Monday, November 13, 2023

In this episode of Leaders On The Rise: The Podcast, the host, Lydia Pierre, talks with Richard Blank all the way from Costa Rica.

At the University of Arizona, Blank studied Spanish communications and microexpression. This educational skill proved to be a valuable asset to his future as he eventually started a business to train telemarketers. Client engagement is Blank's strategy. He contends that the use of filler words will limit your ability to discover more about a person. Taking into account how significant it is to actively communicate and how it would enhance people's lives. On the Leaders On The Rise podcast, Pierre Branding Group Senior Director and Leaders On The Rise podcast host, Lydia Pierre, encourages entrepreneurs to share not only their expertise but their stories and their hearts. In this episode of Leaders On The Rise: The Podcast, the host, Lydia Pierre, talks with Richard Blank all the way from Costa Rica. At the University of Arizona, Blank studied Spanish communications and microexpression. This educational skill proved to be a valuable asset to his future as he eventually started a business to train telemarketers. Client engagement is Blank's strategy. He contends that the use of filler words will limit your ability to discover more about a person. Taking into account how significant it is to actively communicate and how it would enhance people's lives. Lydia has more than 15 years of experience in marketing, brand building, communications & strategic planning for small businesses & non-profits. Lydia has a very active role as a leader in the business community. Known for always contributing to her passion for helping executives and entrepreneurs succeed, Lydia launched The Corporate Socialite®, Book Club where the aim is to leverage Lydia's top reads as well as the books written by guests from the Leaders On The Rise podcast to further help the audience in their goal of finding their personal path to success in business. We cover a wide range of topics – From how and why you started your business, to topics that would be of great value to our guests. We believe that every person has a unique message which can positively impact the world. We let our guests share on the subjects they’re well-known for. No matter the topic, you’ll be hearing real stories from real people. Lydia Pierre CEO & Sr. Director of Brand Management Lydia Pierre is a Branding Expert, Coach, Strategist, and Consultant who has an accomplished career with more than 15 years of experience in marketing, brand building, communications & strategic planning for small businesses & non-profits. In her role as a Brand manager and Strategist, Lydia becomes the voice for your company or individual's public image, maintaining it through the implementation of marketing initiatives. She is an expert in managing client relationships, overseeing marketing staff, and ensuring that company messaging remains consistent across all channels. She has the skills and insight needed to communicate with executives from diverse industries to aid in creating advertisements that strengthen the client’s brand identity and has a keen sense of how people perceive these businesses across different demographics. Lydia's love for entrepreneurship, in addition to her active role as a leader in the business community, contribute to her passion for helping Executives & Entrepreneurs succeed. Lydia Pierre is a highly accomplished Brand Manager and Luxury Lifestyle Coach with a wealth of experience in marketing, brand building, communications, and strategic planning. As the founder of Pierre Branding Group, LLC (PBG), Lydia specializes in creating elegant, timeless, and sophisticated high-end brands. With over 15 years of experience working with small businesses and non-profit organizations, Lydia has developed a deep understanding of the intricacies of brand management. As a Brand Manager and Strategist, she serves as the voice for her clients' public image, ensuring consistency across all marketing initiatives. Lydia excels in managing client relationships and overseeing marketing teams, allowing her to effectively strengthen brand identities through strategic advertising campaigns. Lydia Pierre's expertise extends beyond industry-specific knowledge. She possesses a keen sense of how different demographics perceive businesses and uses this insight to shape marketing strategies that resonate with target audiences. Her passion for entrepreneurship and active involvement in the business community drive her dedication to helping executives and entrepreneurs succeed. As a Luxury Lifestyle Coach, Lydia empowers entrepreneurs by providing them with the skills and strategies needed to elevate their leadership abilities. Through her coaching services, she helps individuals reach new levels of success in their professional lives. Lydia's comprehensive approach encompasses personal branding, marketing techniques, and leadership development, enabling her clients to achieve their goals and thrive in competitive markets. Overall, Lydia Pierre is a seasoned professional with a strong track record in brand management and a genuine passion for guiding entrepreneurs towards success. Her expertise, experience, and commitment to excellence make her a valuable asset to any individual or company seeking to establish a powerful and influential brand presence. DISCOVER THE CORPORATE SOCIALITE LIFESTYLE Every story has two sides, and in the tale of The Corporate Socialite®, Lydia embodies both facets with elegance and distinction. In the corporate realm, success is often associated