Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bilingual Data Entry

We specifically hire bilingual call center agents with proven prior data entry experience, without exception. All employees must possess advanced skills in keyboarding and in the use of word processing, spreadsheet, and database management in order to join our call center and work on any outsourced campaign.

Costa Rica's Call Center is capable of supplying a large number of prequalified bilingual data entry clerks for your growing outsourced campaign. For smaller companies, we can arrange if needed, a temporary solution to put into use during a fast growth period. For larger projects that require continuous amounts of data to be transferred, we are able to staff our call center on a permanent basis depending on the size and scale of your outsourcing needs.

Bilingual data entry for call centers requires a rigid concentrated focus as well as a reliable structure to be truly effective and time sensitive. Spelling, punctuation and grammar skills are vital for accuracy, as is confidence in dealing with standard office equipment and the procedures attendant to each application. Many tasks still involve a thorough review of the initial results to confirm the accuracy of the data entered and to manually key in any missed or inaccurate information. Sensitive or vital information is examined multiple times during the process prior to being finally accepted and passed upon.

By taking advantage of the new reporting technology and numerous internet applications during the past few decades, hand-written documents are becoming less common in the business world and have declined in modern times. Costa Rica's Call Center makes it easier for companies to focus their attention on tasks with greater priority and not invest the time, resources and capital on higher paying positions at corporate to enter one's own data.

Our highly trained bilingual call center agents can easily fulfill these tasks full time for a fraction of the price in the United States. Our outsourcing Data Entry department can input reference numbers, third party contact information, sales orders, inventory and supply reports, expenses and anything else that your company requires, documented and organized in either English or Spanish, or both.


Bilingual Quality Assurance

Costa Rica's Call Center QA Department mentally prepares the agents in the implementation of automated call recording systems and why it is an essential part of the agent's professional growth. Every outsourced campaign establishes a unique mixture of concepts for quality monitoring followed by an intense training session to learn the process. In order for your employees to play an important role in quality improvement, they will be required to understand clearly the defined goals of your outsourced campaign and to be accountable for all their calls. As soon as the call center agent appreciates the fact that quality checking would enhance customer service and performance metrics, they can begin to play a more vital role when representing your company on the phone.

Our Quality Assurance (QA) program enhances the performance of your outsourcing campaign by implementing a structured and systematic monitoring of your call center agent's phone skills. Costa Rica's Call Center can provide for your analysis a detailed evaluation of the various aspects of your BPO project including: rhetoric, presentation, customer feedback and especially standard call center metrics.

Costa Rica's Call Center has the necessary call monitoring equipment for a customized QA program. If your company has a QA system already in place and would like to expand the responsibility to our center by outsourcing, it will be very easy process to configure your software to work with our servers. By investing in QA, you will have a stronger quality control of your dedicated call center agents.

It is very important for our clients to clearly understand the accuracy of QA and what is involved in order to achieve desired results. The exact method of QA is very meticulous and involves an abundant amount of testing, planning and customization of reports. There is an extensive process of trial and error in order to highlight areas of improvement with the ability to enhance an agent's telemarketing or customer service potential on the phone. A proficient outsourcing call center quality assurance program must be consistent and repeatable in order to be effective.

Concluding an intense QA session, we immediately organize a side-by-side coaching session for the employees. Both quality assurance agents along with team leaders and campaign managers closely monitor the call center employees in order to listen to calls and supply real time feedback and suggestions. By reinforcing a self-evaluation approach, we have proven that a solid technique is one of the most effective building blocks for personal growth within the outsourcing industry. Agents are always rewarded for good performance. Most importantly, we acknowledge their efforts publically before the entire call center for setting a strong example amongst their peers and raising the bar internationally for Costa Rica BPO.