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COSTA RICA PINBALL MACHINE COLLECTION BY RICHARD BLANK A smart motivational technique used for CCC BPO agents is to compete on the machines in the game room. One way in which a telemarketer's confidence could be made stronger or broken down is through an arcade experience during their work day. Costa Ricans have courage and can back up their swagger on the phone after dominating the video games during their scheduled breaks. In the competitive offshore outsourcing call center arena, CCC has an advantage over the rest in Costa Rica by creating a strategic play environment.

High end arcade video games will reinforce a call center agent's focus, mind set to win and motor skills while off of the phones during their free time. The most important virtue is to show a solid habit of good sportsmanship regardless of the outcome of the games in the arcade. More new friendships have blossomed in the game room at CCC call center Costa Rica.

Our entire staff has concluded that an immediate visual stimulation combined with a conditioned manual stimulation in gaming added a very special ingredient to our nuance at CCC.

To date, Costa Rica's Call Center is the only BPO in Central America with a retro arcade game room, period. The average age of our Costa Rican call center agents correspond with the virtual gaming boom. Every CCC agent that grew up mastering Nintendo has amazing skills and a strategic thought process.







COSTA RICA HAS 2 PINBALL MACHINES AND A CENTIPEDE ARCADE GAME Back in the 1980s, anyone in Costa Rica who wanted to play the real video games was on a mission to find an arcade. Once you placed your 100 colones on the game marquee to hold your place, it didn't get any better when you had the chance to show your skills in front of dozen kids from San Jose. Each Tico was shooting for the high score on Asteroids or Pac Man and loved every minute of it.

CCC wants to bring that excitement back into a call center environment and use it to grow past our 440 agent limit at our current location in Barrio Aranjuez. Today, CCC firmly stands behind having our call center employees experience the authentic arcade sounds, sights and real time retro competition. Our new video arcade room has given CCC another strong gust of wind in our sails. Costa Rica's Call Center will continue to reward our amazing staff by a pace of 1 new arcade machine per 44 new telemarketing agents hired and hitting their monthly quota.

The employee friendly call center environment became more pleasurable immediately which can offset a demanding telemarketing career. Any BPO boss could only imagine and wish for laughter, smiles, spirited jokes and high energy at their Costa Rican office on a Monday morning before shift.

The reality today is that CCC has become the only call center to have gifted their entire staff a video arcade game room to have fun, period. All agents are given the option to arrive early to play the games or they may choose to stay inside and enjoy the machines during the evening while waiting for their ride to safely take them home.






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ART DECO BUILDING WITH CLASSIC NEON MARQUEE DISPLAYS COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER IN STYLE. The 1958 "SUPER LA CUADRA" building was transformed into a modern 3 level call center operation in Costa Rica's famous barrio of Escalante-Carmen. Fortunately, 15 walls of original brick was preserved as well as many fond memories shared by the local residents as they stroll by CCC. The company boasts the largest collection of American pinball in Costa Rica with an impressive row of 11 classic machines on free play. A gamification call center culture was created and is the only known retro video arcade game room for employees in Latin America. Costa Rica's Call Center (CCC) is a state of the art BPO telemarketing outsource company located in the capital city of San Jose, Costa Rica. Our main focus has been, and will always be to personally train each and every Central America call center agent so that we may offer the highest quality of outbound and inbound telemarketing solutions and bilingual customer service to small and medium sized international companies, entrepreneurs as well as fortune 500 companies.







NBA Fastbreak is the latest release from WMS and the George Gomez design team. I love Gomez's previous games, Corvette and Johnny Mnemonic, and was eagerly awaiting his next game. I'm a trifle disappointed in NBA Fastbreak, but then again I like his former games more than the r.g.p consensus.

It's still an outstanding game. It's "different" in several ways. The scoring is like the Real NBA, meaning that 300 points is a terrific score. The scoring is balanced, and completely linear. That in itself is a major difference.

Gameplay can be very slow (stop-and-go) due to the top saucers. This turned me off at first but I've gotten used to it.

Having 29 high scores (1 for each NBA team) is neat.

NBA FB is probably a "novice" game, because the shots are all very easy, and it's a lot easier to do something that lets you enter your initials. It should still be fun for wizards, if you don't mind "working" at a game (meaning dealing with slow play and very few "pressure" shots). Extra Balls are easy; it's not difficult to go from 3 to 5 or 6 balls.

The ideal environment for NBA FB is probably where I play it: a college bar that is filled with people at night to play with /against and to have as spectators. Also, having a lively environment substitutes for the frequent slow / "automatic" play.

NBA FB is very well made in every respect (other than possibly the bumpers, but I have only 1 machine to base my opinions on that on). It's yet another reminder of how many light years WMS is ahead of Sega in sheer quality, from mechanics to rules to sound (not dots :). It deserves to be a big winner for them.


The objective of NBA Fastbreak is to get to Trophy Multiball by completing the 6 Tasks, win a Ring, and score as many points as possible along the way. Then do it again.

Playfield Here's the playfield and what shots do in one-ball, non-mode play...

There are five major shots. They're all easy:

Left Orbit

loops up and around a very shallow ramp and back to the Right Inlane. Starts In The Paint when lit. If In The Paint isn't lit, the Alley-Oop Combo is lit and is started here. Weak shots fall into the Basket Area. Left Ramp

a short mid-field ramp that usually curves around to feed the Left Inlane, like the one on Scrawny Bubonic. There's a diverter that can be raised to let the ball ramp up to the top of the playfield and around to the Basket. This is a killer shot and my favorite shot in the game :). Can be lit for a 3-point basket. If 3-point is not lit, Fastbreak Combo is lit to start here. Center Ramp

dead center in the playfield. A lot easier from a caught ball than a live one. Leads to the Basket. A miss here (you make it halfway up the ramp and then back down) is the main drain shot in the game. Thus, I shoot this from caught balls if possible. Can be lit for a 3-point basket. If nothing else is lit, Free Throw is lit for 1 point (this is true in all modes and MBs). Right Ramp

a short mid-field ramp that feeds the Right Inlane. Starts both Fastbreak Combo and Slamdunk Combo. For me, this shot is harder than the Left Ramp, but that's prolly cuz of the extreme left->right lean on my machine... Right Lane if In The Paint is lit, starts In The Paint in the Basket area. Otherwise, starts the Tip Off Combo and feeds the bumpers. "Minor" shots / areas:

Left Saucer like the one on T2 and NF. Gives one of Bob's Crazy Stadium Goodies when lit. Gives Extra Ball when lit. For me this is the "hardest" shot in the game. Lane-Between-Center-Ramp-And-Right-Ramp where balls come out of the bumpers. Go up this lane to get a cool "electromechanical" sound, and hopefully get some bumpers. Inlanes light the opposing In The Paint shot, most of the time. Inbounds Pass targets two standups below the Right Lane entrance (a la Johnny) that, when both hit, light Inbounds Pass at the Left Outlane. This works regardless of mode except that I think in multiballs if you light this, then use it (I hate using up ballsavers in MB), you can't light it again until you're back to one ball. Inbounds Pass returns the ball from the plunger. If you lose the ball and the inbounds pass is lit, you will lose it at the next ball.

Million Dollar Shot on ball 3 or after final extra ball, the right outlane is lit for this. If you drain down the right, another ball launches and you have ~10 seconds to hit the basket from the center ramp. Note: there is no compensation if hit the ramp, but miss the basket. If you make the shot, you win a million dollars and your game continues. If you don't make it, you're obviously not even good enough to be a ball-boy, so your game ends. If MDS is lit and you awarded an extra ball, then it will go off and relight at the next ball. 3-P-T three standups in a lovely shade of purple. When all are hit, 3-point basket is lit at Left and Center Ramps. You will never aim for these. Basket a hoop that is fed by the Center Ramp (always), the Top Saucers (always), and the Left Ramp (sometimes). Most of your points come from hitting the Basket. Sometimes the shots that are supposed to feed the Basket miss; there is compensation for this, see below. After a Basket, the ball heads for the bumper area, where hopefully it will hit some of them before dribbling out to the flippers. There's a magnet below the Basket that can hold the ball. If the Basket is not lit for anything else, it's lit for a Free Throw and 1 point. 10 Free Throws light an Extra Ball (see below). Settings are vary and each machine is different. For my machine, it is after 3rd or 5th three throw. You can only use this method once (1) per game.

Four Top Saucers an arc of four saucers beneath the Basket. When the ball lands in one of these, it is shot up a wireform and into the Basket. Except when you're in In The Paint mode, where you have a plastic guard that can block your shot to contend with, and so you can pass left or right (to another saucer) with the flippers. Bumpers 3 of 'em. They're cool-looking. Your enjoyment of NBA Fastbreak will depend amazingly much on how well these work on your machine. Backglass backglass flipper alert! There's a orange ball the size of a ping-pong ball (is it a ping-pong ball?) that can be hit with a flipper into a "basket" on the backglass. You only have control of the flipper during Pizza mode. The flipper flips by itself at various times during in the game, making a sound like Tackle from WCS. This is also what happens when you win a credit. Basket Compensation

