Friday, May 22, 2020

CARA LOOZIAS wants a pinball machine from COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER

The high energy shout out begins with a million dollar smile while saying, "Hello to my friends at the COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER."

She continues with her admiration towards a BPO anniversary, "Heard you guys are celebrating 12 years in business. That is crazy. That is like half my life."

"You all must be super hard workers. Must be plugging away.Must have the best boss ever. Richard!" Cara clearly understands that hard work, discipline and a little fun can be the perfect combination for long term success.

"But yeah, congratulations. I heard it is a cool place to work." CCC strives to offer our bilingual telemarketers the best working environment in Barrio Aranjuez.

"I heard you guys have an art deco building.You have some kind of Mercedes, some kind of arcade." 

Cara seems to gravitate towards our solid gamification call center culture. "11 pinball machines. The 11 pinball machines seems like a bit of overkill. But yeah, I'll gladly take one if you are looking to offload any of them." 

"But it seems like the best place to work.Hope you are getting work done with the pinball machines. Clearly it is working. I think every business should adopt that plan just to have an abundance of pinball machines and fun activities in the building." Cara is spot on regarding having a free play arcade to increase of employee morale while reducing attrition. She will be an amazing boss and strong leader with those ethics.

"But yeah, congratulations. Keep working hard. keep plugging away." CCC continues to hire, train and motivate the most talented Ticos.

Cara follows up her understanding on how properly oversee a company, "Keep being nice to Richard because he loves you guys."

She concludes the video with a strong finish when she says, "And yeah, congratulations 12 years."



Monday, May 18, 2020

Rugby star BUKU KHAMIS scores big time with COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER fans!

The South Sudan success story begins the video with a classic, "Hey guys. How is it going?" Buku Khamis became the Club's first Next Generation Academy recruit, added to the Club's playing list as a pre-selected rookie in November 2018. A relatively late bloomer in a football sense, he moved to Australia in 2006 with his family and took up AFL in his last year of primary school. He is a product of the Dogs’ Next Generation Academy, and was a participant in the Western Bulldogs Community Foundation’s Ready SETTLE Go program. 

Naturally, the professional athlete is very proud of the team that has faith in him when he says, "This is Buku Khamis from the West End Bulldogs".The athletic defender has the ability to take on the game with his impressive running ability, and possesses clean skills. He is a strong intercept mark and reads the flight of the ball well. Khamis represented Vic Metro and was awarded All-Australian selection in 2018. In his first season at the Kennel, Khamis made 18 VFL appearances for the Footscray Bulldogs, however did not breakthrough for an AFL debut.

"This cameo was booked by Richard. The best boss for COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER."  CCC appreciates your kind words and encouragement. Khamis represented Vic Metro and was awarded All-Australian selection in 2018. Khamis lays claim to the lowest clanger kick percentage of any notable TAC Cup draft prospect, and has a relatively complete defensive game given he can both intercept and rebound. 

"I just wanted to congratulate you guys on a 12 year anniversary in business." Long odds can be overcome with structure, discipline and raw grit in a telemarketing business as well as athletics.Despite all of his rapid improvement, Khamis is still quite raw as a late-comer to the game, and will benefit from some time in the system to further develop. The athletic defender has the ability to take on the game with his impressive running ability, and possesses clean skills. He is a great intercept mark and reads the flight of the ball well.

"I see that you guys have amazing features at your facility." CCC has enriched the famous Barrio Aranjuez with a classy three story BPO office. BUKU should look forward to winning matches all around the world in the most impressive stadiums that can maximize a player's experience. Western Bulldogs draftee Buku Khamis’ memories of his childhood in South Sudan are hazy.He can recall how the sand would burn his feet as he played outside in the heat but he doesn’t remember much more from back home.His journey across the globe would be his first time on a plane. The under-18 All-Australian spent the first six years of his life living in war torn South Sudan

"Your classic art deco building neon marquees juke box arcades." The language barrier made assimilating difficult but once he learnt English things changed and Khamis felt he adapted well to Australian culture. The owner of CCC brought his gamification style to the Central Ameican Tico call center culture as well. 

