Sunday, October 18, 2020

Brandon Frankel is an offshore BPO VIP at COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER

The video begins with a blast, "Hello Hello Hello to Costa Rica's Call Center."

"Sounds like, Richard, who is the best boss ever I am told, ordered this cameo for you from me." Brandon is a recovering talent agent and can recognize offshore BPO skills.

"Who am I? You have no idea. I am Brandon Frankel. I work over in strategic partnerships at Cameo. If you are not familiar with cameo, you need to check it out. A lot of really cool people on here."  Way cooler than me." Brandon can hold his own just like an offshore call center that produces cool telemarketers.

"But,  that's nor here nor there. But, I wanted to say a warm hello to the Tico staff from me." International relations are great when a top executive notices how hard and dedicated a nearshore BPO staff can produce results on the phone.

"It sounds like you celebrated your 12th year anniversary in business which is no small feat, Especially, in these times." Brandon has a great deal of experience in the entertainment industry covering many different facets- major label marketing/artist development, street team coordination, production/merch/sales on major US tours, digital grassroots marketing, major agency tour marketing, artist development, etc. He can appreciate what it takes to compete and win in the outsourcing industry.

"So, congratulations to you guys. Keep up the great work." Since Brandon was Billboard Magazine Branding Power Player in 2017, he knows top level work and how to become an industry leader when working with bilingual customer service agents.

"And, I really want to check out this classic art deco building I am told about." As a Member of: the Recording Academy (Grammys/NARAS), Country Music Association (CMAs), and the Academy of Country Music (ACMs) Brandon has seen his share of amazing theatres and venues and knows that a positive work environment can produce stars.

"Neon marquees, jukebox arcade, American pinball machines." Our call center offers the best gamification environment where all games are on free play.

"And a vintage 84 Mercedes Limo for your VIPS. I was born in 84. How do I...Can I come?" All guests are met at SJO in style and comfort. A luxury limo ride to the beach or the contact center awaits all of our special guests.

"Am I VIP? No? Yeah? I don't know. Email me." All friends of CCC are on the VIP list.

The video concludes with some final words of wisdom, "Anyways, congratulations. You guys rock.  Do good work. Be good people and check out cameo. Take care."

The entire staff at COSTA RICA'S CLL CENTER  appreciates the time and effort in making this video. Pura Vida Brandon.