If you shoot the Basket by the Left or Center Ramp and hit the Ramp but miss the Basket, there's compensation. If the ball falls in one of the Top Saucers (it usually will), the saucer will shoot the Basket and you'll get credit for whatever you were shooting for, if it isn't exceedingly long after you made your ramp shot. You'll also get credit for the 1-2-3-4 (see In The Paint) saucer. Choose Team / Skill Shot After firing up a game, you get to pick which of the 29 NBA teams you'll be playing for. As you cycle thru the teams you can see the current NBA Team Champion for that team. You'll hear the players from your team mentioned throughout your game. For the "Skill Shot", Tip-Off Combo is lit. If you've already collected it, nothing special happens. The ball is dropped in the bumper area from the "plunger". Except that there's no plunger, or normal plunger button. Instead there's a button on the lock-down bar. The Riverboat Gambler market should be happy. Tasks Most of NBA Fastbreak gameplay involves completing the six Tasks needed to start Trophy Multiball. They are listed below in the order I typically get them. Goals - completed by getting a 2-point goal, a 3-point goal, and a Free Throw. 20 Points - completed by getting... 20 points. This is lit for you after the first Trophy Multiball. Combos - there are four Combos. Get all four to complete this task and light Extra Ball (EB lit only for the first completion). Each Combo awards 2 points. After starting a Combo, you have a few seconds / switch closures to complete it. You can start Combos in single-ball play unless a Stadium Goodies or Power Hoops mode is running. Tip-Off: start by hitting the Right Lane if lit (it's lit unless In The Paint is lit there). Complete at the Center Ramp. Tip-Off is also started at the beginning of a ball (as the Skill Shot) if it has not been collected. Thus, this is the first thing you go for in a game. Slam Dunk: start by hitting the Right Ramp (always lit). Collect at the Left Ramp. Alley-Oop: start by hitting the Left Orbit if lit (it's lit unless In The Paint is lit there). Complete at the Center Ramp. Fast Break: start at the Left or Right Ramp (always lit). Collect at the Center Ramp. Stadium Goodies - our beloved Crazy Bob is back again, serving yummy concessions. Hit the left saucer when lit (anytime in single-ball play except when a Stadium Goodies mode is already running) to start one of four modes. These are awarded in the below order. Pizza: quick, look up at the backglass! You have ~10 seconds to flip the backglass ball into the hoop. The value of the hoop alternates between 1, 2, and 3 points. If you time your flips right and are a little lucky, you should be able to get the 3 points with every shot. My high on this mode is 18 (six 3-pointers), and I average about 15. If you're on your last ball and Pizza is lit, you should go for it, as this is a major source of points. Hot Dog: the shot clock is set to 24 (== ~10 seconds). Hit any of the 5 main shots to score 3 points and reset the shot clock. Eventually the clock starts resetting to progressively lower values. The mode ends when the clock times out. This mode can be worth a ton (20-30) points. I usually go for the "quick" shots (left orbit, left ramp, right ramp). NBA Trivia: the display gives you a NBA Trivia question and four possible answers. Get the right one for 10 points. If you got the wrong answer, you will only get 1 point. There is one trivia question that relates to this game. Included below is a mini-database of NBA Trivia answers if it seems useful. I've seen about 30 different questions. They're not that hard, but obviously you don't want to get one you don't know the answer to when you're working on your all-time best game! I'm curious to see how this plays in a tournament. Will spectators shout out the answer? Or will they be barred from doing so? Or will tourney mode always offer the same order of questions? Egyptian Soda: hit the left or right ramp for 3 points. This mode seems to last about 15 seconds. If this is the last mode I need for Trophy MB, or if I only need Hoops modes, I'll catch the ball and let the mode time out. After Egyptian Soda times out, the Concessions Task is completed. During Hot Dog and Egyptian Soda, any Hoops mode that is running is postponed until the Concessions mode is completed. Also, bumpers do not advance Hoops modes. Advancing to Shoot Around MB and Around the World MB are still available, though. When all Stadium Goodies is complete, you can still go there for 1 point (1 point added to your score). Multiballs - Finish Shoot Around Multiball and Around The World Multiball to complete this Task. Shoot Around MB: start by hitting all five major shots (any order) to spell S-H-O-O-T. The S-H-O-O-T letters can be collected anytime in single-ball play. If a Power Hoops or Stadium Goodies mode is running when S-H-O-O-T is completed, that mode is postponed until Shoot Around is completed. Shoot Around is a 2-ball MB. The important thing to do here is to spell S-H-O-O-T again (the letters are flashing until collected) to light Extra Ball. Also, any flashing shot is worth 2 points. Once S-H-O-O-T is completed the letters are reset (to flashing). This mode can be another big point-getter. I don't think you can get the Shoot Around EB more than once. Around The World Multiball: the four saucers at the top of the playfield are numbered 1 thru 4. When one of the four are collected, a lamp on a player above the saucer is lit. Collect all four to start Around The World MB. There are two ways to light the saucers: In The Paint. The inlanes light In The Paint at the opposite Orbit/Lane in single-ball play. This also turns off the Alley Oop or Tip-Off lights. In The Paint stays lit for ~10 seconds, after which it goes out and Alley Oop / Tip-Off is re-lit. Unless it's lit from starting a ball; then it doesn't go out until you hit it. Hitting the Orbit/Lane when In The Paint is lit starts In The Paint Mode. The ball should land in one of the four saucers (if it dribbles out first, you're out of luck). A plastic guard starts moving toward your saucer, trying to block your shot. Avoid the guard by passing among the saucers with the flippers. When you're free, shoot the Basket with the Basket button. You shouldn't ever get blocked by the guard if you know what you're doing. Unfortunately, sometimes the shot from the saucer to the Basket will miss, and In The Paint is over. Also, if the ball lands in one of the saucers when In The Paint is not lit, the saucer will shoot automatically, collecting the 1-4 number for the saucer and whatever the Basket was lit for (see Basket Compensation). This happens quite a lot, from weak Left Orbit shots or shots to the Basket that don't fall in. At times, you will be prompted to hit the "Shoot" button for a "Foul Shot." This counts as a Free Throw (1 pt.) If you don't do this you won't get the point. Once 1-4 is completed, Around The World MB starts. It's a 3-ball where one of the five major shots is flashing for 1 times the # of balls in play. Basket compensation is active, and you'll use it (likely w/o knowing it). The flashing shot is the Left Orbit first, and moves right each time points are collected. There's not much reason to go for the flashing shots; the points per effort just isn't worth it. Instead, shoot Free Throws in this MB and advance toward the Free Throw Extra Ball. Power Hoops and Power Points - here's my main complaint with this game. To complete the Power Hoops task, you have to complete the four Power Hoops modes. The problem is that these modes are started with bumper hits, and if you have a machine (like mine) with very insensitive bumpers, it becomes extremely difficult and boring to get through all four modes. It's typical for me to have all other five Tasks completed, but only one of the four Power Hoops modes. Ugh. Anyway, here's the rules... bumper hits during non-mode, single-ball play (I'm fairly sure that's it) advance the Power Hoops bumper count. On my machine, the four modes are started at 11, 22, 33, and 44 hits. If your machine gives you at least 3 hits per Right Lane shot, and balls coming out of the Basket give you a couple of hits, you're OK. But if you're getting 0 or 1 hit per Right Lane shot, and 0 coming out of the basket, you're looking at trouble. Settings are vary for Power Hoops for each mode. For others, it will start at 9, then 18, etc. It does seem that Fastbreak has some compensation for this. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to do nearly enough. Over two weeks on my machine, the required bumper count has lowered from 13 to 11 hits per mode. Crazy Bob awards, In The Paint, Shoot Around and Around The World MBs, and Free Throws are all available during Power Hoops modes. If a new mode is started, the Power Hoops mode is postponed and picks up after the new mode is finished. Combos are not available during Power Hoops modes. There are three single-ball Power Hoops modes. They last for about 20 seconds. In all three, one shot is lit for 3 points. They are: Half Court Hoops - Center Ramp. Hook Shot Hoops - Left Ramp. Run & Shoot Hoops - alternate Left and Center Ramps. Also, the bumpers give you 1 or 2 Power Points every five or six bumper hits. Power Points are also available during single-ball, non-mode play (but you get more of them during a Power Hoops mode, I think). I'm not clear on Power Points or how they may affect strategy. The fourth Power Hoops mode is Multiball Hoops. It's a two-ball mode, and the Left and Center ramps are alternately lit for 3 points. I don't think Power Points are available during Multiball Hoops for some reason. Trophy Multiball When all 6 tasks are completed, Trophy Multiball automatically starts (if you lose the ball before it starts, and yes this is possible, it'll start on your next ball). You have unlimited balls for about 20 seconds. The Center Ramp is lit for 2 points. Your goal is to outscore the "other team". It seems like 6 or 7 shots are necessary to do this (the first time, anyway). I don't know if the # of required shots depends on anything you're doing. If you win, you get a Ring, and become the current M.V.P. You don't get any extra points for winning, just the points you scored during the mode. Then all Tasks (except 20 points) are cleared and you get to do it again. Look out for the ball, as it autoplunges (I don't like this. You should get a break after a wizard mode... ). Extra Balls There's several Extra Balls in NBA Fastbreak. Thankfully, none are random! Nice job on this, WMS. EBs are lit at the left saucer. There's no limit to stacked lit EBs or awarded EBs. Here's how you can light an EB: Completing all four Combos. During Shoot-Around MB, spelling the letters S-H-O-O-T. I think this gives an EB only the first time it's done (i.e. not after Trophy MB). 10 Free Throws. I like to go for Free Throws during Around The World MB. Settings are different, for mine, it's only 3. You can only do this method once per game. 22 (!!) Left Orbit Loop Combos (or whatever). I've never come close to getting this one. It's hard to get a Loop Combo without actually trying for one. You have to get two Left Orbits in a row to get a Combo. I need more info on this, in particular whether there's any reason to go for it. Again, settings are different. For mine, it's only 12. Miscellaneous Bonus: there is none. So don't be afraid to tilt when losing your ball ;). You *can* score 0 points on a ball. Trivia: what's the last WMS game on which you could do this? NBA MIA: Jordan, Barkley, Shaq. More? Matt Geiger is da absolut best player in the NBA. Strategy I'll fill this out more in the next version. There just aren't too many real strategy decisions in NBA FB. Make sure you get Pizza / Hot Dog / Trivia before ending the game, as that's where the big points are. You do have to decide whether to play the Power Hoops modes or not; they're potentially worth a lot of points, but you don't have to play them to advance to Trophy MB, just start them. Be sure to get your Free Throw EB. Around The World is not worth enough to go for it (more than once) over getting to Trophy. Same for getting Combos more than once. Learn which shots lead to the most bumper hits. Decide when Inbound Pass is worth relighting (for me, rarely). High Scores There's no typical high score table for NBA Fastbreak. Instead, Beating the current best score for your team makes you an NBA Team Champion and you get to enter your initials. I wonder if anything happens if you are the Champion for all 29 teams... There is a Grand Champion for the all-time best score. On my machine, getting GC is the only way to get a replay (other than matching). I hear this is default behaviour for pre-production ROMs but may change. When comparing scores, Rings always beats Points. Thus, 150 and 1 Ring beats 200 and no Rings. Winning a Ring makes you M.V.P. The boys @ WMS have picked their favorite teams for the default Team Champion scores. These are: Chicago: LED, 3 Rings, 136 Boston: LFS, 2 Rings, 104 LA Lakers: ADG, 1 Ring, 72 Cleveland: ROG, 80? (please tell me if you know of more) My high score is 2 Rings, 294. I currently am Team Champion for 24 of the 29 teams :). Today I played a four-player game and won a Ring for three of them. Competitive Play I have not played a competitive game of NBA Fastbreak. I suspect that it would make an excellent competitive game, but that's just a hunch. The big decision would be whether to count rings over points. It appears that NBA will be the tourney game @ WWPF. There have been talk of some odd way to physically connect machines to compare scores, and maybe this will be tested there. The idea doesn't overwhelm me. Currently, tourney mode does nothing. Rules for competitive Play (2 machines liked together) (general only, non-tourney) There are 4 Quarters similar to a regular NBA game + overtimes if necessary (don't know time for OT).. Each quarter is 3 minutes long. (Similar to Arcade NBA games) Each Extra Ball you collect adds 30 seconds to the time remaining in the quarter/regulation. You get unlimited ball savers til time expires. When time expires, everything stops, ball(s) drains... Same rules apply as in a 1 player game. The person with the most points wins.. Free game is the same number of points needed as in a 1 player machine. Settings may very. You can still do the traditional 4 player 1 machine method as well. Possible Bugs I haven't been able to find many, and even these are questionable... In a multiplayer game, if >1 player gets a ring, the last player to do it gets M.V.P., rather than the one with the higher score







Our entire staff has concluded that an immediate visual stimulation combined with a conditioned manual stimulation in gaming added a very special ingredient to our nuance at CCC. To date, Costa Rica's Call Center is the only BPO in Central America with a retro arcade game room, period.

The average age of our Costa Rican call center agents correspond with the virtual gaming boom. Every CCC agent that grew up mastering Nintendo has amazing skills and a strategic thought process.

Combining a bilingual telemarketer's gaming experience to help motivate, focus and relax the work place mind set is priceless and makes perfect sense for any outsourcing company.

Left Outlane Has a kickback which is relit by hitting Light Kickback Target. Left Inlane

Has a rollover which lights the Light Magna-Save target. Magna-Save

Ah yes! The return of the Magna-Save. But not quite the same implementation as in Black Knight or Jungle Lord or the other 70s Williams two-levels. The Magna-Save is just above the tip of the left flipper, and is set to save a STDM drain. By punching an extra button at the left, you activate the Magna-Save which sucks the ball into place above your flipper so you can catch it. At least thats the theory. Slingshots

The return of the standard slingshot, no more of this trapezoid shaped junk like Demo Man or ST:TNG. Light Kickback Target This is lit by rolling through the right inlane. Hitting it lights the kickback. Left Spiral

This is your standard spiral. When a city is lit, it scores the city and sends the ball all the way around and shooting out the other side. Otherwise a one-way gate drops down and the ball falls into the rollovers / pop bumpers. Left Ramp

This ramp normally shoots the ball around in a loop and back to the right flipper. If you hit a second consecutive ramp shot, a diverter closes and sends the ball over to the left flipper. The left side of the ramp holds the locking mechanism, implemented here in excellent fashion. If lock is lit, the ball always goes to the left ramp lock area from either ramp. I should also note that around the spot where the ramp is about to curve back towards the right flipper, there is a little hole so that if you don't shoot your ball strongly enough, your ball will fall down into the pop bumpers without scoring the ramp. The ramps are used to lock balls, collect tickets, relight jackpots, and for points during Ultra Ramps. Striker Targets

Striker is this little dog who is the mascot of World Cup Soccer and he has three standup targets on the game. One on each side of the left ramp, and one in front of the jet bumpers at the upper right. Hitting a dog target lights a letter in the word "STRIKER." When you light all seven letters, you get 10M and the Striker Scoop is lit. Light Free Kick This is a saucer. Falling in it lights the Free Kick standup target. Tackles

This is a row of three standup targets (think about Cousin It / Superdog and you get the idea.) Hitting one of them when lit scores 10M. Assist Another saucer, at the upper left, just in front of the goal. When the ball falls into the Assist saucer your goal gets lit (or nothing changes if its already lit) and you can shoot the ball straight in by punching a flipper. Pretty great. Star Rollovers There are four rollovers (yes rollovers!) leading towards the goal. Light a rollover by rolling over it. Light all four and goal is lit. GOAL!

This is really great. At the upper left corner of the playfield there's this wide hole (picture ST:TNG's Neutral Zone if it was as wide as all three targets.) In front of it is this plastic goalie who moves back and forth. You shoot the ball past the goalie and into the goal. Its tougher than it sounds - he's good! When you hit the goal the machine yells "GOAL!" and there's a great animation and the crowd cheers! Hitting the goal when its not lit will score the Striker Scoop award when you haven't collected a Striker award yet. 4 lit Goals lights a TV award. There are also a couple of modes which run along a theme of hitting the goalie, which I find really amusing. Goal also serves as the multiball jackpot. Striker Scoop This is a small little scoop in the back middle of the playfield, to the right of the goal. Hitting it when lit serves up a seemingly random Striker Award. This also serves as the Extra Ball shot. Jet Bumpers / Rollover Lanes Three bumpers and two lanes. Lighting both lanes lights the left spiral to collect a city. Jet Bumpers are pretty standard three-in-a-triangle-shape. During normal play, the jets are worth 1OOK a pop and add one thousand fans for each pop. At 25,OOO fans, the jet value becomes 1M / pop for the rest of the ball. Soccer Ball

Theres this great big half-a-soccer ball which spins at super speed when the goal is lit and during multiball. The thing is, the ball is made of RUBBER! This causes A) much bounciness on the upper part of the playfield and B) some pretty extreme spins on the ball. Free Kick Target When lit from one of the Free Kick saucers, this target awards 10M. It stands right in front of the spinning soccer ball. TV Award / Final Draw scoop When lit for TV award, this gives out a TV Award. There are currently four TV Awards. Also serves to start multiball when lit for Final Draw. Right Ramp

Same as left ramp, except this ramp always feeds the left flipper and there are two holes which can drop your ball to the bumpers instead of just one. Serves same purposes as left ramp. Light Free Kick saucer There is another Light Free Kick Saucer to the right of the right ramp. See above. Light Magna Save target When lit, hitting this target lights the Magna-Save. This target is lit by rolling through the left inlane. Right Inlane

Rolling through this inlane lights the Light Kickback target. Right Outlane There is a special light here, which is lit at the end of multiball (see MULTIBALL below.) Plunger / Skill Shot

First off, this game has a real plunger. You pull it back and it springs the ball out? The skill shot is like one of those loops on roller coasters. You shoot the ball up the loop, and it falls into one of three dividers which each have a light. When you start they are all flashing. Falling in one of the flashing ones the first time scores 5M. Then only two are flashing. Hitting another flashing one scores 10M. When you hit the last flashing one you spot a city for 30M! Rules GOALS For some reason, hitting goals is the funnest thing in the world. You start each ball with the goal lit (at least you do on the machine I play.) Shooting a goal scores 10M, adds 5M to fun with bonus and starts an "Ultra" round. There's some great sounds here. When the goalie blocks a kick you get "What a great save!!!" The voice reminds me a lot of the voice in Banzai Run. You relight the goal by lighting four stars on the playfield. There are two ways to light a star: A) Hitting the dog target in front of the pop bumpers (called the "Header" target) lights an unlit star B) By rolling over them! Yes, first the return of Magna-Save, now the return of rollovers! What a great game. After each goal, you are awarded an "Ultra" mode. There are four Ultra modes (explained below) and each one lasts for the length of your ball or until you score 30M on the mode, at which time you are given a 10M bonus and the mode ends. The modes you currently have lit are indicated by four lightning bolt-shaped lights on the right side of the playfield.