"11 pinball machines. If you guys ever get bored of the pinball machines, I would happily take one." The entire game room is on free play for your open invitation. The Western Jets product didn’t start playing football until he was 12, joining his local club St Albans after attending a Western Bulldogs game as part of a school excursion. Naturally, Buku can understand and appreciate the proper work life balance and can enjoy a solid game of American flipper pinball between his training.

"Also, a 50's cafe which is amazing." Top athletes need the best food and a fun environment to break brad with fellow teammates. CCC ensures that the nearshore customer service team is well fed with the best double cheeseburger in San Jose.

BUKU loves to travel in style and comfort when competing on the rugby world stage. He can fully appreciate the way in which CCC treats their friends, guests and clients when he says, "and the Mercedes limousine which is also pretty cool." The company has restored a classic 1984 300D Lang that enjoys luxury trips to the beach and mountains. After joining St Albans in under-12s, Khamis’ athleticism attracted the attention of TAC Cup recruiters and he was invited to participate in Western Jets development squad.He then joined the Western Jets program, playing in the National Championships at both under-16 and under-18 level, earning All-Australian selection in his top-age year. Although he spent time training with the Bulldogs during the 2017 pre-season as part of the NGA program, becoming an AFL player was beyond his wildest dreams.

"Hopefully you guys are going well and continue to have more anniversaries in your business."Thank you BUKU. We plan on moving forward with even more determination and grit in the competitive BPO offshore industry for another ten years. It is an amazing journey that is about to get even better for the Western Bulldogs next generation academy member.

The shout out concludes with one final bit of encouragement, "Hope you guys are staying safe. Thank you very much." 




WNBA super star LISA LESLIE celebrates a huge win with COSTA RICA'S CALL...

"Hello to COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER and WNBA fans". Lisa Deshaun Leslie is an American former professional basketball player. 

The all star continues with a positive message, "This message was booked by the best boss Richard." We appreciate the acknowledgement and know that Lisa is running her won show as well. She is currently the head coach for Triplets in the BIG3 professional basketball league, as well as a studio analyst for Orlando Magic broadcasts on Fox Sports Florida.

"I am an Olympic 4 time gold medalist and a 3 time MVP. I am a hall of famer."  What a winner! Leslie was named the 2001 Sportswoman of the Year (in the team category) by the Women's Sports Foundation and continues to set a fine example for all female athletes.

"And I just wanted to tell you guys congratulations."  Lisa knows how it feels to win a big game. The number-seven pick in the 1997 inaugural WNBA draft, she followed her career at the University of Southern California with eight WNBA All-Star selections and two WNBA championships over the course of eleven seasons with the Los Angeles Sparks, before retiring in 2009.

"I know that you are celebrating your 12th year anniversary in business. Which is an amazing feat." Once again, she lead the pack with amazing things on the court when it mattered most.Leslie was the first player to dunk in a WNBA game. Leslie has also made appearances with the United States national women's basketball team where she won gold medals in 1996 and 2000, and has also earned a world championship. Leslie scored 35 points against Japan in the semifinals of the 1996 Olympics to set an American Olympic women's scoring record.

"Can't be done alone. It takes teamwork. So that is awesome."  CCC truly appreciates the efforts of our BPO outsourcing staff. Just like business, Lisa showed how a team bond in basketball produces champions. In 2011, she was voted in by fans as one of the Top 15 players in WNBA history.Leslie is one of seven USA Basketball's three-time Olympians, and one of two players with four gold medals. She led the U.S. team in scoring during the 2004 Olympic Games. During her third Olympic completion, she became the USA's all-time leading scorer, rebounder, and shot blocker in Olympic competition. Every time she has competed in a major international event, she has compiled double-digit scoring averages. Leslie, at age 20, was also the youngest player to participate at the USA Olympic Trials in 1992.

I know that you guys have your classic art deco building,"  CCC has class and enriches Barrio Aranjuez. In 2015, she was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. Leslie was also inducted into the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame in 2015 and has played in some of the best and brightest stadiums in the world. She can appreciate the beauty of a building that enables those who enter can strive to be their best.

