Saturday, April 28, 2012


The center is able to incorporate your equipment into our network or configure our server room to work with your systems. The room is always locked, has restricted access and monitored 24 hours a day.The Central American Call Center has both fiber optic and VOIP phones. The PBX is digital and we use three different telecommunication carriers to ensure a fully redundant phone service and reliability for every customer service and sales call.

Our call center provides more than ample internet bandwidth through three local providers to guarantee the highest uptime to all offshore outsourcing campaigns. To avoid any disruptions, the fiber optic dedicated connection has been placed underground and protected from all adverse weather conditions and vandalism.

The moment we agree on your particular type of BPO outsourcing needs and the expectations from your customers, the offshore telemarketing process is put into motion. A time frame must be established by both parties for your new call center staff to reach their goals before your launch date. This will take place after our top executives consult with the nearshore customer service managers and training staff on your outsourced campaign. All opinions will be discussed with you to assist in making your final approval.

Hiring and specialized training of your Central America telemarketing team will take place immediately. Depending on the scale and complexity of your BPO campaign, training times and lengths will vary for proficiency and must be taken into consideration. This will be to your call center advantage and will work in your bilingual team's favor for maximum BPO results. Daily updates on your call center agents can be sent to you at the end of each business day for review, if requested. Normal reporting is on a three day basis.

Outsourcing organizations that perform call center outbound calls can easily prospect customers by identifying behaviors such as past purchase history, credit limit, competition entry forms, previous requests for information and application forms that can assist when making a sale or financial commitment.

LATIN AMERICA has many Call centers making outbound calls that require a qualification process to determine which customers are most likely to purchase the product or service. An effective call center solution for outbound telemarketing systems often involve motivational approaches that must be based on one of clear explanation and fulfillment for the bilingual call center agent. Call center outbound calls have the capability of uncovering whether a suspected prospect is interested and therefore a qualified prospect they can follow up on with during future outbound telemarketing calls. A proper outsourced BPO telemarketing campaign can build trust between the bilingual LATIN AMERICAN call center agent and the client, as well as determining the true intentions of the potential client and the level of interest in the product or services offered.

There are a number of ways in which call center outbound calls can be very effective during a telemarketing campaign. One telemarketing aspect is for the LATIN AMERICAN call center to use a high quality, up-to-date database consisting of qualified prospects. Another method is to utilize cold calls as a simple way to make confirmed appointments for companies that outsource to a LATIN AMERICAN call center. Many charitable organizations, political parties and alumni associations often use call center outbound call solutions when making prospect calls to solicit donations. A call center management solution uses aggressive telemarketing to complete a live survey of the prospective or past customers of a client’s business in order to analyze the satisfaction with a particular product, service, brand, or company.