Thursday, January 30, 2020

POTSIE from HAPPY DAYS knows of a 50's cafe that is better than ARNOLD'S.

POTSIE from HAPPY DAYS knows a 50's cafe that is better than ARNOLD'S.

"Hi there. This is Anson Williams. You remember me as Potsie from Happy Days." The video begins with a blast from the past moment from a classic TV star. Anson William Heimlich is an American actor, singer and director, best known for his role as gullible but well-intentioned singer Warren "Potsie" Weber on the television series Happy Days (1974–1984),

"Well, I love to wish COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER a very happy twelve year anniversary." Williams is the author of Singing to a Bulldog: From Happy Days to Hollywood Director, and the Unlikely Mentor Who Got Me There. Both published books document his personal journey, success and endurance in one of the most competitive industries. Naturally, Potsie can appreciate what it takes to last more than a decade in the BPO industry nearshore.

"That's like, 12 fabulous great years." Long term commitments and loyalty are subjects that Potsie has a master's degree. Williams was one of the few to remain through the entire run of the series. In 1972, Williams scored the role of a lifetime when he landed Potsie Weber in a segment of the comedy-anthology series Love, American Style titled "Love and the Happy Days", which also featured the young Richie Cunningham (Ron Howard), Richie's mother Marion (Marion Ross). The brand new comedy series' first season had Williams receive the second billing after Howard for which he was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor – Series, Miniseries or Television Film.

The personal shout out takes an upward turn when a one in a million idea is mentioned, "In fact, if we were to reboot HAPPY DAYS, I would like to film it at the COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER. Why???" POTSIE joined his fellow Happy Days cast members for two reunion specials: The Happy Days Reunion Special (1992) and Happy Days: 30th Anniversary Reunion (2005).

"Well, they got this amazing art deco building" .Obviously, Potsie has good taste and style while looking for new locations to film. Despite his success as a director and producer, Williams has occasionally returned to his work on Happy Days in retrospective ways. He played himself in a 1996 Happy Days-themed Boy Meets World episode (which also featured former cast mates Tom Bosley and Pat Morita).While directing a 2003 episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch titled "Sabrina in Wonderland", he appeared as Potsie in a fantasy sequence.

The gang on Happy Days would not be complete without some retro gaming after school. Potsie mentions that we have, "11 pinball machines." The famous  1973 Bally’s “Nip It” pinball machine played a big part in the TV series. The bally classic was the pinball machine Fonzie, Richie Cunningham and the whole gang played in Arnold’s Diner. “Nip It” more or less was featured on one episode when the local vendor made the big mistake of replacing it with a different Bally from 1973 Time Zone. All heck broke loose in Arnold’s and Nip It was brought back and remained there happily ever after until the last show. COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER boasts the largest collection of vintage pinball in Central America. An impressive row of classic American pinball machines on free play for TELEMARKETERS. A gamification culture was created BY RICHARD BANK and is the only known retro video arcade game room for employees in Latin America.

"A 50's cafe that is cooler than ARNOLD'S." Williams is also a businessman. In 1987, fellow Happy Days cast member Al Molinaro and he opened a chain of diners called Big Al's. Unfortunately,  the business went defunct. Yet, Potsie can appreciate a cool hangout with amazing double cheeseburgers and thick malt shakes!

"and a jukebox arcade. " A beautiful 1953 Seeburg HF 100G was always playing at Arnold's. Fonzie would turn the jukebox off and on by punching it in the right spot. This ability is known as the "Fonz Touch" or the "Fonzie Bang" and was a classic moment in every episode that ended with another beautiful girl in his arms on the dance floor.

"And for all your VIPs, guess what?  A vintage Mercedes Limousine just for you." The gang were shown in a 1929 Ford Hi-Boy Roadster while crusin for girls. Potsie knows that a smooth ride makes all of the difference when riding with the coolest kids in class.

The video winds down with one final bit of encouragement, "Well again, happy 12 year anniversary COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER and I wish you 12 more!"


Friday, January 17, 2020


"HEE HEE" is exactly how the  stand-up comedian, writer, radio personality, and author begins with the classic Jackie chuckle and million dollar grin. 

