Thursday, June 20, 2019

"10 years is really hard to do. Long way... That has to be a long journey."

Senior Growth Product Manager Cameo , Eric Metelka gives a swanky shout out to COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER.

The personal video begins in a very cool, yet humble way, "Hey this is Eric. I wanted to give a special shout out to the staff at COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER. "

Being a digital marketing teacher, Eric can clearly understand how proper preparation can lead to a long term goal, "You just celebrated your tenth anniversary. "

He backs up the excitement by mentioning the sheer reality of hitting a milestone, "Your ten year anniversary of being in business. That is amazing."

Since his graduation from Columbia Business School, Eric has advanced knowledge on how important aesthetics can be for a business image. He talks about our own company HQ,  " I hear you have a cool art deco building and neon marquees"

Since work and life can be balanced, Eric follows up his past time interests by expanding on his own personal old school gaming experiences, "A retro arcade? Probably some good games in there right? Centipede? Other ones, original Mario Brothers? Kinda Donkey Kong? That sounds really cool"

Keeping a sharp mind is essential, that is why Eric also mentions the Pinball machines and 50's cafe of our call center. Both are used to recharge all of the staff's batteries and pump their confidence levels to the max everyday on the phone.

Transportation is key for closing deals and ensuring that your VIP can come and go in style. Eric shows his passion for a cool ride when he says, "a classic Mercedes Limo for guests. That's swanky. That sounds really awesome."

The video comes to a conclusion with some final words of encouragement, "Congratulations on your ten year anniversary of being in business. Hope you have a great tenth year"

The entire staff at CCC appreciates the time and effort in making this presentation. We hope that you can come and visit Costa Rica one day. PURA VIDA ERIC