Friday, January 27, 2012


Costa Rica's Call Center can provide a bilingual nearshore recruiting department for your BPO campaign which can manage incoming calls, filter applicants through interviews and creative web design for your advertising. Our customer service agents can assist you in developing a bilingual hiring pool for the fast growing Latin American market. Your entire call center recruiting campaign will yield hundreds of resumes that require an immediate courtesy phone call or email prior to another company having an opportunity to employ the high-quality prospect. A poorly planned telemarketing recruiting campaign can be a misuse of your company's time, resources, and psychological energy. Let our Central American call center increase the probability of hiring a good applicant by being in contact with them first.

Our BPO bilingual scriptwriting team can prepare a detailed questionnaire for you. At Costa Rica's Call Center, we focus on extra questions pertaining to interpersonal communication scenarios and conflict management situations to uncover the finest candidate for the job. Our competitive advantage for you will be a developed pre-qualified applicant pool before your company fills a position. We can develop solid relationships with potential candidates long before you require them. Your task is to make the final selection of the elite. Costa Rica's Call Center can outsource your recruiting; interviewing and hiring practices thereby offering you highly eligible candidates as a result.

Using call center telemarketing services is usually the first contact an outsourcing company will have with a prospect or client, and it is important that the company retain control over this function. Outsourcing your lead generation process has been shown to save money, time and open new prospects in the emerging Latino market via bilingual call center telemarketers.

In the 21st century, many companies are thinking outside of traditional means of business while aggressively looking to get the best price and the best performance for their dollar such as outsourcing jobs to LATIN AMERICA’s Call Center. As companies decide to outsource call center telemarketing services, it is very important to have a call center comply with your set company policies and procedures. A competent call center will make sure to utilize these steps before deciding to hire a single bilingual call center agent.

Call center telemarketing services is a method of direct marketing in which a bilingual call center agent solicits to prospective customers to buy products or services. Many call centers use predictive dialers to enhance a telemarketing campaign through recorded sales pitches programmed to be played over the phone. Potential clients will choose an option and will be connected to a live bilingual call center agent to further assist the client. Many times, call center telemarketing services is a process that often involves two or more calls. The first outbound or inbound call should determine the level of the customer’s needs or interests. The final outbound or inbound call is intended to motivate the customer to make a purchase or some sort of commitment to the company. The strict qualification process is implemented to classify which customers are most likely to purchase the product or service and those that should be taken off a calling list.

LATIN AMERICA’s Call Center prides itself by offering highly trained telemarketers that can comply with any outbound campaign procedures. Cold calling is often very rewarding and easy for a LATIN AMERICA’s Call Center bilingual telemarketing agent. With an effective script and proper telemarketing training, the call center agent is often welcomed, interacts in a proactive conversation and experiences a lower rate of rejection than other call center telemarketers that are not as properly prepared.

At LATIN AMERICA’s Call Center our executive script writing team seeks to uncover and develop techniques to lower the rate of rejection and convert more calls into clients. Those who are well trained by our call center experts know that their approach needs to be perfected in order to probe discovery while trying to uncover whether a suspected prospect is interested and therefore a qualified prospect. Advanced rhetoric is used to build trust and uncover the reality of whether there is a solid match between the potential client and product or services our call center client’s offer. The outsourcing company must be able to provide the LATIN AMERICAn call center a high quality, up-to-date and scrubbed database consisting of qualified prospects that will have a strong interest in the product or service being sold.