These modes do not add to your score during the normal game, they are only used for fun with bonus. Utlra Ramps - About what it says. Shoot ramps for 5M per ramp. Utlra Spinner - Ditto, to the tune of 1M a spin. Ultra Jets - This is a pop bumper bonus. Pop bumpers are upped to 2M a pop. Utlra Goalie - Nail the goalie! One of two Hit the Goalie modes, these are completely hilarious. Hitting the goalie scores 5Ma shot. TV AWARDS Shooting four goals lights the TV award. Hitting the TV Award scoop awards it. Currently there are four TV Awards. A TV Award is a timed mode (these were 20 or 25 seconds) for bonus scoring. Simply starting any TV Award is worth a cool 25M. They are awarded in order as opposed to randomly. Big Goal Round - Shoot three goals within the time limit for 15M, 15M and 30M. Extra Ball Round - Extra Ball lit for 20 seconds. If you hit the extra ball, then the Striker scoop is worth 50M for the rest of the time limit. Hit The Goalie! - Same as above except timed. Hitting the goalie is worth 10M, shooting the goal raises the goalie value by 10M. Still totally great. Where's Striker - Shoot any of the dog targets to try and find Striker. First hit scores low points, second scores medium points, third finds Striker and scores big points. I still haven't gotten this yet so I can't be more specific. STRIKER AWARDS Hitting a Striker dog target scores 1M and adds a letter to the words "STRIKER." Spelling the word Striker awards 10M and lights the Striker scoop. It is also lit at the start of the game. The first Striker award may be collected from the goal if the goal is not lit. Shooting the Striker scoop gives out a random award. The ones I've seen are set forth below. Extra Ball - Guess. Multiball - Starts multiball at rank 15 (see below.) 20 million - Another toughie. Super Free Kick - Makes the free kick target worth 10M + 5M per consecutive hit for a certain amount of time. Penalty Kick - Gives you a shot at the goal with the goalie not moving and leaning out of the way. hit the goal for 30M. Three Cities - Gives you your next three cities (see below.) Unlimited Kickback - Kickback lit for the rest of the ball! Three Goals - Adds three goals to your total, complete with three Ultra rounds too. MULTIBALL OK, there are four spots with flashing arrows labeled "BUILD" in front of them - left spiral, left ramp, right ramp and Striker scoop. There is also a big soccer ball painted on the playfield with the words Strength, Stamina, Skill, Speed and Spirit on it. Shooting a build shot lights one of the words on the ball on the playfield. When you light all five, lock and multiball are lit. Shoot a ramp to lock the ball, shoot the Final Draw scoop to start multiball. Now when you start multiball you are given a team to play, based on your rank. Your rank is determined as follows - Every two shots to a lit goal advances you 1 rank, and if you lock a ball before starting multiball you advance 4 ranks (since multiball is lit as soon as lock is lit.) You beat a team by shooting the goal (this is your jackpot,) and then get to play the next team by shooting a ramp (relighting jackpot.) There are fifteen teams, with the following ranks and jackpot values: #15 USA 20M #14 Russia 20M #13 South Korea 25M #12 Saudi Arabia 30M #11 Morocco 35M #10 Austria 40M #9 Canada 45M #8 Holland 50M #7 Italy 55M #6 Great Britain 60M #5 Sweden 65M #4 Spain 70M #3 Australia 75M #2 France 100M #1 Germany 250M If you drain before hitting a jackpot, shooting a ramp or the Final Draw scoop will restart multiball where you left off. If you start Multiball again, you are advanced two ranks. For your match against #1 ranked Germany, the Special is lit on the right outlane, the jackpot is worth 250M and after you hit it, the ramps and goal are lit as Victory Laps worth 50M a piece! After five laps, the Victory Laps switch off between left ramp and goal. One more thing, the Assist saucer works during multiball, but best of all, its programmed not to miss. CITIES There are eight cities on the World cup tour - Chicago, Dallas, Boston, New York / New Jersey, Orlando, Washington DC, San Francisco, Detroit and LA. There are three different ways to collect cities. Left Spiral - Shooting both ramps or lighting both rollovers lights the left spiral with a yellow arrow labeled "TRAVEL." Shooting the spiral at this time awards your next city. Actually, scoring the spiral doesn't award the city, setting off the spinner does. And you CAN score it backwards! I have had two cities lit, shot the spinner for the first one, and when the ball didn't make it all the way up it fell back down and lit the second one! Striker Award - There is a Striker award which gives you your next three cities. Skill Shot - Hitting all three flashing lights awards your next city. Chicago, Dallas and Boston are worth 10M. New york, Orlando and Washington are worth 15M. San Francisco, Detroit and LA are worth 20M. Travelling to any city also lights the Tackle target, worth 10M when hit. Several cities have modes associated with them, as outlined below. Boston - Boston Tea Party Mode - A hurry up. Starts at 40M and counts down to 10M. Shoot spinner to collect. Washington D.C. - Extra Ball - Lights Extra Ball L.A. - World Cup Final - After traveling to L.A., shoot the Final Draw hole to start the Final Match against Germany! This is really great. 5 ball timed multiball against Germany for 45 seconds. You plunge the balls yourself (manual plunger remember) and goals are worth 75M. Every once in a while Germany will score a goal. If you end the 45 seconds with more goals than Germany you get a bonus of 500M!!!! Yowza! If you end in a tie, overtime is started and the first team to score a goal wins. BUY-IN You can buy an extra ball for 1 credit up to three times. When you buy in, all four ultra modes begin lit! There are separate high score tables for x number of buy-ins, but I haven't sorted them out yet. Hell, I haven't even sorted out the ones for ST:TNG yet. BONUS Bonus is awarded as outlined below 5M per goal Ultra Modes are scored however you did. 5M per city.







A smart motivational technique used for CCC BPO agents is to compete on the machines in the game room.

One way in which a telemarketer's confidence could be made stronger or broken down is through an arcade experience during their work day. Costa Ricans have courage and can back up their swagger on the phone after dominating the video games during their scheduled breaks. In the competitive offshore outsourcing call center arena, CCC has an advantage over the rest in Costa Rica by creating a strategic play environment.

High end arcade video games will reinforce a call center agent's focus, mind set to win and motor skills while off of the phones during their free time. The most important virtue is to show a solid habit of good sportsmanship regardless of the outcome of the games in the arcade. More new friendships have blossomed in the game room at CCC call center Costa Rica.

This is a glossary of the shots that will be referred to during the discussion of the game. In SFII, most shots correspond to one or two of the opponents that you must defeat through the course of the game. There are only 8 shots for 12 opponents, as the lower right sink hole and the spiral each have two opponents, and the left and right ramps can be raised and lowered, with one opponent for each ramp position.

- Lower Left sink hole. This is the opponent E.Honda. When the opponent is not lit, this hole spots a letter in TORPEDO. Completing TORPEDO starts TORPEDO Multiball.

- Lower Right sink hole. This hole has two opponents: M. Bison and Balrog. When neither of the opponents are lit, then the hole spots 1 letter in TORPEDO until the first TORPEDO multiball is achieved, and scores 1M + 1M to ??, and resets on each ball.

- Left lane, just past top flipper: This hole is the opponent Blanka. When the opponent is not lit, it advances the Car Crunch value. On our machine you need 3 hits to get the Car Crunch, but this is probably either a self-adjusting value or operator settable.

- Left ramp. This is the opponent Zangief. The left ramp can be raised, in which case refer to the "left underpass" described below. When the opponent is not lit, and the ramp is in the lowered position, this shot scores 3M. Any ball shot up this ramp is kicked out of the E.Honda hole. You can also get Zangief by shooting Sagat just as multiball ends if Zangief is lit (bug or feature?). Shooting an unlit Zangief raises the ramp for a shot at an unlit Sagat.

- Left underpass: This is the opponent Sagat. This shot is only active when the left ramp is in the raised position. When the opponent is not lit, this shot is worth 4M, and kicks 1 barrel. Kick 4 barrels to start Multiball. Any ball shot through this underpass is kicked out of the E.Honda hole.

- Left sinkhole, just to right of left ramp. This is the opponent Dhalsim. When the opponent is not lit, then this shot scores the flame, which is 2M. Any ball shot into this sinkhole is kicked out of the E.Honda hole.

- Vertical loopback, just to right of pop bumper. This is the opponent Guile, one of the toughest shots in the game because it has a very small sweet spot. This shot loops the ball up vertically onto a habitrail which drops the ball into the right inlane. When this opponent is not lit, it spots a letter in GUILE. Spelling GUILE the first time gives and extra ball (or 50M if extra-balls are disabled), and scores 50M for each completion of the GUILE. Although the shot is obviously made for the left flipper, it is possible to hit this shot backhanded from the right flipper. I have done the backhand several times while the ball was heading towards the right flipper from the left side of the playfield, but only once when the ball was at rest on the right flipper.

- Spiral in upper right corner: This shot has 2 opponents: Ken and Ryu. It is designed to be hit from the upper left flipper only, although a ball from the right flipper which hits a post just above E.Honda may ricochet into the spiral. I've done this a few times, but never intentionally. Although both opponents light up together, each shot when it is lit scores only one of the two opponents. When not lit, this scores 1M+1M per loop. A good shot might give you 3 or 4 loops, but usually you'll only get 1 or 2 loops. The value continues to increase across balls. Any ball shot in the spiral is kicked out of the M.Bison hole.

- Right ramp: This shot is the opponent Chun Li. Like the left ramp, this shot is only active when the ramp is in the lower position. A shot up this ramp sends the ball to a raised playfield, which has a single flipper that is rotating at constant speed (you have no control of this flipper). If the flipper does not hit the ball, then your ball goes straight to a habitrail on the left, which drops the ball into the left inlane, and you score either Chun Li when it is lit, or 5M+5M to 25M if not lit, which resets on each ball. Note that after you get an unlit Chun-li, you have one shot from the left flipper to get the next ramp. If you hit any other switch, the ramp raises, and gives you a shot at an unlit Vega. If the rotating flipper does hit the ball, then it either sends it back down the ramp, or onto the right habitrail, which drops the ball into the right inlane. In this case, no points, touch bananas, zilch, and the machine laughs at you! Hidden discovery: you can also get Chun Li by shooting Vega just as Multiball ends when Chun Li is lit (bug or feature?).

- Right underpass: This is the opponent Vega. This shot is only active when the right ramp is raised. When the opponent is not lit, this shot scores a random award. Some of the possibilities include points (5-25M), light extra ball, start regular multiball, and spot letters in 1 to all letters in GUILE, TORPEDO, or FIGHTER. There may be other awards too. If you hit the unlit Vega when the DOUBLE light is on, then it gives you TWO separate random awards. This shot sends the ball to an eject hole which feeds the top pop bumper. During normal play, the ramp can be raised for a random unlit vega award in two ways: 1) Hit an unlit Chun-Li, or 2) have the ball land into the Vega eject hold by going through the green targets (usually a lucky bounce off the Jet Bumpers). If the right ramp is stuck in the up position, then the right underpass will give you credit for Chun-Li when lit, otherwise it will give you a random award every time.

