Thursday, July 23, 2020

Jon Matteson wants the pandemic to end so he can play pinball at COST RI...

The high energy video begins with a bang, "Hello cool staff. Jon Matteson here."

"Happy 12th year anniversary. That's incredible." Jon Matteson is a famous actor with a large following n Twitch.

"I looked up your business online. It looks delicious." Yes, the business process outsourcing industry is very exciting. CCC works hard at presenting the world of telemarketing in the best light. 

Jon really shows his work life balance when he said, "I am a huge classic arcade fan and a huge pinball fan. Honestly, I really wish I get a chance to go." CCC is known for the best company culture in Central America. There is a free play arcade where gamification is highly encouraged to increase morale and team bonding. Old school gaming is a personal favorite of the CEO as well.

"I also looked up a lot of your reviews online and they are all really really good. So, the food looks incredible." CCC has the coolest cafe in Barrio Aranjuez on the corner of 23rd street and 11th avenue.

"And a vintage 300D Mercedes Limousine. That' can't go wrong. This sounds so fun." Every specal guest that arrives on an international flight to SJO is picked up in class, luxury and style. A very memorable ride to the beach in comfortable LANG is in store for the lucky few.

Jon moves the video into a very positive tone when he said,  "So, congrats on the 12th year anniversary. I hope you all are staying safe and sending each other a lot of love and light at this time." 

"I hope I get the chance to visit you one day. Cause, it looks like a lot of fun." When the pandemic is over, there is an open invitation for you visit. There are hundreds of Tico call center agents that would like to personally meet you.

"And all of it check, check, checks all of my boxes. So, all those things are things I love in life." Water seeks it's own level. Jon understands how important it can be to have the best nearshore office environment to produce the best results from the telemarketing staff.

Jon stayed focused on our current situation when he said, "Stay safe and I hope that once the world gets a little bit better and the quarantine is done, I will get a chance to visit you all one day."

The video concludes with some final words of peace and happiness, "So, stay safe and have a good week."

The entire staff at COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER  appreciates the time and effort in making this video. Stay safe and Pura Vida JON.