Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Actor CRAZY E gives a patriotic Memorial Day shout out to COSTA RICA'S C...

"I heard you guys got an amazing spot over there, man!"

Actor CRAZY E gives a patriotic Memorial Day shout out to COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER

The famous Internet sensation, Emerson Bernardes aka: CRAZY E knows a solid location when it crosses his path. His keen sense of style picked up the sharp details of CCC. He Admires the art deco building and neon marquees. He also enjoys the idea of retro pinball machines "mistakenly referred to as "paintball" amongst the excitement. The 1950's cafe was mentioned. In addition, he loves the classic Mercedes Limousine for our special guests.

"You guys are so lucky to work for a great company." was the acknowledgement given by a professional who can relate to a positive working environment for his own creativity.

"I hope that you are thankful and I hope that you are doing a good job and keep working". Since the labor market is very competitive and the jobs require more skills, CRAZY E shows his humble side when expressing gratitude for work and employment stability. His quote should motivate the labor pool into showing loyalty towards a company that has faith and invests resources in their staff's future.

The charismatic speaker gives a strong message for an important day ,"Enjoy your memorial day weekend and a special shout out to Costa Rica's Call Center". 

Finally, CRAZY E ends the presentation with some final words of wisdom, "Keep doing the good job guys and take care"

He gives a sly wink and a peace out sign as the video ends...