Lisa continues her keen interest in our telemarketing culture when she says, "Neon marquees,jukebox arcade, 11 pinball machines. 50's cafe"Leslie was honored with All-Pac-10 recognition all four years, as well as becoming the first player in Pac-10 history to obtain first team all four years and earn the Pac-10 Rookie of the Year award in 1991. Leslie was also honored on the national platform by earning the national freshman of the year award in 1991.

A MVP deserves to travel in style. Lisa acknowledges our special treatment to our clients and friends, "Your vintage Mercedes Limousine for VIP guests."In 1994, she won multiple national player of the year awards—the Naismith College Player of the Year award, the USBWA Women's National Player of the Year award, the Honda Sports Award for basketball, and the WBCA Player of the Year award. In 1992, 1993, and 1994, she earned All-American Honors as well.

That's a lot of business and it doesn't happen overnight. So, congratulations on all of your success."she became the first WNBA player to score over 3,000 total career points and contributed to the Sparks winning their second straight WNBA championship that season. Two seasons later, she became the first player to reach the 4,000-career point milestone. On August 11, 2009, Leslie became the first player to score 6,000 points in a career. Earlier that month she was the first player to reach 10,000 career PRA (points + rebounds + assists), a statistic fundamental to the WNBA "Pick One Challenge" fantasy game.

Continue to win because I love being around winners. And clearly, you guys do too."In 2011, she was voted in by fans as one of the Top 15 players in the fifteen-year history of the WNBA. In 2016, she was voted into the WNBA Top 20@20, in celebration of the league's 20th anniversary.

"I just wanted to say congratulations and give you guys a shout out and keep up the great work."Apart from basketball, Leslie is also a fashion model and an aspiring actress. She has been featured in Vogue and Newsweek, as well as many sports publications.



Thursday, May 7, 2020

Kimmy Robertson from TWIN PEAKS knows that COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER is c...

The amazing video begins with everyone's favorite sweet sounding voice, "Hi. It's Kimmy."

Lucy from the show "Twin Peaks" gives CCC a proper greeting, "Hi Costa Rica's Call Center" The entire staff sends our warmest PURA VIDA to you as well.

"Um, your very best boss in the world, Richard, asked me to send you a video."  Naturally, her fans could see her potential in Hollywood. After at first being unsure about becoming an actor, Kimmy was then hired for the first role she auditioned for in the teen comedy The Last American Virgin (1982). If you are a CEO or an actor, chances must be taken and taking a risk on yourself.

"I thought I sent one already.But, it is saying that I didn't. So, here is another one. I just sort of repeat what I already said. First of all, congratulations on 12 years of wonderful business and being classy. I your classic art deco building." CCC enhances the beauty of Barrio Aranjuez with their vintage style.

"With the pinball machines. I do love pinball." Everyone from generation X loved arcades. When  Kimmy wasn't shooting Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (1989) and My Mom's a Werewolf (1989) we can see her enjoying a game of retro American flipper pinball to blow off steam between shoots.

"And the 50's diner. Yum. And , ah, cheeseburgers. You know what? I like meatless cheeseburgers now. They make them really good. Plant based cheeseburgers. Ha Ha ." The cafe has all of the red and white booths, checkered floor and a 1961 Seeburg jukebox playing hits in the corner. A special Kimmy burger could be made on the spot.

"Um, yes... and your marquees, neon. always classic."  Kimmy knew that she shined bright and that is why she was casted as the Sheriff's ditsy secretary, Lucy, in the groundbreaking TV series Twin Peaks (1990). Creators Mark Frost and David Lynch recognized Kimmy's comedic talent and exploited it by encouraging her to ad-lib her lines, some of which turned into the funniest moments of the series.

"Your wonderful  Mercedes Limo. I would love to have a ride in that. If I were a VIP. I would get to ride in one if I came to Costa Rica. "Her high pitched voice has also served her well in animated cartoons, having featured on animated shows as Batman: The Animated Series, The Critic, The Tick and The Simpsons. Obviously, she has earned a first class trip to the beach when she arrives at SJO International in the 300D Lang.

