Saturday, April 28, 2012

motivating our call center staff

What is Costa Rica’s Call Centers secret to motivation?

Large amounts of bonus money will always motivate employees in any department of a call center. In Costa Rica, bilingual call center jobs are high-paying, highly sought-after Central American jobs in comparison to other vocations. Most of the telemarketing jobs leaving the United States are for positions and salaries many North Americans snub. Our call center agents will make a consistent, effective contribution to the campaigns success in order to insure that their paycheck continues while ensuring long term stability for our international clients.

All of our bilingual BPO agents value success, integrity, customer service, a personal work ethic, excellence and innovation. The call center associates align those values with the organization's goals and company vision.

Bilingual outsourcing agents focus on creating personal long-term goals such as becoming a top telemarketing closer or a more short-term goal like mastering the customer support script and rebuttals. Contact center trainers reinforce the Latin American strong emotional state of confidence while keeping the phone interaction focused on the basics, guidelines and adherence to hit for a higher standard of telemarketing metrics.

Financial rewards, daily contests, strategic games and office parties are common for agents with positive customer feedback so that they consider the call center experience a long term career opportunity. There are many chances for upward mobility in the offshore BPO industry. Since Costa Rica’s Call Center is not a 2000 seat operation, we can give the proper individual attention needed for a faster learning curve, closer relationships with upper management and the ability to make a name for oneself in a shorter period of time.

All CCC employees have been personally trained by the CEO in soft skills, advanced English grammar and rhetoric, Anglo Saxon culture, values and expectations. We do not entrust your offshore campaign to a lower level trainer or non industry expert. We have prepared the most efficient bilingual call center agents in the offshore outsourcing industry, period. This is the secret to our high employee morale and continued success when motivating our call center staff.