Tuesday, May 21, 2019

MBA Intern @ Cameo Paul Mickan encorages Costa Rica's Call Center to las...

"When am I invited? I want to come down. It sounds like an amazing place to work"

MBA Intern @ Cameo Paul Mickan encourages Costa Rica's Call Center to last 100 years.

Cameo continues to hire the best internal talent staff with another positive shout out to their fans, "What's up CCC. Paul from Cameo. How y'all doing?"

The Masters in Business professional made sure to give a shared compliment to a very successful business owner, "Grace Borbon wanted me to reach out , give you a special shout out from me. Grace is proud of you and I am proud of you."

Paul has big plans regarding his own career and is on his way by relating to a business milestone,"I know it's a big day. Celebrating your 10th year anniversary in business. That is absolutely amazing!"

As an MBA scholar, his acute due diligence gave him an intimate knowledge of our cool art deco building and neon marquees. Paul showed his good taste by mentioning our 50's cafe and the special classic Mercedes Limousine for our guests.

The professional video ends with some very good words or wisdom, Paul wanted to send us off by saying, "congratulations, you earned it. Do some celebrating and have a great next ten years. Hopefully, another hundred..." Advise well taken.

Thank you Paul. The entire staff at CCC really appreciates the hard work and time you have invested in growing Cameo. 

Pura Vida.