"I am going to show you where I am right now. I am at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California. That is where they have football games and they have the Rose Bowl on New Year's Day. Well, they also play soccer. Which is what the whole rest of the world calls football. But the United States calls it soccer. Ha ha." The video added an additional bonus location shoot for her fans.

"Well, I hope you have 24 more wonderful years of classic classiness. " Kimmy continues to make people smile with her roles in such films as Disney's Beauty and the Beast (1991), Speed 2: Cruise Control (1997) and Stuart Little (1999).

"And thank you Richard, the best boss, for making it nice for your employees. I know what it is like to work in an office all day long." Kimmy Robertson began her career as a ballet dancer but her distinctive sense of humor and quirky style brought her to the attention of an agent who happened to worked in the same office as her ballet company. Both she and Richard were able to climb the ladder in our respective fields after paying our dues in an office.

"A pinball machine makes all of the difference in the world." The call center has the largest private American pinball collection in Central America. All games are set for unlimited free play for our guests and employees.

The video winds down with farewell that cannot be matched.

"Lots of love from Lucy "(blows a kiss)

"Lots of love from Kimmy. "(blows a kiss)

"Best to you all."

The entire staff at COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER appreciates the time and effort in making this video. Pura Vida Kimmy.



Tuesday, April 28, 2020

BUD BUNDY from MARRIED WITH CHILDREN wants a ride in the 300D Lang to CO...

The cool video starts off in classic fashion, "Hey. What up y'all?"

"This is for the COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER Bud Bundy fans." David Anthony Faustino is an American actor and rapper.

"Yes, this is me. Tis' I Bud Bundy.Also know as my real name, David Faustino.But that's not what is important right now." Besides his large range of work on TV and film, he became an instant legend with his character that represented generation X in style. David Faustino is currently the host of Old Scratch Radio Sundays on Skee 24/7 on Dash Radio.

"What is more import is that the Grand Master, The Grand Mastered, The cross dresser. Yes, it is I."Bud was your typical girl crazy teenage boy. Desperate for any female contact, and we do mean contact. The problem was twofold; being as shallow as he was he didn't care about their personality, and they didn't like his to begin with. This led him to inventing several false identities to cover up his shortcomings. Other notable nicknames: Ghostbuster B, Mixmaster B, Grandma B, Grand Marshall B,Bed Wetter B, Court Jester B, Bushwhacker, Burgermeister, Buckminster, Grand Flasher, Dustbuster.Grasshopper, Gas Passer,Bass Hefter,Grandfather B,Cross-dresser B,Grandpappy B,Bellringer B,Grand Bastard,Thumb Sucker B,Grandmaster One,Butt-wagger B,Grandmaster Virgin,Thighmaster,Grinchmaster B and Abdominizer B.

"I heard a rumor that you celebrated your twelfth anniversary in business. It is amazing! (with a self made crowd cheer)."  In 1987, he landed a full-time gig on Married... with Children, which was his big break. He played Bud in 259 episodes, from April 5, 1987, until the season finale on June 9, 1997. Nothing like a decade to establish a solid track record of business for investors and potential clients.

"Congratulations, Congratulations."  Thank you David. He can understand and appreciate a solid run in a competitive BPO industry as he has in Hollywood where the odds are long and the rewards are high. We appreciate his acknowledgement of our hard work and determination. Bud is, however, very intelligent, and was the only one in the family to go to college. So it is possible that Bud would be able to make something of his life. 

"I can't wait to come and check it out at some point." There is an open invitation for a man that knows how to enjoy life. The land of Pura Vida awaits you.

"I hear you got that classic art deco building and your little neon marquees." Naturally,a positive work environment can enhance the performance of a telemarketer as well as an A lister tv star. CCC ensures that we give our BPO agents the best in office perks and company game room options. One of the many reason CCC has lasted over a decade in business.

"Your jukebox arcade and pinball machines." Our outsourced contact center has the best retro arcade game room in Central America. A gamification culture was created while all machines are set for free play.