The remaining shots do not have any opponents associated with them. - Skill Shot, step 1, the timed plunger shot: The dot matrix display, accompanied by Chun Li's voice, says "Ready, Set, Shoot". After it says shoot, you let go of the plunger, which sends the ball up a habitrail. At the end of the rails is a sensor, which sets your starting bracelet value. After you hit the sensor, the ball dribbles down into the Blanka eject hole, and the display goes into a shoot the bullseye animation, and tells you if you were early or late for a bullseye. If you timed the shot just right, you get the bullseye, and you set the initial bracelet to 20M. If you are off, the initial value is 5M, 10M, or 15M, depending on how close you are. To score any skill shot points, you must get the skill shot step 2. If Blanka is lit, then you also defeat Blanka [but if it is not lit, do you advance the car crush count?] - Skill Shot, step 2, hitting the Bracelet. The bracelet is a target just above the entrance of Ken&Ryu. It is a plastic target with a metal pin in the center. To get the skill shot points, you must hit this target from the upper left flipper as the ball is fed out of Blanka. If you hit the center of the target, which is detected by hitting the you get double the points. If you miss the target, then the bracelet becomes a "Hurry Up" target, counting down from the original value to 0. - Extra Ball (EB) target: this target is near the back center of the playfield. The EB target is the white one, which is between two red targets. Hitting this target while the purple light is flashing awards an extra ball. There are various ways to light this target, but the target only stays lit for about 10-15 seconds. Note that you must hit the white center target, and not the side red targets to get the EB. Also, there is no grace period on hitting the target after the light stops flashing. The target is pretty much worthless if hit when not lit. - Green Targets: In back of the EB target, there is a single pop bumper, and three plastic targets, which are called the "Green Targets" because of the green lights in front of them on the playfield. By hitting all three targets a certain number of times, you light the EB target for 10-15 seconds. It is not clear how often you have to complete the 3 hits, or whether they must be hit in waves, but it seems like 2 or 3 times, and could very well be self-adjustable or operator settable. You can light the EB many times in a game in this way. - Fighter Targets: These are two targets just to the left of the right ramp, facing sideways. Every time you complete both targets, you spot a letter in FIGHTER, which is shown by red LED's to the left of the plunger. Spelling FIGHTER lights special, which is flipper selectable among the inlanes and outlanes. Other things to know about the playfield: - Slingshots: SFII has the traditional slingshots above the lower flippers. They don't score anything significant (except for affecting the last 2 digits of the score), except during TORPEDO Multiball when they are worth 3M a pop (along with everything else!) - Double Light: Every shot has a red 'double' light on it, which is normally not lit, but does light up on various occasions: - unlit opponent: Whenever 'double' is lit for an unlit-opponent, you score double the value of that shot. For example, E.Honda spots 2 letters in TORPEDO instead of 1, Guile spots 2 letters in GUILE, Sagat kicks 2 barrels, Zangief scores 6M (although the display still only shows 3M), Vega gives you 2 random awards. Every time you hit the slingshot or pop bumper, which unlit opponent has the 'double' lit changes. You start the game with only one unlit opponent having 'double' lit, but at some point in the game I did end up with 2 at a time; I'm not sure how I got that second one. - double round: During the double round, the 'double' light for each shot that must be completed to double your score is lit. As you hit them, the light goes out, so that when you hit the last one that is lit, you double your score (if time didn't run out first!) - Inlanes & Outlanes: there are no significant value to the inlanes and outlanes in SFII, except after completing FIGHTER, in which one of the lanes is lit for SPECIAL. You can use the flipper to alternate which of the four lanes is lit. - Second Chance: if you drain within the first 10 or so seconds of play and before you defeat any opponent, the game gives you the ball back, and says "Shoot Again" as though you had an extra ball. You do not get to do the skill shot again, but the bracelet does remain lit and counting down from your previous skill shot (at most 10 seconds earlier!). GAME PLAY ========= The object of the game is to defeat each of the 12 opponents. You defeat an opponent by making the appropriate shot when the white light with the opponent's name is on. In normal settings before the first Champion Challenge, there are always 3 opponents lit at a time, starting with E.Honda, M.Bison, and Sagat. Every time you defeat an opponent, you get a choice of prizes, which is selectable by the flippers. The choices are the following: opponent defeated left flipper selects right flipper selects 1st 5M Car Crunch 2nd 5M Multiball 3rd 5M Roaming Ninjas 4th 10M Multiball 5th Hurry Up EB/10M Count Up 6th Add 3 to TORPEDO Multiball 7th 10M 1-2 Punch 8th Add 2 to GUILE Multiball 9th 10M Double Score round 10th Complete FIGHTER Multiball 11th no prize; display message only 12th CHAMPION CHALLENGE The points are obvious, but for the big prize money always select the choice that is not points, and when available, always select Multiball. If you don't select any within 5 seconds, the game picks one for you, which is always the left flipper choice. Each of the above choices are described in detail below. CAR CRUNCH: The car crunch is a mini-playfield under the main playfield, which has a single full-sized flipper, a ball, and a car which crunches up as you hit it. The object of the car crunch is to completely crunch up the car by hitting it multiple times, before running out of time. It takes anywhere from 2 to 5 hits to crunch the car, depending on how strong you hit the car. The amount of time you have depends on which round of the car crunch you are on. I'm not sure exactly, but you get about 1M per car hit. If you succeed in crunching the car, a white light in the mini-playfield which says "winner" lights up, and you also get the Car Crunch bonus. The bonus for the first round is 5M (3M on tournament settings), and you have about 8 seconds, which is about 3 times longer than you need. The bonus on the second round is 10M, and you have about 5-6 seconds. The bonus on the third and subsequent rounds is 30M, and you only have about 2-3 seconds. Note that you only advance to the next bonus level when you successfully complete the car crunch. In addition to obtaining the car crunch as an award for defeating the first opponent, it can also be obtained by making several shots to the unlit Blanka. ROAMING NINJAS: During the roaming ninjas round, the 8 shots (with ramps in raised position) are randomly lit, 2 shots at a time (one on the left half of the playfield, and the other on the right half), for 5 seconds each pair. During this round, aim for any lit shots. The first lit shot scores 5M, the second scores 20M, the third 50M, and the fourth 100M. Sorry, even if you are fast, there is no fifth shot. When you get a lit shot, that shot still stays lit for the remainder of its 5 seconds, so it is possible to get the same shot twice (which I've often done with E.Honda and M.Bison, where you can send a kicked out ball right back into the hole.) HURRY UP EB: The first time through (i.e. before getting the Champion Challenge once), the extra ball target lights up for about 10-15 seconds. The second time through (i.e. after a Champion Challenge) or if extra balls are disabled, your choice is 10M, not the Hurry Up EB. COUNT-UP: In this round, the lower right hole (M.Bison) lights up, with the inverse of a "Hurry-Up" feature. The value of the hole starts at 3M and increases by 100K up to 10M, pauses, then increments quickly by 1M to 48M. No grace period; if you miss the highest value by a millisecond you get nothing. 1-2 PUNCH: For the 1-2 punch you must complete Blanka then Ken&Ryu in that order, within about 20 seconds. The first time you get the 1-2 punch, you get an Extra Ball for completing the two shots. On subsequent times, or if the EB is disabled, then you get 25M for Blanka, then 50M for Ken&Ryu. [or is it 10M for Blanka and 25M for Ken&Ryu??] DOUBLE SCORE: In this round, you must hit the four lit shots within 20 seconds to double your score. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd shots score 5M, 10M, and 15M respectively. The 4th shot doubles your score. This is not easy to do, because the machine picks the hardest shots to hit: among the four shots, you usually have to hit Guile, Ken&Ryu, or both. MULTIBALL ========= The regular multiball is a progressive jackpot multiball, where each jackpot you score increases the value of the next jackpot. For every second opponent you defeat (excluding the 12th opponent) one of your choices is to start multiball (which is usually the recommended choice!). You can also get multiball by kicking all barrels via an unlit Sagat or as a random award via unlit Vega. During multiball, you want to shoot a flashing opponent to score a jackpot. There are 8 possible jackpots, one for each shot (the ramps are always in the raised position during multiball, so you always shoot the underpass). Two jackpot shots are flashing at a time. When you hit a jackpot, that shot stays lit (but not flashing) and another one lights up, so that you always have two shots to shoot for, except for when you only have the last jackpot left. The jackpot values are worth 5M, 10M, 15M, 20M, 25M, 30M, and 35M for the first seven jackpots respectively. The eighth jackpot (or Super Jackpot) is worth 300M. In normal settings, once you get the super jackpot during multiball, you can keep shooting it for 300M a pop, until you lose that Multiball. In hard (tournament??) settings, after you hit the super jackpot once, you must restart with the first 5M jackpot. You do not have to get all jackpots in the same multiball, as the jackpots already obtained and the jackpot value are carried from multiball to multiball. The jackpot shots always light up in the same order, starting with E.Honda and M.Bison/Balrog. The next one is Sagat if you hit E.Honda first, or Vega if you hit M.Bison/Balrog first. The fourth is Sagat or Vega, whichever wasn't lit third. The next four are always, in order, Dhalsim, Blanka, Guile, and Ken&Ryu. STRATEGY: Since the 8th jackpot is worth the most, and it is the only one that you hit more than once, it is wise to stay away from shooting an easy jackpot (e.g. Vega, Sagat, or Dhalsim) and concentrate on always going for the more difficult shots (e.g. Blanka, Guile, and Ken&Ryu). If the shot you have remaining for the super jackpot is something like Sagat, then you can reshoot that target numerous times for 300M a shot. Whereas if you have Guile or Ken&Ryu, it may be difficult to get more than one super jackpot. If you start a multiball when the Blanka jackpot is lit, you will get that jackpot automatically, as the plunger shot deposits the ball into the Blanka eject hole. Once you've gotten the super jackpot, and that multiball ends, the next multiball starts from the beginning again, as though it was your first multiball. TORPEDO MULTIBALL ================= The torpedo multiball is a 3-ball Frenzy Multiball, where every switch is worth 3M. You get the TORPEDO Multiball by completing the word TORPEDO. One letter is spotted in TORPEDO each time you hit E.Honda when not lit or M.Bison when not lit and before the first TORPEDO Multiball; two letters if the 'double' light is on when you hit E.Honda or M.Bison, or 3 letters if you select "add 3 to TORPEDO" after defeating the 6th opponent. When there is only one letter remaining in TORPEDO to start the Multiball, the E.Honda hole will be flashing, and the M.Bison hole also if it is the first TORPEDO multiball. If you get this, you get the TORPEDO multiball. You can also get TORPEDO multiball by hitting E.Honda or M.Bison when the "double" light is on and only 2 letters remaining, or by adding 3 letters after defeating the 6th opponent. An average TORPEDO multiball should score you 100M. With a good multiball, you can really rack up multi-millions of points. The TORPEDO multiball score is the only End-of-ball bonus in the game. So once you get this, DON'T TILT! STRATEGY: One strategy that I have found works quite well is to pick two shots, one on the right and one on the left, and just keep hitting those same shots repeatedly. I usually aim for Sagat and Vega. The Sagat shot is a fairly easy shot which takes a ball off the playfield for a few seconds so that you only have to deal with one or two balls at a time, and it passes by 3 switches for 9M a shot (as opposed to E.Honda or Dhalsim, which only register 1 or 2 switches per hit). The Vega shot feeds the top pop bumper, which in cooperation with the green targets, will often give you at least five target hits (i.e. 15M) per shot. You also might light extra ball by continuously shooting it there. CHAMPION CHALLENGE ================== Street Fighter II is a goal-oriented pin, and the goal is to become the new master. You do that by first defeating all 12 opponents, which puts you into the champion challenge, then defeating all 12 opponents a second time on the same ball. If you successfully complete the challenge, you get 500M, Special, and you become the new MASTER (the machine asks you to enter your initials). During the Champion Challenge, all 8 shots are lit simultaneously. As you defeat an opponent, that light goes out. Shooting the lower right hole once defeats both M.Bison and Balrog; shooting the spiral once defeats both Ken and Ryu. Shooting Zangdief raises the ramp and exposes Sagat. Shooting Chun-Li raises the ramp and exposes Vega. Therefore to defeat 12 opponents, you need 10 shots. Once you complete the Champion Challenge, you start over having to defeat opponent 1, and you get the choices for each opponent defeated. The second time around, though, only two opponents are lit at a time, and not three as the first time around. I haven't gotten to a 2nd Champion Challenge, so I don't know if the third time around you only have one opponent lit at a time. If you lose the ball during Champion Challenge, then you lose out on that 500M, and you must start all over on the next ball. REPLAYS AND HIGH SCORES ======================= REPLAY SCORE: As with all modern machines, the replay score is self-adjusting. The following algorithm seems to be used in SFII (these are the default settings on our machine, I presume some of the parameters are operator adjustable): You can beat the replay score 3 times on your credits without the replay score changing. After that, it increases by 50M per game, regardless of whether or not you get credits, until your credits run down to 0. It's sort of like the machine deciding that you've played long enough, and it wants to kick you off. After the credits go down to zero, the base replay score is reset. On the machine I played, it seemed like Gottlieb/Premier finally got their algorithm working properly, after those screw ups in Cue Ball Wizard where the replay score was boosted to the Billions! However, some people have seen the bug on their SF2's, so maybe it is a matter of different ROMs. On our local machine the base replay value fluctuated between about 100M and 250M. HIGH SCORES: The high scores on our machine ranged are all around 1B, and one Usenet post said that Rick Stetta got 4.6B on it. Our machine does not give you any credits for getting a high score, and only gives you 1 credit for achieving the grand champion score. I'm not sure if this is standard or just a local operator setting. THE MASTER: The game keeps track of the "Master", which is the last person to have completed the Champion Challenge. See CHAMPION CHALLENGE description above. You get one credit for completing the challenge and becoming the new master.







Today, CCC firmly stands behind having our call center employees experience the authentic arcade sounds, sights and real time retro competition.

Our new video arcade room has given CCC another strong gust of wind in our sails. Costa Rica's Call Center will continue to reward our amazing staff by a pace of 1 new arcade machine per 44 new telemarketing agents hired and hitting their monthly quota.

The employee friendly call center environment became more pleasurable immediately which can offset a demanding telemarketing career. Any BPO boss could only imagine and wish for laughter, smiles, spirited jokes and high energy at their Costa Rican office on a Monday morning before shift.

The reality today is that CCC has become the only call center to have gifted their entire staff a video arcade game room to have fun, period. All agents are given the option to arrive early to play the games or they may choose to stay inside and enjoy the machines during the evening while waiting for their ride to safely take them home.


