Saturday, April 28, 2012


Large amounts of bonus money will always motivate employees in any department of a call center. In Costa Rica, bilingual call center jobs are high-paying, highly sought-after Central American jobs in comparison to other vocations. Most of the telemarketing jobs leaving the United States are for positions and salaries many North Americans snub. Our call center agents will make a consistent, effective contribution to the campaigns success in order to insure that their paycheck continues while ensuring long term stability for our international clients.

All of our bilingual BPO agents value success, integrity, customer service, a personal work ethic, excellence and innovation. The call center associates align those values with the organization's goals and company vision.

Our advanced call center habits are reinforced by our SMART Coaching methodology and will be instituted to ensure consistency across all call center locations. To ensure high employee morale, we implement internal promotions and cross skilling talent to guarantee a versatile and well trained customer service or telemarketing agent. A BPO team always receives initial assessments and ongoing support. We regard all candidates that work at the call center as an asset than an expendable short term hire. Naturally, an open door policy and access to all levels of leadership daily is never denied.

Our Central American call centers are run on a minimum of 22 key performance indicators along with proven BPO best practices. Topics ranging from response time, quality, cost per call, ESAT to ensure positive movement, FCR and CSAT focused for excelled customer service experiences.

Our top near shore call center management team is always observing new methods, ideas and tools in order to improve our effectiveness and ready to identify and work out a problem area in a near shore campaign. Costa Rica's Call Center is constantly implementing new and improved offshore outsourcing strategies while refining older techniques that work to improve performance and ROI.

Your dedicated bilingual agent will always have scripting practice along with telemarketing suggestions for modification and improvement. By concentrating on the Latin American agent's personal development and career growth, your company will have the best bilingual near shore call center agent within the entire BPO industry, period.

In addition, unlike other traditional offshore call centers, Costa Rica's Call Center stays focused on managing no more than a two hundred and fifty agent call center, one outsourced or outbound customer service campaign at a time in order to properly control quality, performance and positive BPO morale. Once capacity is reached at one of our call centers, another location will be created with the same nearshore BPO structure and Central American business plan in order to keep our bilingual call center results and expectations consistently higher than that of the telemarketing competition.

Outsourcing with BPO call centers in CENTRAL AMERICA has proven to offer a client increased flexibility in its resource management and reduce crucial response times to major political and financial changes. That is why many companies outsource jobs to CENTRAL AMERICAn BPO call centers every year in order to remain competitive and secure.