Thursday, June 13, 2019

“I guess you can say that the sun is your business since it has been shining for ten beautiful years.”

Cameo’s Talent Partnerships Manager, Chris Gibb illuminates  Costa Rica’s Call Center.

The bright video begins with an upbeat Cameo executive, “Costa Rica’s Call Center. It is Chris from Cameo. The shout out takes a natural turn as Chris adjusts himself for a better angle, “Just wanted to give you a quick little shout out as the sun is currently blinding my eye”

Naturally, anyone involved in acquiring talent and maintaining a professional partnership can comprehend any long term business goal. Chris shows his positive outlook on life when he sees a stable business continuing after a decade milestone. He mentions our organizations ability to endure years in the call center industry, “it is going to shine for 100 beautiful more or if more if Richard and Grace want to keep it going”

Chris shows his slick style and comfortable persona. He mentions the details of CCC, “Your building is super cool. You got the art deco, neon marquees, retro pinball machines and 50’s café. “

In addition, the talent expert has to share his love for riding in style and comfort, “And of course, you cannot forget the classic Mercedes Limo for all of the guests”

The video ends with a few words of wisdom, “all the best and congrats on 10 years”

The entire staff at CCC appreciates the time and effort in making this video. We hope that you can come and visit Costa Rica one day. PURA VIDA CHRIS