Monday, February 10, 2020

Nick Diaz gives us a 360 tour of Cameo HQ in celebration of an offshore ...

Nick Diaz gives us a 360 tour of Cameo HQ in celebration of an offshore BPO metric.                                                                                                                                                                                 "Hello COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER" The video begins with one of the best Full Stack Software Engineers reaching out to a BPO offshore telesales team.

"Congratulations guys on 12 years in business. That's a lot of years. More than most" The Software engineer at Cameo can understand how a solid foundation and focus to small details can assist in a long term plan. Obviously Nick was hired at HQ for his acute intelligence and ability to grow an organization that has limitless potential.

"I hear you have a fantastic art deco building.Neon marquees A jukebox arcade." An alumni of Worcester Polytechnic Institute class 2017 knew how enjoy a few moments of leisure in between studying and tough exams. Naturally a work life balance is essential for professional growth.

" 11 pinball machines. You need one more to match your years in business." Since obtaining a Bachelor’s DegreeField Of Study Computer Science, a gamification environment go hand in hand for a fun career and office perks.

All special guests that visit SJO must be taken for a ride in style. Nick mentions our unique form of transportation, "And then, a 50's cafe and a vintage Mercedes Limousine for VIP guests". Only the best for our bilingual telemarketers.

" I don't know how you have so many things. But it is fantastic". We appreciate the fact that a senior executive took notice of our positive office environment and high employee morale nearshore services.

"Congratulations. Here is to another 12 years."CCC intends to be the best quality offshore call center in Central America.

The video ends with a positive reminder for the staff,"Costa Rica's Call center. Keep doing what you are doing. It is working" Nick sure knows how to be good at coding. Yet, is useless at UFC fighting.

COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER