frosty Palace when Danny and Sandy share a shake, but we do offer the best double cheeseburgers in San Jose.

"Vintage Mercedes Limousine. Wow. This sounds fantastic." We enjoy picking up our guests in style from SJO  for a comfortable trip the the closest beach. On September 27, 2008, Conn performed with David Shire and Lynne Wintersteller at a benefit performance for Barack Obama in Nyack, New York. I am sure she arrived at that event in style as well and can understand the importance of luxury transportation.

"Well I say A-wop-bop-a-loo-bop-a-wop-bam-boom!" Not only do we get a sweet shout out, but Frenchy breaks into a classic 1950s song to top it off.

The video continues with one huge compliment for the leader of CCC, "To his cool staff from your Richard. The best boss." Your acknowledgement is much appreciated.

In conclusion, DIDI finishes her message with one special gift when she says, "All my love."

The entire staff at COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER  appreciates the time and effort in making this video. Stay safe and Pura Vida DIDI.



Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Dave Hanson from Slap Shot shows Costa Rica's Call Center how to knock o...

The famous defensive player starts off the video strong, "Hey gang, it's Jack. Charlestown Chiefs. #16" David J. Hanson is a retired American professional ice hockey player.He played 33 games in the National Hockey League, and a total of 103 games in the World Hockey Association.

"foil?" Naturally before any game, The Hansons would wrap their fists with tin foil for extra punching power! This has shown to be a very effective technique during pre game brawls or during the hard hitting three periods. CCC makes sure our telemarketers are ready win when they hit the phones every day. We don't wrap our wrists, yet we prepare mentally to be strong and take the hits.Dave Hanson  was originally cast as "Dave 'Killer' Carlson" in the 1977 film Slap Shot, Hanson was recast as "Jack Hanson", one of the Hanson Brothers. Professional actor Jerry Houser was then cast as "Killer", the character based on Dave Hanson.

"old time hockey?" CCC strongly believes that having manners and class is an old time technique as well on a cold call. Hanson played hockey for the St. Paul Vulcans and for Herb Brooks' University of Minnesota college team before joining the pros. His classic training and mastering the basics is what made him a success on and off the ice.

"Hey Richard, who is the best coach and player ever...Yeah right, I know. Ha Ha, he wanted me to say that." Nobody can match Paul Newman as Reggie and Dave Hanson made sure to let us know. A framed picture of the famous coach proudly resides on the wall of his office and is a testament to how a solid leader can produce champions. Mr. Blank is well known for having the best gamification and company culture in the near shore outsourcing industry.

"Anyway, he wants me to send a big hello to you all as you celebrate your 12th anniversary of being in business. That is just awesome." Once Dave hit the ice, the team's morale changed and they made a difference when they won big games. Any solid player needs endurance, strength and raw talent in order to remain competitive for over a decade.The same can be said for a CEO of a BPO offshore service provider that manages, coaches and produces the best bilingual phone professionals.

"I understand that you got a great art deco building," CCC proudly shines on the corner of 23rd street and 11th avenue in Barrio Aranjuez. The Chief's played in the following arenas during the filming: Clinton Arena in Clinton, New York, Utica Memorial Auditorium in Utica, New York and the Onondaga County War Memorial Auditorium in Syracuse. Naturally, a building can make a statement and produce a certain mindset for those that enter and must perform at their best.

"You got a vintage Mercedes limo which you need to make it look mean." The Hansons only would travel when their ride made a statement. Dave shows us how a limo would look if one would hit it with a hammer. Naturally, all of our guests and clients are met at SJO in comfort and luxury. If t is a quick trip the the center to meet their staff or a long drive to the beach, our 300D Lang makes the trip a classic memory.

"video arcades, jukebox arcades, pinball machines, cafes. YOU GOT IT ALL." Just like any good boss, CCC provides the entire staff a place where they can let off steam and recharge their batteries.

"But what I really want to know if they show Speed Racer?" The break rooms all have flat screens that can display your favorite show. I am not sure how many Ticos grew up watching classic cartoons. The call center likes to show classic shows to help the agents build rapport with the clients that fall into that specific demographic. A large percentage decision makers know TV from the 1960s through the 1980s quite well and it can serve as an excellent bridge between points.