An automatic plunger in the shape of a pistol. Smart Missile

This is a button located just above the pistol. Hitting it will award whatever is lit on the playfield. (Cannot be used for Skill Shot) The location of the Smart Missile is a real pain to try to hit in a hurry. The best thing to do is use the "Buddy System." :-) Flippers

The only two flippers in the game, in the normal place. Slingshots

Two normal slingshots. Inlanes

Both inlanes light the captive balls for 2X towards lighting multiball. Outlanes Will award special when lit, and deactivate the Smart Missile. Left Captive Ball Located just above the left outlane. Will advance MBALL and reset the timer of any mode currently running. CRANE Targets Actual drop targets that are used during various rounds. Located along the left side of the machine. (One for each letter in CRANE) Danger Bar

Located behind the CRANE targets. Any dropped CRANE target will expose the Danger Bar. Hitting the Danger Bar will reset all the CRANE targets. CRANE Lock

This is a place above the CRANE targets that holds balls locked for successfully spelling CRANE and hitting the Crane shot. Two balls maximum can be locked at one time. When M-Ball is started, any locked balls for that player are returned, via habitrail, to the left flipper. The machine keeps track of how many balls each player has locked, so it is possible to have "virtual" locks if the Crane is broken or another player starts M-Ball before you. Also called the Tar Pit. Ramp Entrance

The only ramp in the game, often referred to as THE ROOF. Used during various Dynamite Features, scores normal and Super Jackpots and to advance progress towards 'Second Cousin Franks' award. Located in the top left corner. The ramp has a large sweet spot, and the ball can be diverted to a habitrail to return to the left or right flipper. CAT Target

A red target located on the right post of the ramp. Only used during CAT Millions dynamite feature. Crane Shot

Located just to the right of the ramp, this is a passage that will lead to a VUK kickout and return the ball, via a habitrail, to the right flipper. During certain times, the crane will be in position to catch a ball kicked out from here. A ball not hit hard enough will fall into one of the Double-Your-Bonus rollovers. Double-Your-Bonus Rollovers Like Advance X on most machines, completing these three rollovers will double your current bonus that is awarded at the end of your ball. (Max of 50M)

Pop Bumpers

Three pop bumpers in the normal triangular arrangement. Located at the top of the machine underneath the Double-Your-Bonus rollovers. They advance the currently flashing Dynamite Feature. Movie Screen

Scoop located in the upper middle of the playfield, just underneath the pop bumpers. When the yellow light is lit or flashing, it will award the current Dynamite Feature. Also used during some Dynamite features and to start M-Ball. Lt. Dekker Spinner A spinner target located between the movie screen scoop and the Chicken Scoop. A ball going through the spinner will immediately enter the pop bumpers. Chicken Scoop

Located to the right of the spinner. Used to "Play Chicken" and during some Dynamite Features. The ball can returned to the Chicken scoop via a small lane out of the pop bumpers right beside the Ripper kickout. (See below) A ball hit into the Chicken scoop will be returned from the Movie Scoop. Ripper

A Kickout like the Raptor pit in JP. Hitting the Ripper will return the ball to the flippers at about the speed of light. A ball draining shortly after a Ripper shot will be replunged. Also spots a letter in RIPPER. Right Captive Ball Captive ball to the right of the Ripper. Advances toward M-Ball and used during "Go to the Movies". Eyeball Targets Three targets on the upper right side of the machine, just to the right and underneath the Right Captive Ball. Hitting all three will light another 5M badge on the playfield, and will also award a "Benedict's Bonus". Wildcard Scoop

A scoop on the right just above the right outlane. Awards WildCard, Extra Ball when lit, and sets the Dynamite feature to one of "Last", "Action", or "Hero". 5M Badges Badges lit on the playfield at the entrances to certain shots. There locations are: The left captive ball, the Crane, The Ripper, and the Wildcard Scoop. These shots must also be hit during the 6-Ball sequence. Dynamite Features Like most other games these days, LAH has a series of modes to complete. These are the lights just above the flippers. Steady lit lights indicate that the feature has been completed. The flashing feature is the next feature to be awarded after a shot to the movie scoop. The pop bumpers change the current award. RIPPER Lights

Located on the lower left side of the cabinet. There is one light for each letter in RIPPER. Hitting the Ripper shot adds another letter. Completing RIPPER awards the current RIPPER Bounty. Smart Missile Light A light on the lower right side of the cabinet. It will be flashing throughout your current ball if the Smart Missile is still available to be used. Magnet

Yes, LAH does have magnets underneath the playfield, right below the Dynamite Features. The eye of the pyramid below the Movie Scoop will be lit (or blinking) when the magnets are activated. The magnets are in a triangular shape similar to TAF. Shaker Motor At various times during the game, a shaker motor will be activated to vibrate the machine for a pretty neat effect. (It's identical to the one in JP.) It comes on whenever the ball enters the pop bumpers, and when various rounds are in progress. Skill Shot

The skill shot on LAH is identical to the one on LW3. A red light underneath each of the CRANE targets will will flash in sequence. You must plunge the ball so the ball will knock down the currently lit target. It awards: Ball 1 : 2M Ball 2 : 3M Ball 3 : 4M Instant Info

Holding either flipper button for awhile will show you Instant Info. This will list the replay value, number of extra balls earned, current bonus, Second Cousin Frank's award value, Last Action Hero award value, World Premier award value, as well as the High Score table. You can page through the display by hitting the other flipper.

Ball Saver Last Action Hero has a ball saver that is active during the first few seconds of a ball being plunged. If you get an outlane drain immediately after hitting the CRANE targets, the ball will be returned. If the replunged ball again drains after hitting the CRANE targets, it will be replunged once again. After this, your on your own. The ball saver will also be active after a shot to The Ripper, the first few seconds of M-Ball and the first moments of Super Crane and 6 ball. "Don't Move!" NOTE: One newer ROM's, the machine will supposedly forgive many right outlane insta-drains.

Dynamite Features A few notes about the Dynamite features before I actually start explaining them: The Movie Scoop will be lit to award a feature at the start of each ball. After it's collected, the ramp will relite the scoop. Going through either inlane will lit the movie scoop for a VERY limited amount of time. You can have various modes running at the same time, but there are some exceptions that will be noted below. As far as I can tell, the Smart Missile does NOT award the currently flashing Dynamite Feature. (It lights the scoop for M-Ball) Using the Smart Missile will automatically light M-Ball at the movie scoop. If M-Ball is lit, M-Ball will be started. When M-Ball is ready at the Movie Scoop, Dynamite Features (obviously) cannot be collected. During any kind of timed round, hitting the Left Captive Ball will reset the timer back to it's maximum value. This can only be used once per round.

Hitting an inlane during most Dynamite Features will lite the Wildcard scoop. Hitting the scoop before it times out will double the current scoring for whatever round is going on. This can be VERY worthwhile on some rounds. (It does not work for every Dynamite Feature.) The World Premier Award (and I think the Last Action Hero Award) are increased in the following way: Every round you successfully complete will add 5M to the World Premier/LAH awards and 5 seconds to your World Premier time. (See sections on World Premier and LAH for a full explanation of these 2 rounds.) Round Completion will be specified for each Dynamite Feature. The Dynamite Features are: (In no particular order)

Blow Out Light Extra Ball Go to the Movies Red Eye The Roof Big Mistake Cat Millions Super Crane Save Danny Find Benedict "Last" "Action" "Hero" *World Premier* (Can be collected after all other Dynamite Features are cleared) Light Extra Ball is obvious - once lit, it can be collected at the Wildcard scoop. The other rounds will be described in detail.

Blow Out This is a frenzy round in the tradition of TZ's Town Square Madness or JP's Stampede. You start at a base score of 6M, and the target value starts at 250K. Every 10 target hits raises the target value by 50K. The points are awarded immediatly. A typical Blow Out score will be 17-20M. A ball that spends a lot of time in the pop bumpers will net a Blow out Score of around 20-30M. Blow out lasts for 20 seconds.

The Maximum switch value is 1M. The maximum Blow Out value is 99M. Round completion is specified as having a Blow Out total of over 20M. Hitting the Smart Missile during Blow Out will reset the timer to 20 seconds, credit you with about 30 target hits, and light M-Ball. Go to the Movies This is an "Add-a-Ball" round. During this round, both Captive Balls are lit for 20 seconds. Hitting either captive ball will plunge another ball into play. After the 20 seconds expires, both captive balls score 5M per hit. The round ends when all but but one ball drains, or the timer reaches 0 and neither captive ball has been hit. Hitting the left captive ball will reset the timer for Go ot the Movies to 20 seconds. I think hitting the Smart Missile will credit you with a captive ball hit, reset the timer and plunge another ball into play. NOTE: No other rounds may be started while Go to the Movies is active, and the Captive ball hits do not advance you towards M-Ball as they normally do. Round completion is hitting EACH captive ball at least once after the timer has expired. Red Eye In this round, the objective is to hit the Eyeball targets 3 times for 30M points. The first hit scores 5M, the second 10M, and finally 15M for the last Eyeball hit. The Smart Missile will award the next point value that would have resulted in a real hit to the Eyeball targets. (In other words, the Smart Missile will NOT award the complete 30M like the JP Smart Missile would.) Round completion is hitting the Eyeball targets 3 times. The Roof The point of this round is to make 3 ramp shots in the 20 seconds given. Ramp #1 is worth 5M, the second is worth 10M and the final ramp is 15M. The ball will be diverted to the right inlane after every successful Roof shot. The Smart Missile will award the next point value that would have resulted from a real ramp shot. Completion is hitting all three ramps. Big Mistake Here, you have three targets you must hit, in order. You have 20 seconds to do this. The targets are: Any CRANE targets for 5M Any Eyeball target, for 10M The Movie Screen scoop, for 15M Again, the Smart Missile will award the active target value, and not all three. Completion is hitting all three targets for the maximum of 30M. Cat Millions During this round, the display will show a little mouse (I think) jumping across various point amounts. Hitting the Cat target will award the amount the mouse is currently sitting on. After hitting the target, another mouse is added, so hitting the target the next time will award 2 Cat Millions values, and so on. The values on the display are: 5M 6M 7M 8M 9M 10M 9M 8M 7M 6M 5M A maximum of three values can be lit at once. The Smart Missile will award the currently lit value(s). Completion is getting at least three hits on the Cat target. Super Crane Super Crane is a 6 ball multiball round. The only goal during Super Crane is to hit the Crane Shot and the CRANE targets. No other rounds can be started during Super Crane, but I believe that rounds that were going when super crane was started will continue. (Check me on this.) The Crane has an initial value of 5M and and a timer of 20 seconds. Everytime you hit the Crane, the value goes up by 5M. After the initial 20 seconds is up, you must hit all the CRANE targets to relight the Crane. The value of the Crane will be at whatever it was before the timer expired. If you hit the CRANE targets to relight the Crane, then the Crane stays lit until you hit it. (No timer.) You continue the process of hitting the CRANE targets, then the Crane until all but one ball drains. The Smart Missile will award the current crane value, or relight the Crane if wasn't lit already. Completion is defined as getting a Crane Jackpot after the initial timer expires. (Hitting all CRANE targets then hitting the Crane.) Save Danny This is a hurry up round. You must shoot the Crane shoot to save Danny from falling off the Crane. The value starts at 20M and bottoms out at 3M. Shooting the Crane awards the current value and saves Danny from certain doom. The Smart Missile collects the current save Danny award. Completion is obviously saving Danny. It's fun to watch Danny fall to his death. Listen for the realistic SPLAT as he hits the ground in a bloody mess! :-) Find Benedict "In this world, the bad guys can win." The object here is to search for Benedict in the three scoops. The game randomly picks one at the start of the round, and I have found no pattern to where Benedict is 'placed'. Hitting an incorrect scoop will show that door opening on the display, and a large dog running out after you. For finding Benedict, you get 30M, and some really cool animation. Completion is finding Benedict for 30M. "Have a nice day." BANG! "LAST" "ACTION" "HERO" Hitting the Movie scoop when LAST, ACTION or HERO is lit will award 10M points, and spot you that word. Completing LAST ACTION HERO will start a 6 Ball sequence described below. If the currently flashing Dynamite Feature is something other than LAST, ACTION or HERO, a shot to the Wildcard scoop will automatically set the Dynamite Feature to the next unlit word in LAST ACTION HERO. Completing LAST ACTION HERO will award a Last Action Hero bonus. As far as I know, this award is based on the number of rounds you successfully complete before starting LAH. Now the fun begins. You are initially given 25 seconds on the clock, and the display will say "50 hits required". All six balls will be put into play, and the object is to hit 50 targets in the time remaining. Doing so will award the score in the display located underneath the number of targets you have to hit. (It usually starts at about 15M.) Successfully getting 50 hits will add more time to the timer (I think 8-9 seconds..) and you will be required to get 50 more target hits. The award value continues where it was previously, and every target hit adds to the total. Obviously, this can result is big points. Any ball that is lost will be immediately replunged. The award value will wrap back around to 0 after it reaches 99M. Also be warned that if you somehow get over 99 seconds on the timer, the round is ended because the timer wraps around to 0 as well! (I've had this happen with a sling shot that went crazy.) If you keep 1 or 2 balls going through the Lt. Dekker spinner and into the pop bumpers, this round can go on for quite sometime. I've had a LAST ACTION HERO round last well over 10 minutes, and scored over 4B points during it. When the timer reaches 0, the flippers, pop bumpers and slingshots go dead. Check out the display during this period. ("Balls Draining...") When the game has accounted for all the balls, Arnold will say "Ready!" and a ball will be autoplunged into play. Every completion of the 50 switch closures adds 5M to the World Premier Award and 5 seconds to the timer. World Premier After collecting all Dynamite Features, (including LAST ACTION HERO) the Features will start flashing, and the yellow light above the Movie Scoop will be flashing. Hitting the scoop will start World Premier. First, you are awarded the World Premier value. Like the Last Action Hero award, it is based on how many rounds you complete, and how well you did during the LAH round. Next the display will show a display of a movie theater with people going inside. On the bottom of the display, it will say "People Seated" and "Maximum Seating Capacity". During this time, any ball shot into the Movie scoop will award 1M times the number of people listed by "People Seated". You can hit the scoop as many times as you wish, there by collecting a nice chunk of points every time. When the "People Seated" is equal to the "Maximum Seating Capacity", the round ends. The "Maximum Seating Capacity", as explained above, is a function of how many rounds are completed when World Premier begins. Chicken Scoop "Let's play chicken." A shot to the Chicken scoop will show your current number of chicken scoop shots, and how many shots till the next award. After the award is collected, your chicken scoop shots are reset, and you will have to hit the scoop one more time than you did previously to achieve the next award. The awards are as follows: 2 shots - 5 Million 3 shots - 10 Million OR Extra Ball 4 shots - 15 Million OR Light Special (At the outlanes) After achieving 4 shots, the remaining awards are always 15M, I think. I have never personally gotten passed the 4 award. The extra ball that could be awarded after 3 shots is based on the machines EB percentages. Same goes with the Special being lit. Second Cousin Frank's The Second Cousin Frank's award is an award that is held over from game to game until it is collected. Collecting the award will reset its value to 3M. Shots that add points to the award are ramp shots and when the ball returns to the Chicken Scoop via the little pathway to the left of the Ripper. I believe the value added in both cases is 100K. Hitting a ramp shot that does not light the Dynamite Feature grid will show on the display "Second Cousin Frank's", a playing card being flipped over, and the current award value. The ball will be returned to the right flipper. You now must hit the ramp again. The ball is now returned to the left flipper. Now shoot the Chicken Scoop to collect the award. This is referred to as the "Center Scoop" on the display. To summarize: 2 consecutive ramp shots, then a shot to the Chicken Scoop. The ball must hit nothing else after the second ramp shot except the Chicken scoop, or the sequence is canceled. Check out the animation for collecting Second Cousin Frank's. M-BALL "Jack Slater can't lose!" M-Ball is lit after a certain number of captive ball hits have been achieved. Going through an inlane will light the captive balls to award 2X the number of hits. (Which means you get 2 hits counted for only one captive ball shot.) When the correct number of captive ball hits are achieved, the Movie scoop will be lit for M-Ball. LOCKING BALLS Knocking down all the CRANE targets will start Runaway Crane, and light the Crane lock. Runaway crane is a hurry-up shot that counts from 10M down to 3M. Regardless if you collect the Runaway Crane award, the Crane lock will remain lit. Hitting the Crane while the lock is lit will make the crane move underneath where the ball is returned, catch the ball, and move it to the lock area where it will be held until M-Ball is achieved. The green lights on the lock area will tell you how many balls you have locked. (Even though the balls might not actually be there.) Knocking down the CRANE targets after two balls are locked will award a 7M Crane bonus. NOTE: On hard settings, crane locks will time out if not hit before the Runaway crane value reaches 0. STARTING M-BALL Hitting the movie scoop begins M-Ball. Two balls are plunged, and any locked balls you have are released. (If you have "Virtual" locked balls, those will be autoplunged as well). The base jackpot value starts at 15M plus 5M for every ball you locked prior to M-Ball. (Maximum 25M jackpot). Every target on the playfield adds to the jackpot value, some more than others. Shoot the ramp to collect the current jackpot. NOTE: On hard settings, you must hit the crane to light the Roof Jackpot. After the jackpot is collected, the Crane will be lit for double the collected jackpot value. You have 10 seconds to collect this. If you fail to hit the crane in this 10 second period, you must shoot the crane to relight the normal jackpot. Scoring the double jackpot starts 6-Balls. (See Below.) RESTART If you drain all but one ball without collecting the Jackpot, the movie scoop will be lit for a 2 ball restart for 10 seconds. Hitting the scoop will restart M-Ball with a jackpot value of 10M. 6 BALLS All six balls are launched into play. The object of 6 Ball is to first collect all the 5M badge shots on the playfield. The display keeps track of which badges you have collected, and which still have not been spotted. (See above for locations of the 5M Badge shots). Hitting the 4 badge targets will then light the crane for 30M. Hitting the crane will once again light the 5M badge targets, which again must be completed. After the badge shots have been made, the ramp is lit for a Super Jackpot of 50M times number of balls left in play. Collecting that lights the Double Super Jackpot at the crane for 100M times the number of balls in play. You have 10 seconds to collect this jackpot. After you collect the Double Super Jackpot or it times out, the process starts all over again with the 5M badge targets, Super and Double Super Jackpots. 6 Balls ends whenever all but one ball drains. End Of Ball Bonus The end of ball bonus is a function of how many targets you hit during the ball (10K a piece), and the "Double-Your-Bonus" rollovers. Lighting all three of the "Double-Your-Bonus" rollovers doubles your current bonus. The end of ball bonus tops out at 50M. The bonus starts at 1M at the start of each ball. There is no bonus hold or bonus multiplier. NOTE: Hitting the flipper buttons during bonus countdown gives a cool motorcycle like revving sound, and goes to the next ball.







