Thursday, January 16, 2020

Ben C shows off his Spanish skills for COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER bilingu...

Ben C. shows off his Spanish skills for COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER.

The video begins with the Chief Kimball evangelist on the data team at Cameo.

Enclosed is a dose of Spanglish for your enjoyment:

"Hola Costa Rica's Call Center. Me llamo Benjamin.El Jefe, Richard, "The boss" preguntame a decir a tu congradulaciones por 12 anos in the business. Lo siento. Mi Espanol no es muy bueno. Yo estudio en many anos del pasado."

The video revert back into English while Ben offers an offshore call center well wishes, "So, ah, Richard wanted to say congratulations to you for 12 years."

Ben continues to show how a business leader properly functions with the staff, "He loves you guys and couldn't do it without you."

"He loves your space. The art deco building." states the Illinois Institute of Technology alumni.

"He says you guys have some cool neon marquees." Naturally, Ben can appreciate how a stylish work environment can improve telemarketing calls.

"A jukebox, pinball machine and 50's cafe." Since graduating from DePaul University, Ben knows that a solid work life balance can create a positive work environment and reduce attrition.

"Some vintage cars for your VIP guests." Our BPO clients receive a first class treatment as we recollect them in a Mercedes Limousine as they arrive at SJO International airport.

"Maybe if I get down to Costa Rica again, I was there a long time ago. I absolutely loved it and had many casados." From Indiana Unuversity Bloomington to the sunny beaches of the land of Pura Vida, Ben has experienced the best Central America has to offer. 

"Maybe I can be one of those guests." If Ben can make it down south one more time, it would be our pleasure to entertain he and his friends.

The video ends with one final statement, "Again, congratulations."