Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Crimson Tide WR #36 Mac Hereford gives a shout out to COSTA RICA'S CALL ...

got it going on. When am I getting the invite?"

Mac Hereford #36 wide receiver for the University of Alabama gives a
winning shout out to COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER.

"Wanted to give a shout out to y'all, the staff. I heard y'all just
celebrated your 10th year in business." said the varsity high school
starter at Woodberry whom was a walk on for Crimson Tide as a tight

As a proven division 1 college athlete, CCC could not be happier to receive
a personal message from one of the best and competitive football programs in
the country. Mac starts the video with a very relaxed and confident tone when
he says, "What's up? It's your boy Mac Hereford here. #36 wide receiver
for the University of Alabama!"

Adding to another compliment, Mac acknowledges how hard work and endurance
leads to success by quoting, "10 years...Let's go! That's a long time.
Good stuff right there!"

Taking the time to research his fans, #36 refers to our business model by
his own keen observation, "Heard your business is booming and your doing

As hard as Mac works on and off the field, he knows a good time when
presented. The Alabama football star notices our amazing employee game room
and mentions the following, "retro pinball machines. Like, come on? You
all are killing the game!"

Finally, CCC knows the commitment given to be the best. The entire staff
appreciates the time and effort given from Mac and can respect his physical
limits . The final statement clearly shows how tough the young man is
mentally and physically when he shares his final thoughts, " I am
exhausted. 5AM flying today and cannot even think. look, want to say peace
out and ROLL TIDE!"

Thank you Mac and know that CCC will cheer you on during your live games. Pura Vida.