"And the 50's cafe. That food better be good. That is all I gotta say." Barrio Aranjuez offers a double cheeseburger that can match our North American diners.

"And a vintage Mercedes Limousine. What?!? Do I get a ride in that thing?" All VIP guests of Richard Blank and his call center are personally met at SJO in our classic 300D Mercedes Lang. We make sure that everyone travels to the beach in style and comfort.

"Anyway man, congrats on 12 years everybody."  Faustino appeared with the cast of Married... with Children again at the 7th Annual TV Land Awards in 2009, presented by Dr. Phil. Anyone that can celebrate an anniversary related to a luxury trade can rightfully raise their glass high and smile for their good fortune. 

During the 2020 Corona pandemic, empathy can be felt and seen internationally. David makes sure to let his fans know he cares about them and we appreciate the sincere concern, "A shout out from Los Angeles. Hope you guys are staying safe there in Costa Rica."

The video winds down with one final thought from Bud, "Lot's of love to you guys and keep up the good work.

With one final bit of encouragement, the video concludes with a, "Woo Bundy everybody! Peace!"

The entire staff at COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER appreciates the time and effort in making this Cameo Video. Thank you David and Pura Vida.


Sunday, April 26, 2020

Monty Python star, John Cleese is open to debate if COSTA RICA'S CALL CE...

The international actor, voice actor, comedian, screenwriter, and producer begins his shout out in proper British fashion,  "Hello. This is John Cleese. Or at least, it used to be before I died. I think I am dead now."

"I am very very old. There is very little difference at a certain point between being eighty and being dead."

In the late 1960s, John Marwood Cleese co-founded Monty Python, the comedy troupe responsible for the sketch show Monty Python's Flying Circus. Per good fortune, his amazing range of work will be enjoyed for many generations to come. The realistic outlook on age makes this generous appearance even more special. Mr. Cleese's time is very valuable.

"I still seem to be able to do short videos. short ones." Emerging from the Cambridge Footlights in the 1960s, Cleese specialises in satire, black comedy, sketch comedy and surreal humour. He became an instant legend at home and around the world.

The entertaining video continues with an acknoledgment of his loyal following in Central America, "And so. I am doing this for COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER fans." It was as a performer on The Frost Report that Cleese achieved his breakthrough on British television as a comedy actor, appearing as the tall, upper class patrician figure in the classic "Class" sketch. His unique talent was way ahead of his time and the tv audience knew it. 

The message takes a funny approach towards the executive of the contact center when he firmly states, "And it has been booked, set up  by Richard. Who, claims to be the best boss. So, you be the better judge of that. But, that's what Richard thinks!" In a 2005 poll of comedians and comedy insiders, The Comedians' Comedian, Cleese was voted second to Peter Cook. That, can be up for debate as well.

"And now, he wants a funny shout out from the best in the UK." Naturally, any telemarketer would love to have Mr. Cleese take a moment for some fun and laughter. Monty Python's Flying Circus ran for four seasons from October 1969 to December 1974 on BBC Television, though Cleese quit the show after the third. Cleese's two primary characterisations were as a sophisticated and a stressed-out loony. Many BPO agents can easily relate.

"You celebrated your 12th year recently." Cleese (and the other members of Python) have contributed their services to charitable endeavours and causes—sometimes as an ensemble, at other times as individuals. Their humour often involved ordinary people in ordinary situations behaving absurdly for no obvious reason. A solid run in film and TV takes dedication, structure and discipline. Mr. Cleese can understand the long road CCC has traveled to last in the cmpetitive nearshore BPO industry.

"I dont know what you do. You are a call center.Are you?"  It can be a challenge to keep a consistant rhythm and be able to produce a top quality service and product. CCC has maintained our character, excellence and tradition to ensure the best customer support for our clients as Mr. Cleese felt the same needed for his audience. Though Flying Circus lasted four series, by the start of series 3, Cleese was growing tired. He felt, too, that the show's scripts had declined in quality.