with affluence, influence, and entrepreneurial prowess. Conversely, a Socialite is viewed as someone socially aspirational, exuding sophistication and often a touch of aristocracy. The unique essence of The Corporate Socialite® emerges from the seamless fusion of these two worlds. And she is proudly enjoying all the benefits of each without any of the drawbacks. Lydia stands as the central figure, gracefully navigating the intricate landscapes of both corporate and personal spheres. As the founder of Pierre Branding Group, a luxury brand management consulting firm, she has carved a commanding presence in the industry. Lydia's unwavering confidence, coupled with her remarkable knack for handling complex scenarios, positions her as the trusted advisor for high-profile clients seeking expert guidance. Lydia possesses the rare ability to leverage her connections and blend her diverse skill sets, infusing her signature flair and enthusiasm into every endeavor. Her duality shines through as she empowers clients to ascend both the social and corporate ladders. Her corporate persona brings forth the drive and discipline needed to conquer formidable challenges, while her social side sparks creativity and fosters meaningful connections, elevating lifestyles to new heights. Lydia's commitment to excellence extends to her role as a fashion and style trendsetter, further amplifying her influence in both professional and personal spheres. In essence, The Corporate Socialite® embodies the harmonious fusion of corporate and social success, navigated with poise and unparalleled expertise. In the Corporate world, Lydia is a modern-day Renaissance woman who captivates hearts with her incredible talent and unwavering passion for making a positive impact through her professionalism and standard of excellence. As an Emcee, Brand Manager, Luxury Lifestyle Coach, Podcaster, Public Speaker, Communitarian, Advocate, Corporate Liaison, and Author, she embodies the spirit of a true trailblazer. Lydia is often called upon to Host Corporate events as the Mistress of Ceremonies, Speak as a Branding expert, Personal Growth Coach and Leading Marketing Industry Speaker, or simply Participate as a Special Guest Appearance and Attend networking events such as: conferences, summits, tradeshows and seminars. She is also the Founder and CEO of Pierre Branding Group (PBG), positioning her to confidently work with clients across various industries and locations. This experience has equipped her with a unique set of skills and understanding that sets her apart as more than just a typical coach. In her role as a Socialite, Lydia actively engages in high-society interactions and plays a pivotal role in connecting individuals seeking to enhance their professional and social networks. As a multifaceted professional, including roles as a Model, Private Luxury Host, Influencer, Lifestyle Coach & Curator, and Social Concierge, Lydia assists business professionals in expanding their social circles through luxury experiences in social settings, often resulting in increased job and business opportunities. She accomplishes this by attending various fashionable social gatherings with clients, partners, and associates, all while maintaining a lighthearted yet professional demeanor. Our Luxury Brand Management Firm is focused on delivering high-quality strategic marketing and brand management services. We take pride in developing a strategy that sets a company apart from its competitors and builds a long-lasting relationship with customers. As your part of your brand management team, we take on a broad role that often requires familiarity with many aspects of marketing, including market research, content marketing, digital marketing, social media marketing, and design. While as part of your management team, we aren’t necessarily expected to perform these responsibilities, but our knowledge will help guide each respective team to develop messaging and assets that align with a brand and strengthen its position in the marketplace. We are Trusted Advisors, Experts, Coaches & Educators. We want to leave a lasting impact on our clients and turn them into branding advocates so they can change the way those around them see and understand the branding process. We provide education through PBG University which offers a six-course online brand management coaching program that provides clients with the MBA-level strategic marketing and brand management training they need to make strong business decisions and set strategic direction for their company, unit, department, or product line. As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative (CSR at PBG), PBG helps underserved entrepreneurs recognize and overcome barriers in their journey to success through our PBG4Good Partnership Program where our mission is to give those in need the opportunity to pursue their independent ventures, no matter what their socio-economic background, by giving them the necessary tools & resources they need to succeed. Our Luxury Branding Division offers upscale and hi-end brand elevation, harnessing the power of bespoke service to cater to the individual needs of each client. We have a diverse client roster that includes prestigious entities, high-profile C-level executives, enthusiastic entrepreneurs, and successful small business owners. Mainly high-end luxury brands and individuals looking to elevate their brand. Through meticulous attention to your desires and preferences, we craft a brand that resonates with your target audience, fostering a deep sense of loyalty and admiration. Ensuring it becomes a symbol of exclusivity