Thursday, December 3, 2020

William Harris makes a huge recovery for Costa Rica's Call Center fans

William Harris makes a huge recovery for Costa Rica's Call Center fans. The video begins with a huge compliment for any business owner, "Hey, this was booked by Richard, the best boss." William is the Principal Product Manager at Cameo and is the man! The Pandemic of 2020 has changed many lives. William took a moment to share his personal struggles, "Look Richard. I am so sorry it took me a little while to send this cameo. I was so sick last week for like six days straight. Fever, like terrible sore throat. I was very very scared that I had Covid. Fortunately, I don't think I do while I am getting my test results back. It has been a really hard couple of days and unfortunately, I was not doing cameos when I was sick. I am so sorry" No apology needed. We are very happy that you are getting better and touching base with your network of friends. "I hope this not too late to celebrate the anniversary of the Tico staff." Our bilingual BPO agents appreciate the personal shout out. The offshore telemarketing industry is very competitive with the growth of virtual assistance. "I heard that you all have celebrated your 12 year anniversary in business. Holy crap! Costa Rica's Call center Ticos. 12 years in business, congratulations. That is very exciting." As a proud alumni of University of California, Berkeley class of 2010, he can appreciate hard work and dedication in order to have success in s telemarketing business. "So, I hear that you all have some really cool places to work down there in Costa Rica. You got an art deco building. Which is one of y favorite art styles. I am in a mid century house, but art deco is one of my all time absolute favorites. art deco building you have neon marquees. " Back in 2009 when William attended Université Paris-Sorbonne, he had many opportunities to enjoy the structures that captured history and the style of the era. Our 3 floor call centre on the corner of 23rd street and 11th avenue enriches Barrio Aranjuez. "You got a jukebox arcade and american pinball machines." Our gamification work culture has created an amazing bonding medium to reduce attrition and increase employee satisfaction. CCC boasts the largest collection of free play American Flipper pinball in Central America BPO. "You have a 1984 Mercedes Limo for your VIPS." Our staff will personally meet our guests at SJO for a memory of comfort and luxury. Our vintage Lang will give you a trip to the beach in just a few hours. William knows how important the treatment of clients can be when giving them a first class experience. "Holy cow, this sounds like such an awesome place to work. Sounds amazing. Look, I have been to Costa Rica one time in my life. I was much much younger and I have lived that pura vida spirit ever since I left. Thank you Costa Rica for being just one of the most lovely and beautiful places I have ever been. I can't say more about how wonderful it is down there. Look, Tico staff, 12 of being in business. Incredible and congratulations." Costa Rica has a very educated labor force that has the highest marks in tourism. Those skills enable all nearshore telemarketers a very large advantage when making outbound calls. "Sounds like you have the best boss ever, Richard. Giving you all these amazing perks." The owner of CCC makes sure that all new agents get at least 2 hours of soft skills training with the boss. Our telemarketing training has influenced more than 10,000 Ticos over the years. We appreciate the fact that you know what it takes to be a good leader and successful owner of an organization. The video takes a very interesting turn regarding fantasy and adventure when William states, "American pinball machine and Mercedes. Holy Crap! If you are part of the staff, you all need to break in late at night, into that art deco building. Steal those keys. You need to go on a hot ride around whatever town you are in. Bump that music. Get some volume. Put it on like full blast. Drive up and down the road. Live that Pura Vida life. That is what I would do. Don't do that...Don't do it. You will get in trouble with Richard." All they have to do is ask to receive a fun ride in the Limo. If they hit their telemarketing metrics, they can have a smooth ride to celebrate. In conclusion, William ends the shout out with some final positive thoughts, "Anyway, happy anniversary guys. The Ticos are crushing it. 12 years. Bye." The entire staff at COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER appreciates the time and effort in making this Cameo. Pura Vida William. COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER FAN PAGE: www.COSTARICASCALLCENTER.COM