"Anyway, you celebrated your twelth year anniversary and I want to mention your classic art deco building."From 1970 to 1973, Cleese served as rector of the University of St Andrews His election proved a milestone for the university, revolutionising and modernising the post. We are confident that a majestic building can encourage creativity, morale and a special spirit to become a better performer.

Naturally, an artist needs a work life balance. Our call center has the best employee perks and the coolest office game room. Mr. Cleese could help but to mention our special office culture, "neon marquees,your jukebox arcade and 11 pinball machines.

"Your 70's ..No, 50's cafe" Regardless of the era, Barrio Aranjuez offers a real American Cheesburger. Yet, in December 1977, Cleese appeared as a guest star on The Muppet Show. Ranked one of the best guest stars to appear on the show, Cleese was a fan of The Muppet Show and co-wrote much of the episode.

"and a vintage mercedes limousine for VIP guests." Cleese appearing at the 61st Academy Awards in March 1989 and can undertand how to arrive in style. All outsourcing clients are personally greeted at SJO and given a star's treatment with our classic 300D Lang.

Since Mr. Cleese is a grade A actor, he never missed a beat with the details of the video script, "And I mentioned all those..."

"I have called Richard the very best. Though I said that is really a matter for debate. I think it is a fair way to put it."The owner of CCC appreciates his open minded attitude and will live up to his expetations. In 1999, Cleese appeared in the James Bond film, The World Is Not Enough as Q's assistant, referred to by Bond as "R". In 2002, when Cleese reprised his role in Die Another Day, the character was promoted, making Cleese the new quartermaster (Q) of MI6. That shows how far he has come in Hollywood to be promoted in a Bond film.

The video begins to wind down with a decades old question that has yet to be solved. "And I would love to know what the fuck is it that you guys do?" In his Alimony Tour Cleese explained the origin of his fondness for black humour, the only thing that he inherited from his mother.

Upon conclusion, Mr. Cleese decided to make a few funny faces and pop noises.

Then a bit of literture, "I will finish with a poem, I have a pet posseum. It's totally aweome."

He ends the message with one final statement. "Thank you and good night."

The entire staff at COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER ppreciates the time and effort in making this video. Thank you Mr. Cleese.


Saturday, April 25, 2020

G LOVE wants a cold beverage at COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER

G LOVE wants a cold beverage at COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER.

The classic cameo begins with a small sample of one of G LOVE's famous tunes:


Could I get a cold beverage?

I need some leverage

It's sweaty outside

Some lemonade would be nice.

The video continues with a very warm welcome from the music legend, "Yo! What's up? It's your boy G LOVE."  Dutton, the son of a banking lawyer, was born in the Society Hill neighborhood of Philadelphia, and began playing guitar at age eight.

"Giving a special shout out 12th anniversary to the Costa Rica's Call Center." G LOVE wrote his first song by the time he was in the ninth grade and began playing harmonica in a wire rack. He clearly understand a solid run and long term endurance is the model for success. Later in 93 G. Love and Special Sauce (as the trio was now called) signed a record deal and released their first album in 1994.

"Please come check out their amazing art deco building" G LOVE does have taste and style. Naturally, he would gravitate towards a classic building.The "G" stands for Garrett as said in many radio interviews. He said in an interview that the "Love" was just there because it sounded right.

"neon marquees, jukebox arcade, 11 pinball machines and 50's cafe" As his live shows are high in energy, so is CCC when creating a happy environment for the telemarketers.

"And, the vintage 300D Mercedes Benzo limousine for the guests." When our clients show up at SJO International airport, they are given the frst class treatment the moment they arrive in Central America's paradise of Costa Rica.

"Yo. Have fun. Pura Vida." Dutton, who attended high school at the private Germantown Friends School, began playing solo on the streets of Philadelphia. He has been having fun for a lomg time and sharing his music with the world.

The shout out winds down with some final words of wisdon, "This G LOve, giving you the big what's up."

The famous musician jumps back into his favorite tune once again:


Could I get a cold beverage?

I need some leverage

It's sweaty outside

Some lemonade would be nice.

I like cold beverage, Uh huh.