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There are three of these - the usual two lower ones, and an upper right full-length flipper. The right flipper button can be used to control the right flippers independently, with the second stage of button action controlling the upper flipper. These are not the usual solid-state DE flippers; the new design is much less prone to getting loose and sloppy. However, it does appear to have difficulty with shots toward the tip of the flipper, or shots against very fast-moving balls. Plunger

This is a gun handle, with a trigger for autolaunching balls into play, and a large thumb button for the Smart Missile. Balls are launched into the Turbo Bumpers through a small gate, if properly aligned. Boat Dock

This is a saucer in the back right corner of the playfield, at the end of a half orbit that passes in front of the upper right flipper. Extra Ball and Two-Ball can be lit here. Power Shed This is a small rectangular sinkhole just above the upper right flipper. It returns balls to the Right Inlane. The Power Shed is also the S in CHAOS.


The entrance to this ramp is just to the left of the Power Shed. The ramp runs across the back of the playfield, peaks in the back left corner, and can return to either Inlane by means of a diverter. The right return is a habitrail; the left return is molded plastic. Two consecutive Ramp shots will hold your Bonus over to the next ball. The ramp is also the O in CHAOS. The Ramp can light Mr. DNA (and Extra Balls under extreme conditions), and increases the T-Rex Bounty value. Raptor Pit

This is a narrow dead-end almost-vertical lane to the left of the Ramp. When a ball trips the rollover sensor in this lane, the ball is kicked towards the flippers at just under the speed of light. During normal single-ball play, a ball which drains immediately as a result of this will be given back. During Tri-Ball and Two-Ball, there is, quite reasonably, no such kindness. The Danger light on the Raptor Pit indicates that the ball saver is active (and also makes the Pit worth more). Egg

This is a captive ball to the left of the Raptor Pit. When it is hit hard enough to reach the top of its lane (not very difficult), it registers a hit on the Egg. T-Rex Paddock This is a slightly lowered triangular area of the playfield to the left of the Egg and just above the Loop. It is sunk into the playfield no more than 1/4 inch. Balls which go in here and don't bounce out will land in the T-Rex Saucer. T-Rex Saucer

When the ball lands here, T-Rex is fed. The first time this Saucer is hit, the plastic T-Rex above the Paddock will come down and actually eat the ball, returning it to the Right Inlane. Later hits will only spot a letter in T-REX. Completing T-REX awards the Bounty value and causes T-Rex to eat the ball. T-Rex will also eat the ball if Tri-Ball is lit or Feed T-Rex is running. Helicopter Pad

This loop is shot by the upper right flipper. The ball travels around the back of the game and feeds again to the upper right flipper. Two consecutive Helipad shots hold the current Raptor Pit value over to the next ball. Species Targets These small plastic targets are scattered across the playfield, around the Turbo Bumpers Gate, below the Bunker Scoop, and above the Right Outlane. Completing them progresses towards lighting Tri-Ball. Note that the Spitter targets are in a bank directly beneath Hammond's Bunker - these targets are used specifically in a few sequences. The species targets are green for herbivores and red for carnivores. Cute eh? Turbo Bumpers Gate

This is a one-way gate through which the ball enters the Turbo Bumpers when launched from the plunger. The upper right flipper can also direct the ball into the Turbo Bumpers through this gate. Turbo Bumpers

There are three of these in a normal triangular arrangement at the left side of the playfield, slightly more than halfway up. The Turbo Bumpers increase the Park Revenue value and change the currently flashing Computer Screen, unless none remain or the Control Room is currently lit. Control Room This is a wide rectangular scoop just below the Turbo Bumpers, to the right of the Visitor's Center shot, directly above the left flipper. It awards Computer Screens, which are grid items. Any ball entering here is ejected from Hammond's Bunker. The Control Room is also the A in CHAOS. Visitor's Center This is the left orbit, a shot which goes through the Turbo Bumpers and around the back of the game to the upper right flipper. The Helipad and Visitor's Center shots share the same path along the back of the game. The Visitor's Center is also the Advance X shot. It is also the H in CHAOS. In many situations, credit is given for shooting the Visitor's Center just by getting the ball into the Jet Bumpers; examples include when Escape Isla Nublar is running and when CHAOS is being spelled. You must at least hit the first rollover switch on the orbit in order to receive credit for the Advance X shot, however. Hammond's Bunker This is a rectangular scoop just below the Turbo Bumpers, to the left of the Visitor's Center shot, directly above the top of the left slingshot. When flashing, it awards Park Revenue. When lit, it awards Mr. DNA. Otherwise, it awards practically nothing. Hammond's Bunker is also the C in CHAOS.

Inlanes Either Inlane lights (flashing) the Control Room for about five seconds (note that during that time, the Turbo Bumpers may still change the currently flashing Computer Screen). If you have already had one System Failure, the Inlanes will no longer light the Control Room. Note that both Ramp returns feed above the Inlane sensors, although the right return may cause the ball to jump over the sensor or to miss the Inlane entirely.

Left Inlane This lights the Boat Dock for several seconds, during which time hitting the Boat Dock will spot a Species Target, if any remain unlit. Right Inlane This lights Advance X on the Visitor's Center shot, which I have never purposely shot for. The Bonus Multiplier starts at 1X, and proceeds 3X, 6X, and 9X. It also lights Hammond's Bunker for the Park Revenue value. Outlanes

There is no rubber on the lane dividers. However, the playfield is arranged to actually protect the ball from Outlane drains. With small nudges as the ball wanders towards the Outlanes, you should experience infrequent Outlane drains. If you still have the Smart Missile, Outlane drains (except during Tri-Ball, Two-Ball, or CHAOS) will disable it. A successful Death Save or Bang Back will then re-enable it. There are Special lights on the Outlanes; when Special is lit, both Outlanes will remain lit until collected (although repeated collections are possible due to a bug with Tri-Ball). Left Outlane There is no kickback. Yes! Yes! Yes! Computer Screens These are twelve lights in the area directly above the flippers. They represent Control Room awards, and indicate progress towards System Failure. Computer Screens are also referred to as CRTs. Playfield Lights The playfield is littered with Species Lights on the Island Map, representing your progress towards lighting Tri-Ball. You can safely ignore these lights. There are also several lights for each of the three places to visit: Visitor's Center, Helicopter Pad, and Boat Dock. There is also a light for the Mosquito, which is placed unusually far from the actual Mosquito-in-amber piece in the far back center of the playfield. Slingshots

