Saturday, April 28, 2012


The center is able to incorporate your equipment into our network or configure our server room to work with your systems. The room is always locked, has restricted access and monitored 24 hours a day.The Central American Call Center has both fiber optic and VOIP phones. The PBX is digital and we use three different telecommunication carriers to ensure a fully redundant phone service and reliability for every customer service and sales call.

Our call center provides more than ample internet bandwidth through three local providers to guarantee the highest uptime to all offshore outsourcing campaigns. To avoid any disruptions, the fiber optic dedicated connection has been placed underground and protected from all adverse weather conditions and vandalism.

For all nearshore telemarketing projects with specific growth projections, our IT support team will adjust our bandwidth capacity to fulfill your needs. Costa Rica BPO centers have the ability to dedicate 100 Megs with proper advanced notice. Our mutual goal is to always provide service The secure and reliable 87KVA Wacker backup diesel generator is capable of supplying full power to our entire call center infrastructure for as long as the outside power fails. The multiple UPSs installed at every bilingual BPO agent's work station provide the needed power until the generator starts. Telemarketing and customer service calls will not be missed or dropped since the generator starts to supply stable power within 30 seconds of a power failure. All offshore call center campaigns will continue to function without an interruption or down time.

Our entire Central American contact center is 100% secure and borders the Spanish Embassy on Paseo Colon. The agents and staff are protected 24 hours a day by multiple armed security, two dozen surveillance cameras and can be totally monitored over the internet from anywhere in the world. Costa Rica is a peaceful country and does not promote violence. Yet, a large investment in technical infrastructure and six figure BPO outsourcing contracts must be protected and insured.

Our current inventory:

Cisco ASA 5510 w/ IPS module Cisco 3550-48 Catalyst 356048 PS Cisco IP Phone CP-7911 Dell Power Edge 2950 APC Smart-UPS Head unit APC Smart-UPS Battery Pack Cisco 2960-48TC-L Cisco Pix 515 US Robotics 56k Modem Cisco 7941 VOIP Phones Sennheiser Phone Headsets Plantronics Phone Headsets Cisco Aironet 1130AG Wireless Access Point Cisco 2950