"Hi. I am Jackie the Joke Man Martling with a huge congratulations to COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER." John Coger "Jackie" Martling, Jr. is best known as the former head writer for The Howard Stern Show from 1983 to 2001. The staff at CCC appreciates the personal shout out from an old school legend.

"Celebrating their 12th year in business." Jackie can understand the competitive BPO industry and what it takes to have the endurance to fulfill the needs of clients that offshore services. Born and raised on Long Island, New York, THE JOKE MAN began a career in stand-up comedy in 1979, developing a blue comedy act in local venues. Since his departure from The Howard Stern Show, Martling has undertaken various projects, including acting roles in television and film, and continues to perform stand-up.

The radio comedian continues his soft jab at the 12 years business milestone, "That is almost a dozen. HEE HEE."

"What a place!" The Joke Man loves a happy work environment and it showed in his own determination. Howard Stern took a liking to Jackie's jokes and invited him on as a guest in February 1983. After becoming a weekly personality, he worked "on the come" hoping for a permanent position with Robin Quivers, Fred Norris and Baba Booey. Stern created a popular segment titled "Stump The Comedian". This joke contest had fans and caller to the show challenge Martling to finish a joke while providing the punchline. If Jackie failed, the caller would win a prize.

"classic art deco building, neon marquees, jukebox arcade, 11 pinball machines" Jackie's taste and style was a huge influence on the show. Jackie also was famous for his after work adventures.He became known as the head writer who would take lines written by himself and sound effects and producer Fred Norris and "determine what goes in front of Howard.

"A 1950s cafe to die for!" Obviously, Jackie knows that a good double cheeseburger can be found in Central America and worth the trip.

"and vintage Mercedes limousine for VIP guests" Since Howard has Ronnie the Limo driver, Jackie knew the importance of having the talent arrive to the studio in style. CCC goes the extra mile by ensuring that our clients, guests and the lucky chosen get picked up at SJO in luxury, style and elite comfort.

"Me, I don't work. I sleep late." Since Jackie's retirement, he does not have to get up anymore at 4AM to make it to the studio on time. A two-day special on the JOKE MAN'S time on the show titled Stern Spotlight: Jackie Martling aired in May 2007.

Nearshore business process outsourcing gives the clients many options when choosing the right location. Jackie backs up his statement on why CCC is the right choice when Human Resources decides to hire telemarketers when he says, "But why would you go anywhere else? " 

Jackie concludes his personal shout out by wishing us well, "COSTA RIA'S CALL CENTER.12 years. Congratulations."

The video ends with a giggly smile.


Thursday, January 16, 2020

Ben C shows off his Spanish skills for COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER bilingu...

Ben C. shows off his Spanish skills for COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER.

The video begins with the Chief Kimball evangelist on the data team at Cameo.

Enclosed is a dose of Spanglish for your enjoyment:

"Hola Costa Rica's Call Center. Me llamo Benjamin.El Jefe, Richard, "The boss" preguntame a decir a tu congradulaciones por 12 anos in the business. Lo siento. Mi Espanol no es muy bueno. Yo estudio en many anos del pasado."

The video revert back into English while Ben offers an offshore call center well wishes, "So, ah, Richard wanted to say congratulations to you for 12 years."

Ben continues to show how a business leader properly functions with the staff, "He loves you guys and couldn't do it without you."

"He loves your space. The art deco building." states the Illinois Institute of Technology alumni.

"He says you guys have some cool neon marquees." Naturally, Ben can appreciate how a stylish work environment can improve telemarketing calls.

"A jukebox, pinball machine and 50's cafe." Since graduating from DePaul University, Ben knows that a solid work life balance can create a positive work environment and reduce attrition.

"Some vintage cars for your VIP guests." Our BPO clients receive a first class treatment as we recollect them in a Mercedes Limousine as they arrive at SJO International airport.

"Maybe if I get down to Costa Rica again, I was there a long time ago. I absolutely loved it and had many casados." From Indiana Unuversity Bloomington to the sunny beaches of the land of Pura Vida, Ben has experienced the best Central America has to offer. 

"Maybe I can be one of those guests." If Ben can make it down south one more time, it would be our pleasure to entertain he and his friends.

The video ends with one final statement, "Again, congratulations."