There are the usual two above the flippers. They are not incredibly sensitive, so even a weak kickout from Hammond's Bunker may graze the Left Slingshot, but should come to the left flipper nonetheless. Balls Six of 'em, a regular party. Opening Animation You can skip the lengthy opening animation by flipping the right flipper or pulling the trigger (be careful not to prematurely launch the first ball into play, however). You will probably find yourself doing this after the first couple of games. Skill Shot The Skill Shot is a Video Mode. A dinosaur is walking back and forth in your sights. Pull the trigger to shoot the dinosaur. The trick is that the dinosaur sometimes (on all balls except the first) stop to look at you just before it enters your sights. Don't lead the shot too much, and you'll be OK. Because the shot is registered as soon as you fire, rather than when the ball hits something, this works pretty well. There are also small indicators in the lower corners of the screen, which say "FIRE!" when the dinosaur is in your sights. Hitting the dinosaur is worth 2M on Ball 1, 3M on Ball 2, and 4M on Ball 3. Missing the dinosaur is worth 1/10 as much. A successful Skill Shot enables Super Pops and gives the quote "Thumper Ready!". Since the ball immediately goes into the Turbo Bumpers, this is worthwhile. Super Pops makes each Turbo Bumper worth 100K, and each completion of all three Turbo Bumpers worth 1M. After the Skill Shot, Super Pops only seems to last for a short while, but normal Super Pops only end when any switch outside the Turbo Bumpers is closed (except the first Visitor's Center rollover switch). If you press the Smart Missile button for the Skill Shot, the ball is launched into play, but the Smart Missile is not used; the button simply acts as the trigger would. Also, normally, pressing the left flipper a certain number of times will launch the ball as if the trigger had been pulled. The Data East rules say that you are shooting to "stun" the dinosaur, but it certainly looks like you hit him with a missile, and he kind of splats... (Apparently this is a scene from the book, as are a number of other animations which don't exactly correspond to the movie.) Computer Screens There are eleven Computer Screens, which are collected from the Control Room when it is lit or flashing. The Control Room is lit at the beginning of each ball. It is indefinitely relit by shooting the Power Shed. It is lit for approximately five seconds by either Inlane. After you have completed System Failure, the Inlanes will no longer light the Control Room, making it more difficult to get a second System Failure. The Computer Screens are: Stampede Escape Isla Nubar Raptor Two-Ball Electric Fence Spitter Attack System Boot Raptors' Rampage Mosquito Millions Feed T-Rex Bone Busting Light Extra Ball (System Failure) At the beginning of the game, Stampede is always the currently lit Computer Screen. The Turbo Bumpers rotate the currently flashing Computer Screen when the Control Room is not lit (or is only flashing because of an Inlane). When the Control Room is lit, however, the currently flashing Computer Screen is "locked in". Therefore, the first Computer Screen awarded is always Stampede. You can have any number of Computer Screen awards running at one time; you can relight the Control Room and collect new awards concurrently with awards that are already running. The animation and sound associated with the most recently awarded Computer Screen will take precedence over the others. The only Screen which is immediately obvious is Light Extra Ball. All other Screens have their own sections in the Rules. Note that at the end of any ball, the game may decide to change the current Computer Screen to Light Extra Ball, out of kindness (well, actually, it's a percentaging thing). When all Screens have been collected, the Control Room and Power Shed are automatically flashing for System Failure. Starting System Failure effectively aborts any Computer Screen rounds which were already running, except that you may still collect a lit Extra Ball. These rounds do not restart after System Failure ends, although Two-Ball will remain lit if it was lit and uncollected before. Hitting the Smart Missile in single ball play, with no Tri-Ball or Two-Ball lit on the playfield, will award the next Computer Screen, even if the Control Room is not lit. Hitting the unlit Control Room gives an annoying quote from Nedry: "You didn't say the magic word!" If the Control Room sensor is malfunctioning (not an uncommon problem, and one that your operator absolutely must be convinced to fix by resoldering detached wires, resoldering or replacing the diode, or respacing the arm of the switch), shots to the Control Room will be registered as shots to Hammond's Bunker, you will not be able to collect Computer Screens except by Mr. DNA awards, and you will not be able to complete CHAOS except by using the Smart Missile. Stampede This Computer Screen starts an escalating Frenzy mode, which lasts for 20 seconds. Every switch scores 300K and increases that value by 10K. The points are awarded immediately. Also, all game features proceed as normal. There is a 5M award for shooting T-Rex or Galimimus during this round. There is a particularly cool animation for hitting Galimimus. Using the Smart Missile, on most ROMs at least, is a severe disappointment, awarding a Stampede total of roughly 10M and ending Stampede! Escape Isla Nubar This Computer Screen lights the Visitor's Center, the Helicopter Pad, and the Boat Dock for 21M, which counts down by millions. Hitting any of the three targets will award the current Escape value, add 10M to it, and start counting down again for the remaining targets. The round ends when a total of 10M has been counted down. (This is not very clearly described in the Data East rules, to say the least.) To further confuse the issue, their rules indicate that the maximum total points available in this round are 66M. I find it rather amusing that the value actually starts at 21M rather than the 20M indicated by the Data East rules, presumably so that the countdown timer can be started immediately. The best non-Smart Missile strategy for this mode is to hit the ball up to the Boat Dock right away, then shoot for the Helicopter Pad with the upper right flipper, then shoot the ball into the Turbo Bumpers through the gate. This works well because credit is given for the Visitor's Center shot in this round for merely hitting the Turbo Bumpers. Using the Smart Missile at the very beginning of this round will sometimes award the true maximum values of 21M, 31M, and then 41M, for a total of 93M. However, the total will sometimes be only 90M or 87M. Needless to say, if there is a problem with CHAOS on your machine, this round is the most valuable time to use the Smart Missile. Note that on at least some ROMs, passing the Replay value by shooting Escape values will not award the Replay. However, the Smart Missile will never (in this case, at least) fail to award the Replay. Raptor Two-Ball This Computer Screen lights the Boat Dock for Two-Ball, which is Data East's equivalent of a Quick Multiball(TM). Two-Ball will remain lit until collected, across balls. When the Boat Dock is hit (and you are not already in Tri-Ball or CHAOS or Super Egg Mania), a second ball will be launched into play. Any ball which drains in roughly the first ten seconds of Two-Ball will be relaunched into play. (This allows for a few quick, safe Jackpots.) During Raptor Two-Ball, the Raptor Pit is lit for the Raptor Jackpot. The Data East rules indicate that these start at 3M and increase by 1M each time one is collected, but this has apparently been changed. Raptor Jackpots start at a base of 7M and increase by 2M for each Jackpot collected, but the value is also increased in some other fashion, details unknown. There is no Danger feature (ball saver) active during Raptor Two-Ball, so be careful. Two-Ball ends, of course, when one or both balls drain. Starting Two-Ball unconditionally aborts many of the Computer Screen modes, which is a real disappointment. Also, you cannot start Tri-Ball while in Two-Ball. Using the Smart Missile when Two-Ball is lit will start Two-Ball, unless Tri-Ball is also lit, in which case it takes precedence. Using the Smart Missile during Two-Ball will probably only collect a Raptor Jackpot, which is a genuine waste. Check out the opening animation for Raptor Two-Ball. Electric Fence "Electric Fence Mode." This Computer Screen starts a timed round during which cute little Timmy is foolishly climbing around on an Electric Fence, which is slowly charging. The display shows Timmy climbing, the number of hits needed to save him (apparently we have to shake the little idiot off the fence or something like that), and the power meter of the Fence. Get Timmy off the Fence by getting 15 hits in the Turbo Bumpers and/or the Slingshots. You have 20 seconds in which to do this. If you succeed, you are awarded 30M. If you fail, Timmy is electrocuted, and we actually get to watch, unlike Nell's death in Rocky & Bullwinkle. Yea! Using the Smart Missile in this round will save Timmy and award the 30M. Let him fry, I say. It's more fun than 30M. On the other hand, this round is easier in newer ROMs; older ROMs required more hits, I believe. "We're going to need another Timmy!" (not a quote from the game) Spitter Attack This Computer Screen starts a timed round during which the loathsome Nedry is being attacked by a Spitter dinosaur. The Spitter Targets are the vertical bank just below Hammond's Bunker, facing right. Hitting any of them counts as a "spit", and the Spitter will spit at Nedry. The first hit is 5M, the second 10M, and the third 15M, for a maximum total of 30M. The points are not displayed (awarded?) until the round ends or the ball drains. Using the Smart Missile in this round awards 30M and ends the round. As the attract mode instructions say, "Shoot giant saliva wads at Nedry..." System Boot This Computer Screen starts a timed round during which the three scoops (Hammond's Bunker, Control Room, and Power Shed) are lit (green light). When a scoop is hit, it is no longer lit (for the purposes of this round). The first scoop is worth 5M, the second 10M, and the third 15M, for a maximum total of 30M. Each scoop displays a fake computer bootstrap sequence, consisting of a DOS prompt and command: C:\PARK> SYS. BOOT Hitting the Power Shed to relight the Control Room normally gives a similar display. Using the Smart Missile in this round awards each of the three scoops, for a total of 30M, ending the round. Raptors' Rampage This Computer Screen starts a timed round during which the Raptor Pit is lit for a varying amount. The display shows a Raptor moving back and forth in the kitchen, with the current value of the Raptor Pit beneath. The values are 5M, 6M, 7M, 8M, 9M, 10M, 9M, 8M, 7M, 6M, 5M. Hitting the Raptor Pit adds a small amount of time to the timer, so that the Rampage could potentially never end. Watch closely; when you collect a Rampage value, the Raptor on screen pauses and reaches over and "grabs" a value. I am not sure what using the Smart Missile does in this round. It probably only awards the currently lit value, which is complicated by the fact that the Smart Missile does not immediately collect everything on the board. In any case, the Smart Missile does not end this round if used. Mosquito Millions "Mos-QUI-to!" This Computer Screen starts a timed round during which the Egg is worth 5M, with its value increasing by 1M each time it is hit (to no known limit as far as I have determined). This round lasts for 20 seconds. As in many other modes, it appears that hits on the Egg in this mode do not count towards cracking Eggs in the usual fashion. Using the Smart Missile in this round will only award one value from the Egg, without ending the round. Feed T-Rex This Computer Screen starts a timed round during which T-Rex is waiting to be fed a live goat. The display shows T-Rex quietly waiting in front of the goat, as the ominous background music slowly increases in tempo. That music is a fantastic bass rumble. This round lasts for 30 seconds, and feeding T-Rex (yes, he actually eats on-screen) is worth 30M (the Data East rules say 25M, but this was apparently changed). Using the Smart Missile in this round feeds T-Rex for 30M, ending the round. I sometimes prefer to just hold the ball and listen to the bass. If the Graphic Realism option has been disabled by your operator, T-Rex will not actually eat the goat on the display. Bummer. Bone Busting This Computer Screen starts a timed round during which a raptor is trying to destroy a T-Rex skeleton. Three Ramp shots are needed to do this, which scores a disappointing 20M. Using the Smart Missile in this round immediately destroys the skeleton for 20M, ending the round. The Ramp is a difficult shot on most machines, particularly to loop; this round should almost certainly be worth at least 30M, or 10M per shot. System Failure When all Computer Screens have been collected, the Control Room and the Power Shed are immediately lit for System Failure. System Failure is a Six-Ball mode which lasts for 45 seconds. Balls which drain are autolaunched back into play as soon as the mechanism can do so. During System Failure, all switches score 1M, and no other features are active (except that you can still collect a lit Extra Ball, and perhaps even lit Specials). The total points awarded are tracked on-screen. When System Failure ends, the flippers, Slingshots, and Turbo Bumpers shut off until all six balls have returned to the trough. After a very brief pause, a ball is autolaunched and play resumes normally, with all Computer Screens again available. Using the Smart Missile during System Failure is worth exactly 50M. Starting System Failure using the Smart Missile will also credit this 50M to your System Failure total. The System Failure total is not credited to your score until System Failure ends and all balls have returned to the trough. Presumably, you can Tilt during System Failure, but there is no excuse for doing so. After System Failure, the Inlanes will no longer light the Control Room for the next Computer Screen; only the Power Shed will do so. This makes it rather difficult to reach a second System Failure. However, immediately after System Failure, the Control Room is lit for Stampede. System Failure was developed independently of the Lost In The Zone feature of Bally's Twilight Zone. Victory Lap As in many Data East games, Jurassic Park lights an additional feature whenever a replay value is reached. Unlike previous Data East releases, however, which typically lit a ramp or orbit for a single 25M award, there is more complexity to the Victory Lap in Jurassic Park. When a replay is awarded, the ramp is lit for the Victory Lap for 30 seconds. The first five ramp shots are worth 5M, and the sixth is 25M. The maximum total that can be scored from the Victory Lap is 50M. This is made trickier by the fact that two consecutive ramp shots awards Bonus Held and returns the ball to the Right Inlane, interrupting the looping shot. The Victory Lap is the only thing which seems to run to completion regardless of other rounds and modes. You can even have the Victory Lap running during System Failure. You cannot use the Smart Missile to complete the entire Victory Lap for 50M; this has been verified. Jurassic Park is the last Data East game to feature the Victory Lap, which has been present since Checkpoint. Shoot Out At various random intervals during the game while the ball is in play, a Video Mode will begin, during which a dinosaur walks across the screen, in front of a machine gun. Fire the gun rapidly (four or five shots will suffice) to "stun" the dinosaur for 3M. There is enough of a grace period on this feature that it should be almost impossible to miss. If the Video Mode display has already ended, you can still grab the trigger and fire, and the Video Mode will restart! You can recognize that the Video Mode is beginning by the distinctive and familiar sound from Lethal Weapon 3. According to early Data East rules, completing this Video Mode also spots a Species Target. However, doing this now instead requires a lit Boat Dock shot. Completing this Video Mode instead enables Super Pops. Super Pops enabled in this fashion are very kind. When Turbo Bumpers are hit, they are worth 100K each, 1M for each set of three as for a successful Skill Shot, but this is not timed. Super Pops only ends when any switch other than the Turbo Bumpers or the first Visitor's Center rollover switch is tripped. You cannot use the Smart Missile to complete this Video Mode, which is probably just as well. Raptor Pit Shooting the Raptor Pit at any time during the game will award the current Raptor value, which starts at 2M at the beginning of every ball (unless it is held by two consecutive Helicopter Pad shots), and increases in an