Monday, September 9, 2019

Matt Kulling shows us how to do a cool shout out for Costa Rica's Call C...

"That would be kinda cool to get to do that."

Matt Kulling shows us how to do a cool shout out for Costa Rica's Call Center.

The email coordinator starts off the video by saying, "Hey everyone. Richard wanted me to give you guys all a shout out for your tenth anniversary in business."

An outsourcing industry goal has been reached and is acknowledged by Matt, "That is really exciting. Congratulations." His acute experience in communications and marketing can relate to a successful business model that has endurance.

"He tells me that you guys have a pretty cool art deco building." This observation was made from someone who has mastered Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, Google Analytics, journalism, social media, copy writing, and content marketing efforts.

The class of 2016 at Marquette University produced a top business executive in Matt. He follows up his video with another compliment, "a bunch of neon marquees.jukebox arcade and pinball machines." Anyone with a Journalism/ Political Science degree must enjoy a solid work life balance in order to recharge batteries and excel over the competition. Especially in the telemarketing industry.

Matt also enjoys our selected style and taste for our clients and staff, "50s cafe and a vintage Mercedes limousine for your guests."

His attention gets spiked when he mentions how great it would be to travel in a classic 300D Lang, "That would be kinda cool to get to do that."

Unfortunately, the final seconds of the video did not have audio. Yet, we can all believe that Matt had wished CCC well and we really appreciate the time and effort in making this presentation.

Talent Relations specialist, Kyle B gives a Cameo party shout out to Cos...

"11 pinball machines that is wild."

Talent Relations specialist, Kyle B gives a Cameo party shout out to Costa Rica's Call Center.

"Hey Costa Rica's Call Center" is how the lively video party begin at Cameo HQ.

As we watch the talent executives load their ranks, Kyle decided to give CCC a milestone acknowledgement, "I heard that you celebrated your tenth year anniversary in business".

"Just wanted to say congrats from the Cameo team" The entire circle of top closers take the time from their computers  to join together a special moment in the outsourcing industry.

Kyle B continues to show his good taste as he mentions our style for our telemarketers, "You got that art deco building"

In addition, Kyle B shows his amazement of our additional perks, "crazy neon marquees and a jukebox arcade."

"11 pinball machines that is wild." Obviously the Cameo team can appreciate a gamification call center culture as we continue to provide the best company retro arcade game room in Central America.

Our treatment to our clients cannot be matched as well when Kyle states, "a 50s cafe and  vintage Mercedes limousine for VIP guests."

The video shout out concludes with some final words of encouragement from the team, "Like, it's wild. we are all so proud of you here at Cameo."

keep up the good work.

Friday, August 16, 2019

Fran, the talented Software engineer at Cameo, toasts to COSTA RICA'S CA...

"WOW. you sound like an amazing call center to be at"

Fran, the talented Software engineer at Cameo, toasts to COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER business anniversary.

The video starts off with the energy and excitement from Fran when she says, "Hey COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER STAFF".

Since graduating from MIT in 2016, she can clearly understand how competitive is the business process outsourcing industry, "Congrats on being in business for ten whole years now. WOW!"

"You guys sound amazing" This additional compliment was given from a huge fan of memes and games. Obviously someone who knows how to balance work and life to maximize the brain and spirit. 

Since Fran joined the Cameo team, she has the first hand experience of a solid working environment. She follows up another observation when acknowledging our amazing perks for the telemarketers. "I heard you have a classic art deco building and neon marquees"

Fran shows her true retro gaming side when she smiles and says, "A juke box arcade, like, 11 pinball machines and 50's cafe." CCC has the largest collection of American pinball in Costa Rica with an impressive row of 11 classic machines on free play. A gamification call center culture was created and is the only retro video arcade game room for employees in BPO INDUSTRY . She enjoys the way technology influences culture and vice versa and can relate to our fun company culture.

Fran loves our classic style of transportaion and made sure to let us know when she said, "A vintage Mercedes Limousine for VIP guests" CCC offers the company Mercedes 300D limousine for all clients visiting the location in Barrio Aranjuez. The beautiful and classic 300D Mercedes Limos join the exclusive vehicle fleet of diplomatic embassies and the era's top celebrities and social elite. Now, the crown jewel for Costa Rica's Call Center. 