The video shout winds down with some final words of wisdom ,"Listen anyhow, congratulations. wish you all the best." Dave manages a sports center at Robert Morris University and has given his time in producing the next generation of old time hockey players.

"pura vida" Dave shows that his appeal stretches far into Costa Rica along with Latin America.

The entire staff at COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER  appreciates the time and effort in making this video. Stay safe and Pura Vida Dave.



Tuesday, July 14, 2020


The video begins with a solid punch, "A WARRIORS hello to my TICO staff from AJAX!" William James Remar is an American actor. He has played Ajax in The Warriors (1979), Albert Ganz in 48 Hrs. (1982),

Ajax continues the video with an acknowledgement, "You celebrated a 12th year anniversary in business!" Just like the Coney Island Warriors, it takes endurance and toughness to compete in the offshore business process outsourcing industry. Ajax is a stocky, brown-haired, blue-eyed Caucasian male, wearing a black tank top under his vest, with fingerless gloves, completed with slacks the color of his hair. He is the toughest member in the gang, and he is always trying to show his manhood. He doesn't like running from a fight. Despite all this, he is extremely loyal to the gang.

The Warriors hangout was comfortable and served a purpose.James can appreciate the extra efforts made to ensure the nearshore call center staff  has high morale. " classic art deco building, neon marquees, jukebox arcade, 11 pinball machines, 50s cafe," Though Ajax is the best fighter, he has the worst attitude and behavior in the crew, but he is highly dependable and always ready to help fellow Warriors when they need manpower. However, he is lustful to any girls, confident in his strength, and highly ambitious to have a high rank within the crew.He is also quite a trash-talker, and has an extremely short temper. He often prefers to fight, rather than to talk things over or negotiate. Despite his negative traits, Ajax is fiercely loyal to the Warriors, considering them as brothers, rather than normal gang mates.Whenever a Warrior needs his assistance in a fight, Ajax is always ready to help, and the Warriors knew they could depend on him.

"and vintage 300D Mercedes limo. PURA VIDA." All of our guests are met at SJO in style and comfort. Ajax was one of the nine delegates chosen by Warlord Cleon to represent The Warriors at the meeting hosted by Cyrus and the Riffs in the Bronx. At the meeting, Cyrus was murdered and The Warriors were wrongfully blamed for his death, which led to the death of Cleon at the hands of the Riffs. Despite Swan being designated Warchief and the gang's second-in-command, Ajax briefly attempted to take control of the gang. This failed and Ajax was able to redeem himself later when he helped Swan, Snow and Cowboy defeat the Baseball Furies.

This was booked for you guys from Richard, WAR CHIEF AND BEST BOSS" AJAX most important appearance in the movie is the fight against the Baseball Furies, in Riverside Park, where he is ambushed. His most famous quote,  "I'll shove that bat up your ass and turn you into a popsicle." made him a legend with a large cult following.

The video concludes with some final words of wisdom, "Take it easy"

The entire staff at COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER  appreciates the time and effort in making this video. Stay safe and Pura Vida JAMES.



Monday, July 13, 2020

Alicia Liken shows her ability to spot talent and how to effectively com...

"Your boss Richard, is amazing and he wants to say you guys are just killing it."

The valuable executive at Cameo starts off her video with a strong first impression when she says, "Costa Rica's Call Center. What's up? It's Alicia. Copywriter at Cameo." Alicia is a brand storyteller that specializes in thumb-stopping content. In addition to data-driven insights to guide creative and it shows.

She continues her positive attitude when she mentions a milestone," I just wanted to say congratulations on your 12th year in business." With a degree from

Central Michigan University in Marketing Communications, Alicia can fully appreciate the endurance it takes to compete in the offshore BPO industry.

"Your boss Richard, is amazing and he wants to say you guys are just killing it." CCC appreciates the compliment and has worked very hard to produce the most effective outsourcing work environment.We are confident that as your business grows, you will always treat those that work in in your organization with dignity and respect. That is how we were raised.