unusual fashion. Hitting the Raptor Pit at any time increases the Raptor value by 350K and lights Danger briefly (which also represents the ball saver). If the Danger light is flashing, hitting the Raptor Pit awards twice the current Raptor value and increases it normally. A random Mr. DNA award can also boost the Raptor Pit value by 5M. On the machines I've played, the Raptor Pit starts at 2M, not 3M as indicated by the Data East rules, and the value boost is definitely 350K, not 250K. T-Rex Bounty There are four red lights above the rules card in the lower left corner of the machine, representing progress towards spelling T-REX. When T-REX is spelled (by repeatedly hitting T-Rex), the T-Rex Bounty, also known as the Paddock Jackpot, is awarded. The Data East rules indicate that the Bounty begins at 5M and increases by 100K for each ramp shot, but it appears to start at 8M and may be increased by other features as well. Normally, the Bounty value is carried over between balls, players, and games. The value can go as high as 99.9M! Captive Ball In normal play, shooting the Captive Ball contributes to cracking open a dinosaur Egg and hatching a baby dinosaur. In older ROMs, the hits and awards are: Egg # Hits Award 1 3 5M 2 4 10M or Extra Ball 3 5 15M 4 6 Extra Ball 5 6 20M 6 6 Mystery The Mystery award can be a random point value, Extra Ball lit (at Boat Dock), or Special lit (at both Outlanes). Every cracked Egg after the sixth will score Super Egg Mania (also known as Power Egg Mania or just Super Egg). Cracking an Egg is accompanied by a cute animation and a snippet of lullaby, which always cracked me up (pun intended). You can also crack Eggs with a Mr. DNA award. On newer ROMs, cracking the second Egg sometimes awards Extra Ball. This is determined entirely according to reflexive Extra Ball percentage done by the software. If too many Extra Balls are generally being collected, no Extra Ball will be offered from the Egg. In newer ROMs, cracking the fourth and every subsequent Egg starts Super Egg Mania, which almost makes it a reasonable goal. Super Egg Mania The only reasonable way I've found to reach Super Egg Mania is to receive it as a random award from Mr. DNA. During Super Egg Mania, most game features are disabled, and you have 25 seconds to shoot the Egg for 5M. Hitting the Egg launches an additional ball into play while this timer is running. When the timer is complete, Super Egg Mania continues for as long as you have more than one ball in play (and almost every other game feature remains disabled). During the remainder of Super Egg Mania, all Egg hits are still only 5M, and no additional balls are launched into play. The only real reason for starting Super Egg Mania is to hear the hilarious music and see the animation for hitting the Egg. Note that, in older ROMs, reaching Super Egg Mania by hitting the Egg itself requires something like 36 hits! Using the Smart Missile during Super Egg Mania will likely award 5M for an Egg hit, also launching a ball into play during the 25 second timer. If you drain all of the balls in play before the 25 second timer expires, the timer will continue to run while there are no balls in play - there is, of course, nothing you can do at this point except perhaps hit the Smart Missile - when the timer expires, Bonus Countdown will proceed as normal. Park Revenue This is a small award in the tradition of Sarlacc Pit from Star Wars. It starts at exactly 500K at the beginning of each ball, and is increased 30K for every Turbo Bumper hit. There is apparently no way to hold this value over to the next ball. The Park Revenue value is awarded by hitting Hammond's Bunker when lit by the Right Inlane (flashing blue light). You can safely ignore this feature entirely, at least until you have completed one System Failure and need a shot from the Right Inlane feeds (although Advance X is, sad to say, often more lucrative). Mr. DNA Mr. DNA is lit at Hammond's Bunker by the appropriate number of Ramp shots. Data East rules indicate that the first three Mr. DNA's require seven Ramp shots, the next three require eight, and all subsequent require nine. On all machines I have played, however, far fewer Ramp shots have actually been required. It seemed that only three are required for the first Mr. DNA, five for the next, etc. Two consecutive Ramp shots are actually worth three Ramp shots for the purpose of lighting Mr. DNA; the second shot counts twice (and returns the ball to the Right Inlane rather than the Left). Nice touch. You can make progress towards lighting the next Mr. DNA while Mr. DNA is already lit (and ramp shots at any time appear to count), and you can indeed stack lit Mr. DNAs (that is, have Mr. DNA lit twice, so that it remains lit after collecting it once). Collecting a certain large number of DNA Strands (lighting Mr. DNA ten times, perhaps?) lights an Extra Ball at the Boat Dock. This can be achieved repeatedly. Also, after you light Mr. DNA for the 99th time, the next is #0. Mr. DNA offers you a choice between three selections, which are randomly selected from the following list: 5M, 10M, 15M, 20M Super Pops Million Pops (?) Complete Egg Light Special Runaway Extra Ball (at the Boat Dock) Runaway Score (Hurry Up, 20M down to 5M) Runaway Two-Ball (Hurry Up, 10M down to 5M) Light Tri-Ball Spitters Double Round (??) Advance Park Revenue 5M Advance Raptors 5M Raptor Pit Value Held Award Lit CRT Super Egg Bonus Held As Mr. DNA points to each selection offered, flip or pull the trigger to select it. Doing this during the introductory animation may automatically award the first selection in the list. Be careful; the first selection is only focused briefly. It's best to wait until Mr. DNA makes a second pass through the list. Runaway awards are lit at the Boat Dock for 20 seconds, counting down immediately. Runaway Two-Ball appears to include a score with it, but I have not seen it. I have also never seen Million Pops and I suspect that it has been removed from release ROMs. I do not know what the Spitters Double Round is, but I hope and pray that it is not a Double Score mode. I also get the feeling that this award is no longer present in release ROMs. In Tournament Mode, the same set of awards are always offered for the first Mr. DNA (5M, Complete Egg, Runaway Score), the second Mr. DNA, the third Mr. DNA, etc. That is to say, each subsequent Mr. DNA offers a different set, but for example, the second Mr. DNA always offers the same three items. I do know that the third Mr. DNA in Tournament Mode offers Light Special and Light Tri-Ball. Check out the animations for Mr. DNA. Boat Dock During normal play, the Left Inlane briefly lights the Boat Dock. Hitting the lit Boat Dock will spot a species target to make progress towards lighting Tri-Ball. This spotting function was originally performed by the in-play Video Mode, but this has been changed. Tri-Ball Tri-Ball is a significant goal in Jurassic Park, and a significant source of points. Tri-Ball is normally lit by hitting all of the Species Targets on the playfield (these can also be spotted by the lit Boat Dock). It can also be lit by a Mr. DNA award, or by using the Smart Missile in normal play, which will effectively hit all of the Species Targets for you. If you have not lit or started Tri-Ball by the beginning of your third ball (disregarding Extra Balls), it will automatically be lit for you. For the first Tri-Ball, hitting any one of a set of species targets will spot that entire bank, most notable in the case of the Spitter targets (lower left corner). When Tri-Ball is lit, start it by feeding T-Rex once or hitting the Raptor Pit several times (to "taunt" them). The first Tri-Ball will require 3 Raptor Pit shots to begin, the second will require 5, the third will require 7, and all subsequent Tri-Balls can only be started by feeding T-Rex (which is generally the easier option, anyhow). If Tri-Ball is lit because you are on your third ball and did not light or start Tri-Ball already, only one Raptor Pit shot will be required to start Tri-Ball. I have heard that Raptor Pit shots on the same ball you light Tri-Ball are credited towards the number of shots needed to actually start Tri-Ball, although at least one shot will always be required. Whenever Tri-Ball is lit and normal play is underway, using the Smart Missile will start Tri-Ball. Starting Tri-Ball prematurely ends almost any mode which is running, except the Victory Lap. You also cannot start Tri-Ball (or much of anything else) during Super Egg Mania or Two-Ball. When Tri-Ball is started, a total of three balls will be put into play. For the first few seconds of Tri-Ball, draining one or two balls will cause one to be relaunched into play (draining all three never seems to give back more than two - not that I would ever do this ;). As soon as Tri-Ball is started, even while there is only one ball still in play, there are two Jackpots lit. The Ramp is lit for the regular Jackpot value, while the Helicopter Pad is lit for a Double Jackpot. The base Jackpot value is 15M, and during Tri- Ball, all switches add their score to both Jackpot values instead of to your score. This means that the Double Jackpot is not actually exactly twice the base Jackpot value. Collecting either Jackpot immediately begins the first CHAOS mode. Contrary to the Data East rules, you do not have to collect both the regular and the Double Jackpot in order to enter CHAOS (the rules were likely changed in order to better accommodate switch failures and to improve gameplay). Using the Smart Missile will collect only the Double Jackpot. What I wrote in previous versions of this Guide about collecting both Jackpots was extremely outdated information that I failed to correct for a long time. If you drain all but one ball while the Jackpots are still lit, Tri-Ball Restart will be lit for 15 seconds, starting immediately. You can then restart Tri-Ball by hitting the Raptor Pit once or feeding T-Rex. It is possible that no Tri-Ball Restart is offered for later Tri-Balls; I am not entirely sure. The Tri-Ball Restart only launches two balls into play (in fact, I believe it's called a Two-Ball Restart, but it has nothing to do with Raptor Two- Ball) and there is no ball saver or relaunch. In particular, hitting the Raptor Pit for this Restart and losing that ball will leave you with only one ball on the table, in normal play. Worse yet, if the machine fails to autolaunch the second ball onto the table, you will find yourself playing the Fun-With-Bonus(TM) round! Using the Smart Missile while Tri-Ball Restart is lit will restart Tri-Ball, but it's better to try for the Restart manually, and if you miss, the Smart Missile can be used to relight Tri-Ball indefinitely. CHAOS In the first CHAOS mode, the five CHAOS letters are lit and may be collected immediately. Each CHAOS letter is worth 5M, and according to the Data East rules, completing CHAOS is worth an additional 10M. You must complete CHAOS while at least two balls are still in play (or at least not yet registered in the trough). Using the Smart Missile at this point will complete the first CHAOS for 25M (or 35M?), leading to Six-Ball play. When CHAOS is completed, Six-Ball play begins. On older ROMs, while the six balls are being launched into play, CHAOS letters are not awarded. However, on newer ROMs, the second set of CHAOS letters can be awarded almost immediately, which makes it impossible to miss the H letter (it is credited for any Turbo Bumper hit). There is a relaunch period at the beginning of this mode, just as in the beginning of Tri-Ball. During Six-Ball play, you must spell CHAOS again, for 10M per letter, while keeping as many balls in play as possible (at least two, of course). Using the Smart Missile at this point will complete the second CHAOS for at least 50M, which lights the Feed T-Rex 50M. When the second CHAOS is completed, you must Feed T-Rex, while keeping at least two balls in play. Feeding T-Rex at this point awards 50M, and lights both the Ramp and the Helicopter Pad for twin Super Jackpots. Using the Smart Missile at this point will Feed T-Rex for 50M. The Super Jackpot base value is 600M minus 100M for each ball drained and not relaunched into play. The Ramp is worth this base Super Jackpot value, while the Helicopter Pad is worth an additional normal Jackpot value of 15M. These values both increase as in regular Tri-Ball (accumulating normal scoring switch values). The maximum value of the Super Jackpot is therefore 615M-plus-change for the Helicopter Pad. Collecting one Super Jackpot leaves the other lit. Using the Smart Missile at this point will collect both Super Jackpots. Collecting both Super Jackpots returns to the second CHAOS mode, without launching any new balls into play. As long as at least two balls remain in play, the sequence of second CHAOS, Feed T-Rex for 50M, and twin Super Jackpots will repeat indefinitely. This does not mean, however, that this is likely to happen. ;) If there are balls missing in the machine, this is not counted against the Super Jackpot value. If there are only three balls in the machine, for example, the Super Jackpot will still start at 600M, decrease to 500M for one drain, and then end for the next drain. Therefore, the base Super Jackpot value is not, strictly speaking, 100M for each ball in play. Combo Shots There are at least two Combo Shots in Jurassic Park. I believe that these Combo Shots are only available during normal play (not Tri-Ball, etc). The Combo of Ramp to Boat Dock to Helicopter Pad is worth 5M. Following this up by a shot to T-Rex is an additional 10M. These are not particularly significant and quite rare, besides. Smart Missile The Smart Missile is a fantastic idea, and the rules of Jurassic Park are really designed with the Smart Missile in mind. You are allowed one, only one, not zero, not two, Smart Missile per game. There is absolutely no way to get another Smart Missile in the course of a game. Use it wisely. The Smart Missile collects everything that is lit on the playfield when it is used. This ranges from the very simple (Species Targets, Computer Screens) to the respectable (Jackpots, Feed T-Rex, Escape Isla Nubar) to the truly awe-inspiring (twin Super Jackpots, minimum award 445M, maximum 1245M-plus-change). At the very least, the Smart Missile should guarantee that you get to play Tri-Ball (Tri-Ball will be lit at the beginning of the third ball if you have not yet started it, and the Smart Missile can be used to start it). Using the Smart Missile will collect any lit Extra Balls. If Tri-Ball is not lit, the next Computer Screen will be collected, even if the Control Room is unlit. There are a few things which the Smart Missile will not collect. Among these are Runaway awards (lit by Mr. DNA), any Mr. DNA awards (even if you are at the Mr. DNA menu when you press Smart Missile), Park Revenue (even if lit by the Right Inlane), T-Rex Bounty or T-REX letters, any of the Hold awards (double shot on Helipad or double shot on Ramp), Advance X (even if lit), Combo Shots (obviously), and the lit (by Left Inlane) Boat Dock (no big loss, since the Smart Missile will instead hit all species targets for you). Outlane drains deactivate the Smart Missile, but a center drain isn't registered until the ball lands in the trough. A successful Death Save or Bang Back will re-enable the Smart Missile as soon as the game notices (assuming you still had the Smart Missile). Death Saves and Bang Backs A successful Death Save or Bang Back, which is defined by Jurassic Park as any time in single ball play when an Outlane sensor is tripped, followed by some other sensor before the ball lands in the trough, shows a picture of T-Rex and awards 3M (originally 5M, but lowered). This is actually a very cool animation which you have to watch closely to see - a T-Rex skeleton morphs into a living T-Rex :-) I believe that Slingshot sensors may be excluded from defining Death Saves, as these sensors are most likely to become flaky. You cannot, of course, use the Smart Missile to receive credit for a Death Save. The Outlane sensors disable the Smart Missile. End-Of-Ball Bonus The End-Of-Ball Bonus is gradually increased by most targets during play. I believe it starts at a base of 100K. It is subject to the Bonus Multiplier, which progresses 1X, 3X, 6X, 9X. The Advance X shot is the Visitor's Center, when temporarily lit by the Right Inlane. The End-Of-Ball Bonus, and likely the Bonus Multiplier as well, is held over between balls by two consecutive Ramp shots. Unfortunately, there is a cap on the End-Of-Ball Bonus base value at 2M, for a maximum possible of 18M. This makes the Advance X shot less than tempting, especially since it is very difficult. You can flip to accelerate the End-Of-Ball Bonus countdown, but it's blissfully short already. During the End-Of-Ball Bonus countdown, the Tilt sensor is deactivated. This is a great time to slide the machine back into position, or whatever.