Tuesday, February 11, 2020

A very special Mother's approval for COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER

A very special Mother's approval for COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER

The mother of Cameo's CEO, Steven Galanis, starts off the video by saying," Congratulations to the Costa Rican Call Center on 12 years."

Nothing is better than when you make your mother proud. Not only did she raise a successful son, but can share some excitement for another businessman that makes their family smile when she mentions, "That is awesome".

It is important to have taste and style. That is why Mrs. Galanis admires our contact center style when she comments, "Your art deco building and neon signs.The 11 jukeboxes."

"The vintage Mercedes for VIPs" Naturally, a fine woman should expect to be picked up at SJO in luxury.

"That is all so cool." The fact that Mrs. Galanis can clearly see how we match the same positive morale as Cameo HQ makes us feel accomplished and even more motivated.

The video ends with some very well wishes from an amazing lady,"I wish you guys many many more years of success. Congratulations"

The entire staff at CCC appreciates the time, effort and positive energy from Mrs. Galanis. We look forward to watching your son continue to grow a very large and successful business that will be an example for other to follow.