Thursday, May 23, 2019


Cameo Head of Design, MIKE KIM gives a dope shout out to COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER.

"YEA BABY! ALRIGHT" is exactly how Mike Kim fires up up his team at the Cameo HQ in this exciting video. To our pleasure, we did we get a special VIP glimpse of the great working environment and bright office space. Most importantly, a chance to see a few of their amazing and dedicated staff members hard at work growing the company in real time.

Mike has the professional experience and knowledge to know a business milestone when it presents itself, "From all of us here at Cameo, we love that you have made it to 10 years. It is an amazing achievement." What a compliment from a business executive that has made a huge splash in social media and will continue to expand any organization he aligns himself.

"You know, I looked up you guys on Google. You guys look super legit. 4 stars!" Since due diligence is a trademark of a marketing and design expert, Mike took the time to carefully learn about CCC and our solid reputation before making his high energy production. 

Good taste and style accompany Mike as he displays his love and admiration of the art deco building and neon marquees of CCC. In addition, he shows his old school retro gaming side by stating, "Amazing arcade you guys have set up. So dope!"

Unfortunately, Mike did not have the pleasure to view any pictures of "Daisy", the 300D MERCEDES LIMOUSINE as of yet . "I didn't see a picture of the Mercedes Limousine. But I am sure it is BOMB too." Don't worry MIKE, when you visit Costa Rica, we will have the smooth ride waiting for you at SJO for your Central America travels VIP style. 

As a proven leader with a solid track record, Mike knows how to keep his fans motivated and their morale high. He continues his gusto by speaking to our entire CCC staff with abundant empathy, "Anyway guys...ten years man...I am super proud of you all. Keep up the awesome work".

"And who knows, maybe we will use you guys as a call center one day too." WOW! An unexpected goal was presented by Mike. Yes, we do accept the challenge and will strive to earn your trust and business in the near future. Water seeks its own level.

Thank you MIKE KIM for taking the time and effort in making a wonderfully cool shout out video. We look forward to following your successful career and hope that you can personally visit your fans in Costa Rica on day soon.

Pura vida.