Friday, June 14, 2019

"I know you guys have a ton of really cool stuff going on with your building"

Cameo Talent Partnerships Manager, Olivia Teteris gives a cool cat shout out to Costa Rica's Call Center.

"Hey you guys, it is Olivia with the Cameo Team. This message is for Costa Rica's Call Center" is how the excited video presentation begins.

The fact that Olivia knows the importance of business relationships, she can clearly relate to our long term partnerships as well, "So you guys, I wanted to say congratulations on 10 years in business.That is unreal. That is a huge huge accomplishment"

Adding another compliment, Olivia streeses the importance of a happy work place environment to ensure that the talent's morale is high, "You got all the different neon signs, 50's cafe, retro arcade with pinball machines and all of that fun stuff"

Since Cameo is growing like crazy, Olivia realizes that traveling from a to b can be just as important as the final destination. She remarks, "You cannot forget about the classic Mercedes Limousine for guests which is so unreal"

The video comes to an end with some very positive words, "so you guys, congratulations on 10 years and many more to come"

The entire staff at CCC appreciates the time and effort in making this presentation. We hope that you can come and visit Costa Rica one day. PURA VIDA OLIVIA