"So I m going to mention your classic art deco building which I am sure is the bomb." Barrio Aranjuez has a shining jewel on the corner of 23rd street and 11th avenue. Alicia is a

Freelance Contributing Writer that does Research, writes, and produces high-quality content focused on Chicago entertainment. Naturally, curbside appeal makes all of the difference when making a statement locally and virtually.

"Neon marquees. You got a jukebox arcade." Alicia has an eye for graphic design and modern aesthetics. CCC is known for having the best gamification free play arcade in the BPO industry. Since Alicia strongly believe marketers need to take risks and be disruptive to grow their business. We decided that anyone that works with us with come out stronger, smarter and more successful when telemarketing. Pus, any building with choice neon lights really shines and that can spread to the mindset of the call center agent when they enter the building!

"11 pinball machines. Where do you even store those?" It was tough to find, yet the owner of CCC has purchased and restored classic American pinball after lost in storage for over a decade near the beach". The majority of our agents have never played real machines and have the chance to hang out with the boss in the game room. The bonding that takes place is priceless and produces a more stable work force.

"Your 50's cafe." CCC has the best double cheeseburgers in town. The cafe is open to our staff and the general public. Red and white booths look amazing with the traditional black and white checkered floor. Naturally, a jukebox rests in the corner and is always playing classic hits.

"Your vintage 300D Mercedes Limousine. Holy cow that is amazing." CCC picks up all of our clients and guests when they fly into SJO. They have many options which includes a first class trip to the beach, the call center or just touring the country in luxury and comfort.

The video concludes with a classy goodbye, "Pura Vida. Congratulations."

The entire staff at COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER  appreciates the time and effort in making this video. Stay safe and Pura Vida Alicia.

Alec Webber acknowledges COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER amazing work environme...

"Everything is just vintage and old and really cool. So, props to you guys. Enjoy those things."

The personal shout out begins with a smooth style when Alec says, "alright, the Costa Rica's Call Center and their cool staff."

"Um, Pretty sure I have done a shout out for you guys before.So, really excited to do it again." once becoming an intern at Cameo, his shout outs are in very high demand and he is more than able to fulfill the needs of the multiple video requests.

"This shout out comes from Richard.Who is obviously, the best boss." A proud alumni of the  Arizona State University - W. P. Carey School of Business. Alec can clearly understand the importance of strong leadership in order to endure the competitive offshore outsourcing industry. Not to mention, Richard is a graduate of University of Arizona with a degree in Spanish and Communication. Both studies have enable Mr. Blank to manage a medium sized call center.

"And I want to give a shout out to the Tico staff. You guys just celebrated your 12th year anniversary." Alec makes sure to notice how dedicated a telemarketing staff can be in order to produce a slid track record of success in near shore customer support services.

"Being in business, which is awesome." The fact that Alec has shown interest in building his own business is a good start to a long term plan of hiring a large group of employees.

"You got your classic art deco building, your neon marquees, jukebox arcade, pinball machines, a cafe." CCC has a the reputation of providing the best work environment and call center culture in Central America. This will produce a very low attrition rate and high employee satisfaction.

"Everything is just vintage and old and really cool. So, props to you guys. Enjoy those things." The new generation has been given the chance to experience the sights and sounds of years past when the world did not revolve around smart phones or computers. The mix of old and new can produce the best characteristics in a growing sales force that must relate to an older generation of clients to build rapport and close the deal.

"It sounds really exciting. I will have to swing by sometime." Once the pandemic ends, CCC extends an open invitation to our friends and clients. We have a classic 300D Mercedes Lang limousine that meets our clients at SJO for a luxury trip to the beach or for an on site visit to the center to meet their agents.

The message concludes with a final shout of positive energy, "Pura vida baby. Congratulations on 12 years and here is to the next 12." Alec makes sure to encourage the offshore outsourcing industry to continue to be an example in Latin America.

The entire staff at COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER  appreciates the time and effort in making this video. Stay safe and Pura Vida Alec.