She showers the call center with another fine compliment, "WOW. you sound like an amazing call center to be at"

The video winds down with a final word of encouragement from an admirer of CCC from Chicago,"So, congrats on your 10 years of business and here is to 10 more"

Fran concludes the video with a fine toast and a proper sendoff in style...

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Fitness Queen Kiana Tom flexes her muscle with COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER

Fitness Queen Kiana Tom flexes her muscle with COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER.

The trusted health authority with the #1 show on ESPN starts off the highly energetic video with a smile, "Aloha everybody. Kiana Tom here from Kiana's Flex Appeal."

Kiana continues her powerful routine with another compliment, "So, I wanted to give a special shout out to the Costa Rica's Call Center."  This spoken from an original cast members of the syndicated program Bodyshaping that had a solid run from 1990-1998.

"I understand that it is your tenth year anniversary of doing business. Congratulations!"  Her show Flex Appeal on ESPN was a huge hit touching 80 million homes in 100 countries for over a decade. Naturally, Kiana can appreciate and acknowledge how hard work, discipline and structure can fulfill an outsourcing industry milestone.

The toughness of Kiana is apparent as she pumps out another strength of CCC, "I understand that you have a beautiful facility out there." This firm statement made from a Hollywood actress that  starred in Universal Soldier: The Return with Jean-Claude Van Damme.  Kiana, whose name means "island princess" in Hawaiian has good taste and style and can relate to how CCC presents itself internationally.

Kiana was a cheerleader for the Oakland Raiders for two seasons and knows how an environment can produce a division 1 competitor. She follows up her observations by mentioning our unique call center environment that produces the best telemarketers, "Complete with a 50's cafe, art deco building with neon marquees" 

A recipient of the prestigious United States Sports Academy award knows how to balance hard work in the gym and a fun time to relax. Kiana shows her excitement for the office perks, "A juke box and 11 pinball machines in your arcade"

"A vintage Mercedes Limousine for VIPS. Sounds really awesome." As a former playboy model in May 2002, she knows that style and class are important when traveling with important guests, clients and friends.

The Fitness Legend winds down the video with some words of encouragement for the staff in Costa Rica, "Anyway, congratulations on your 10th year anniversary"

The presentation ends with a final bit of advise, "Keep it up and keep on flexing"


Friday, August 9, 2019

Venture capitalist Jackson Jhin invests his time to celebrate COSTA RICA...

Jackson Jhin invests his time to celebrate COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER anniversary.

The interim CFO at Cameo HQ starts the video with a nouveau riche connection to the owners of CCC, "Hey Richard and Grace. How are you?"

A venture capitalist expert at Chicago Ventures has also decided to buy into Cameo's potential and stability. He expands his visual stimulation by showing the first class operation in motion, "I am here in the Cameo Headquarters in Chicago.". 

The business process outsourcing industry is very competitive. Jackson mentions the excitement of hitting a business goal. "I want to give you guys a shout out for your tenth year anniversary in business" This compliment was given from a man who co-founded Float Tickets while still in college.

Mr. Jhin graduated with a B.A. International Economics, Italian at Notre Dame. By creating a ticketing software startup that was proven to be a solid business model, Jackson easily won first place at the Schurz Competition during his time an an undergrad and broke the ice as a proven entrepreneur that can produce a ROI. 

Jackson admires the taste and style of our call center when he said, " I hear you have a classic art deco building & neon marquees". 

In his spare time, Jackson is also a music producer. Not only does he create the sounds, but can appreciate the machines and environment in which it is played. He acknowledges our first class employee game room with all of the perks, "Rockolas, an arcade , 11 pinball machines, a 50's cafe"

A man who builds wealth and invests his time and vision deserves to ride in style and class. Jackson seems to find our mode of transportation as an example,  "A vintage Mercedes. All that stuff for guests."

Ramping up a telemarketing team takes structure, discipline and a touch of style. Jackson makes sure to share his winning attitude with CCC, "Hope you guys have continued success." This advise was given from a man who dedicated his time by teaching entrepreneurship at the Cleveland Correctional Center.

