Monday, December 23, 2019

Dom Scandinaro takes the time to celebrate a 12th year COSTA RICA'S CALL...

The video begins with a solid greeting from a Senior software engineer. "Hey COSTA RICA"S CALL CENTER. This is DOM from Cameo"

"Just wanted to give you guys a quick shout out for making it 12 great years" The Technologist & Leader out of Chicago knows how impressive a solid business run can make the mark in the outsourcing industry.

"Richard booked this to congratulate you on 12 years of business. That's pretty fucking awesome" Words have been spoken from a quick witted engineering leader with a BS focused in Computer Science from Wheeling Jesuit University class of 2007. Dom can relate to the CEO of CCC by mentioning Richard Bank's personal involvement and keen interest in every telemarketing staff member for their BPO career growth.

"I just wanted to say congrats on the classic art deco building and neon marquees" The AWS Certified Developer & Solutions Architect - Associate shows his classic taste and style when commenting on the jewel of Barrio Aranjuez's image. A typical call center does not have to look like a boiler room in order to be effective. A pleasant work environment can cause an action with the phone calls which can lead to a very positive reaction with our clients.

"Juke box arcade and 11 pinball machines with a 50's cafe" Besides offering the finest Cheeseburgers and shakes in the country, CCC offers the best in a company gamification structure. All machines are on free play and expected to be used in excess during breaks and free time.

"A vintage Mercedes Benz limousine for VIP guests. I mean, that is pretty awesome" Our call center takes strides to ensure that our clients arrive in style from SJO. Maneuvering the streets of San Jose can be much more enjoyable when traveling in luxury and comfort.

"Congrats guys. Let's make it another 12 years. Bye." The presentation concludes with Dom wishing us well. A final wave goodbye signals the end of his positive shout out.