and distinction. We are unique in that we focus on the Business of Branding. Our firm doesn't just offer "Brand Management Services" but we offer a full spectrum of business consulting and corporate management services encompassing all aspects of building and scaling a brand. With an extensive knowledge of branding methodologies and financial awareness of the brand-building process, we focus on managing a portfolio of financially viable brands, deeply embedded in innovation with a keen awareness of the brand's environmental footprint and long-term impact. Which is why PBG provides small business consulting services, to it's branding clients, or as a stand alone service. And so we work hard to ascertain that ALL of our prospective clients qualify for branding services, and those that don't we get them "brand ready" by taking them through our "Business 2 Branding Program". Our vision at PBG is to be the catalyst that inspires and empowers Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners to follow their dreams, pursue their passion and turn it into profit by connecting them to one another to obtain the support, insights and expertise needed to make the best decision possible for whatever challenge or issues faced in their business. Due to our Community based company culture, PBG is aligned with a wide range of opportunities, and with an ever growing portfolio of clients, there is a collaboration that is perfect for every brand. The possibilities are endless. Our goal is to empower anyone, anywhere to turn their ideas into products, brands, services, and businesses. Through our distinctive and sophisticated approach of focusing on the Business behind the Brand, we’re proud to provide a platform that enables entrepreneurs to make a positive and lasting impact on the world and in their own life. Knowing their business is solid and built to last gives them the confidence they need to brand themselves authentically. PBG is committed to a standard of excellence in every aspect of the business—We say what we mean...and we mean what we say. As consultants and creatives with a strong entrepreneurial mindset, we connect well with business owners because we are business owners too! This is why we are able to provide intelligence, insight, and years of real world experience to help you make the right decisions on growing your business in an effective and sustainable fashion. We don't see ourselves as "just another service provider” that creates branding, or websites, or marketing campaigns, or whatever. We're so much more than that. We exist to help you architect an iconic brand and to build a meaningful business by being your business partner and delivering guidance, expertise, consultation, and recommendations. We work with you, not for you. In order to develop a more profound understanding of the function of Pierre Branding Group (PBG) it is initially important to capture the idea of branding. In short, branding is the process of developing a company's brand, including a name, identity system and messaging platform. These aspects will develop what is referred to as a brand message, which will then be applied to marketing campaigns to spread that message. A brand represents a promise to your customers, what they can expect from your products/services, and essentially what differentiates your offering from competitors. Additionally, Lydia co-founded, a luxury experiential hospitality brand that specializes in offering exclusive, ultra-luxury lifestyle experiences to discerning individuals with high net worth, ranging from business executives to presidents. She is THE guardian angel of all things LUXURY & LIFESTYLE. Richard’s vision quest journey is filled with twists and turns. When he was 27 years old, he relocated to Costa Rica to train employees for one of the larger call centers in San Jose. With a mix of motivational public speaking style backed by tactful and appropriate rhetoric, Richard shared his knowledge and trained over 10 000 bilingual telemarketers. Richard Blank has the largest collection of restored American Pinball machines and antique Rockola Jukeboxes in Central America making gamification a strong part of CCC culture.Richard Blank is the Chief Executive Officer for Costa Rica’s Call Center since 2008. Mr. Richard Blank holds a bachelors degree in Communication and Spanish from the University of Arizona and a certificate of language proficiency from the University of Sevilla, Spain. A Keynote speaker for Philadelphia's Abington High School 68th National Honors Society induction ceremony. In addition, inducted into the 2023 Hall of Fame for Business. Giving back to Abington Senior High School is very important to Mr. Blank. As such, he endows a scholarship each year for students that plan on majoring in a world language at the university level. Costa Rica’s Call Center (CCC) is a state of the art BPO telemarketing outsource company located in the capital city of San Jose, Costa Rica. Our main focus has been, and will always be to personally train each and every Central America call center agent so that we may offer the highest quality of outbound and inbound telemarketing solutions and bilingual customer service to small and medium sized international companies, entrepreneurs as well as fortune 500 companies. #RichardBlank #CostaRica #CallCenter #Outsourcing #Telemarketing #BPO #Sales #Entrepreneur #B2B #Business #Podcast #Leadgeneration #education #leadersontherise Richard Blank | Leaders On The Rise Podcast | Actively Communicating In this episode of Leaders On The Rise: The Podcast, the host, Lydia Pierre, talks to Richard Blank.