Karma has a lot to do with success and Jackson is always looking for the best in those that he meets and shares ideas. Everyone has potential to be successful when the align themselves with the right people with the same positive vision.

The video ends with a final note of confidence, "Have another great ten years"

Monday, August 5, 2019

The MOOCH SAYS, "You guys rock".

The MOOCH SAYS, "You guys rock".

Anthony Scaramucci lavishes Costa Rica's Call Center anniversary with the illustrious Mooch.

The former White House Communications Director begin the video with style, "Hey, to the COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER staff". His famous tenure of six days, from his unofficial start date on July 25 until his unexpected dismissal on July 31, is the shortest in history for that post. The MOOCH shattered the past accomplishment of 11 days that had been held by Jack Koehler during the Reagan administration which made him an instant legend and cult figure for his candid nature and sharp intellect on multiple subjects.

"From Richard and Grace, giving you a cool shout out" is how the Mooch acknowledges two bosses that can survive in the competitive outsourcing industry. Anthony was  awarded #85 in Worth magazine's "Power 100: The 100 Most Powerful People in Global Finance and can clearly notice leaders of industry when they cross his humble path.

"Congratulations on that tenth year anniversary in business" This statement given from a visionary whom, back in 2005, took the chance and started Skybridge Capital. The Mooch knows first-hand how to run a business for over twenty years and can sincerely share his joy with other organization’s with stability and endurance that hit business milestones.

2011 was a great year for Mr. Scaramucci. He rocked it and won the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year award New York Award in the Financial Services category. Anyone who has that type of high goals in business can also appreciate the style and grace of the building that hosts the magic and innovation. The Mooch shows his taste for our vintage location "Loving the classic art deco building and neon marquees"

"You guys rock" is exactly how the Mooch refers to CCC. He is known for his straight shooter thoughts and once tweeted, "I sometimes use colorful language." 

Work life balance is key to the Mooch. He shows the fun side of life when he mentions our office perks, "Employee arcade, 11 pinball machines".

"That 50's cafe is sensational" is another compliment from a contestant on Celebrity Big Brother house Season 2.

"And what about that old school Mercedes Limo for VIP guests" Classic 300D Limousines join the exclusive vehicle fleet of diplomatic embassies and the era’s top celebrities and social elite. The Mooch served as the national finance co-chair for Mitt Romney's 2012 presidential campaign and supported the presidential campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. He can relate towards style and comfort in selected transportation for influential individuals that require the best.

Anthony showed his cognitive skills by graduated from Tufts University and doubling down on a diploma from Harvard Law School. He reiterates his approval of a winning business model when he says, "Wishing you an awesome tenth year anniversary celebration from the Mooch". 

The video ends with a smile and a two finger sendoff kiss to your fans in Central America. 

The entire staff at COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER appreciates the time and effort in making this shout out. The TICOS now refer to you as a "popular senior in high school that teaches freshman how to be cool." ¡PURA VIDA MOOCH!

Friday, August 2, 2019

Hamilton Evans Choreographs a cool shout out to Costa Rica's Call Center.

"I hope you guys are great, partying and celebrating"

Hamilton Evans Choreographs a cool shout out to Costa Rica's Call Center.

The UK Dancer and International instructor starts off the video by saying, " A huge shout out to the staff at COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER"

The famous teacher knows how to acknowledge hard work and a business goal when he said,"Happy ten year anniversary" Hamilton has his own luxury of a track record by representing the Millennium Dance Complex, The Edge Performing Arts Center, and IDA Hollywood in the best light.

Since Hamilton has traveled around the world with his highly demanded dance classes, he can truly understand and appreciate a solid work life balance to recharge his batteries. I am sure that his adventures in France, Spain, Poland, Russia, Japan, Singapore, and Norway have given him a chance to visit some solid gaming centers. He states his fondness for our office perks, "retro arcade game room. Have fun. Yeah!!!"

CCC is the only call center in Central America with a classic art deco building, neon marquees, employee arcade, 11 pinball machines, 50s cafe, and old school Mercedes limo for vip guests

The entire staff at COSTA RICA'S CAL CENTER appreciates the time and effort in making this video.