Monday, May 18, 2020

Rugby star BUKU KHAMIS scores big time with COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER fans!

The South Sudan success story begins the video with a classic, "Hey guys. How is it going?" Buku Khamis became the Club's first Next Generation Academy recruit, added to the Club's playing list as a pre-selected rookie in November 2018. A relatively late bloomer in a football sense, he moved to Australia in 2006 with his family and took up AFL in his last year of primary school. He is a product of the Dogs’ Next Generation Academy, and was a participant in the Western Bulldogs Community Foundation’s Ready SETTLE Go program. 

Naturally, the professional athlete is very proud of the team that has faith in him when he says, "This is Buku Khamis from the West End Bulldogs".The athletic defender has the ability to take on the game with his impressive running ability, and possesses clean skills. He is a strong intercept mark and reads the flight of the ball well. Khamis represented Vic Metro and was awarded All-Australian selection in 2018. In his first season at the Kennel, Khamis made 18 VFL appearances for the Footscray Bulldogs, however did not breakthrough for an AFL debut.

"This cameo was booked by Richard. The best boss for COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER."  CCC appreciates your kind words and encouragement. Khamis represented Vic Metro and was awarded All-Australian selection in 2018. Khamis lays claim to the lowest clanger kick percentage of any notable TAC Cup draft prospect, and has a relatively complete defensive game given he can both intercept and rebound. 

"I just wanted to congratulate you guys on a 12 year anniversary in business." Long odds can be overcome with structure, discipline and raw grit in a telemarketing business as well as athletics.Despite all of his rapid improvement, Khamis is still quite raw as a late-comer to the game, and will benefit from some time in the system to further develop. The athletic defender has the ability to take on the game with his impressive running ability, and possesses clean skills. He is a great intercept mark and reads the flight of the ball well.

"I see that you guys have amazing features at your facility." CCC has enriched the famous Barrio Aranjuez with a classy three story BPO office. BUKU should look forward to winning matches all around the world in the most impressive stadiums that can maximize a player's experience. Western Bulldogs draftee Buku Khamis’ memories of his childhood in South Sudan are hazy.He can recall how the sand would burn his feet as he played outside in the heat but he doesn’t remember much more from back home.His journey across the globe would be his first time on a plane. The under-18 All-Australian spent the first six years of his life living in war torn South Sudan

"Your classic art deco building neon marquees juke box arcades." The language barrier made assimilating difficult but once he learnt English things changed and Khamis felt he adapted well to Australian culture. The owner of CCC brought his gamification style to the Central Ameican Tico call center culture as well. 

"11 pinball machines. If you guys ever get bored of the pinball machines, I would happily take one." The entire game room is on free play for your open invitation. The Western Jets product didn’t start playing football until he was 12, joining his local club St Albans after attending a Western Bulldogs game as part of a school excursion. Naturally, Buku can understand and appreciate the proper work life balance and can enjoy a solid game of American flipper pinball between his training.

"Also, a 50's cafe which is amazing." Top athletes need the best food and a fun environment to break brad with fellow teammates. CCC ensures that the nearshore customer service team is well fed with the best double cheeseburger in San Jose.

BUKU loves to travel in style and comfort when competing on the rugby world stage. He can fully appreciate the way in which CCC treats their friends, guests and clients when he says, "and the Mercedes limousine which is also pretty cool." The company has restored a classic 1984 300D Lang that enjoys luxury trips to the beach and mountains. After joining St Albans in under-12s, Khamis’ athleticism attracted the attention of TAC Cup recruiters and he was invited to participate in Western Jets development squad.He then joined the Western Jets program, playing in the National Championships at both under-16 and under-18 level, earning All-Australian selection in his top-age year. Although he spent time training with the Bulldogs during the 2017 pre-season as part of the NGA program, becoming an AFL player was beyond his wildest dreams.

"Hopefully you guys are going well and continue to have more anniversaries in your business."Thank you BUKU. We plan on moving forward with even more determination and grit in the competitive BPO offshore industry for another ten years. It is an amazing journey that is about to get even better for the Western Bulldogs next generation academy member.

The shout out concludes with one final bit of encouragement, "Hope you guys are staying safe. Thank you very much."