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The bilingual staff has enjoyed a spike in morale, increased online labor support and a flattering local reputation in CENTRAL AMERICA as a great call center environment run by generous owners.CCC Human Resources Department was intent on a positive learning experience by combining fast momentum and a creative mind. Proving a solid ROI on a large internal expense for employee retro gaming recreation,The best team bonding activities for all companies.Improve employee satisfaction and motivation through gamification. The LATIN AMERICA millennial generation that grew up playing video games at home did not share the same pleasure and stimulation as the early retro gamers that had an arcade on every corner and local mall in the United States.

Our new video arcade room has given CCC another strong gust of wind in our sails. Costa Rica's Call Center will continue to reward our amazing staff by a pace of 1 new arcade machine per 44 new telemarketing agents hired and hitting their monthly quota.The best employee bonding activity is a video arcade game room. Company satisfaction is at a high with a cool break room.Today, CCC firmly stands behind having our call center employees experience the authentic arcade sounds, sights and real time retro competition.

The reality today is that CCC has become the only call center to have gifted their entire staff a video arcade game room to have fun, period. All agents are given the option to arrive early to play the games or they may choose to stay inside and enjoy the machines during the evening while waiting for their ride to safely take them home.EMPLOYEE APPRECIATION friendly call center environment became more pleasurable immediately which can offset a demanding telemarketing career. Any BPO boss could only imagine and wish for laughter, smiles, spirited jokes and high energy at their CENTRAL AMERICAN office on a Monday morning before shift.A smart motivational technique used for CCC BPO agents is to compete on the machines in the game room.LATIN AMERICANs have courage and can back up their swagger on the phone after dominating the video games during their scheduled breaks.

In the competitive offshore outsourcing call center arena, CCC has an advantage over the rest in CENTRAL AMERICA by creating a strategic play environment.The most important virtue is to show a solid habit of good sportsmanship regardless of the outcome of the games in the arcade.More new friendships have blossomed in the game room at CCC call center LATIN AMERICA. High end arcade video games will reinforce a call center agent's focus, mind set to win and motor skills while off of the phones during their free time.One way in which a telemarketer's confidence could be made stronger or broken down is through an arcade experience during their work day.

CCC executive staff personally challenges all business owners to incorporate an employee video arcade within their establishment and not to charge a cent.Our company's break room idea design shows that we take care of our employee's well mental state while bonding through gamification methods.Long meetings or just traditional work place activities can only produce average metric results.

Creativity in the workplace. Engage employees through an arcade game break room.The most common reaction from telemarketing agents is that they are letting off steam when off of the phone on their break time. CCC telemarketers are able to function better by structuring their break times around a more company engagement activity than checking their private email, text messaging or having a cigarette.Those companies currently operating in the outsourcing call center industry will question the distraction ratio, loss production or adverse effects towards an employee arcade in their game room. Well, the risk of a break room arcade was definitely worth the reward to CCC.

Combining fun and an effective break time has been lost in memories of youth and days long gone. Not at CCC. Team motivational bonding games and ideas.  Break room design ideas are able to use a video game during a conversation, find alternate ways to focus on work and share BPO ideas than spending time in a company conference room with a power point presentation. We ensure that all outsourced call centers know how to enjoy their time while working by telemarketing.Bottom line for employee morale, make sure your staff meetings are productive in multiple ways. When motivating today's young work force incorporate recess play.

The outsourcing millennial generation work force that grew up playing video games on a home console did not have the same stimulation as the early retro gamers that had a pacman machine on every corner and local mall in the United States. Team building game room for a happy employee.Company employee telemarketing jobs and break room video games do have something in common. CCC has brought back the 1980s free play arcade gaming at our call center.Gamification ideas for motivation will enhance performance, success, higher retention and employee satisfaction.

That is a fact in the outsourcing industry in Costa Rica. In addition to increased company loyalty and satisfaction, the attendance rate is at a relative high for industry call center standards through a top grade game room.  The implementation of the motivational ideas regarding gamification produces positive resultsCCC promotes the best employee environment.BEST BOSS BUYS VIDEO GAME ROOM FOR EMPLOYEES. Positive company break room designs can drop the standard call center attrition rate dramatically. Employees that work in telemarketing and customer service  may burn out after a period of time.  Our company has cracked the code regarding a healthy alternate than chain smoking outside during break times. Our call center executive staff have noted that once a professional telemarketer leaves the free play game room, they feel recharged and happy. From a scent perspective, the smokers do not emit an odor of tobacco that carries on the calling floor if they play a game vs. lighting up.

The employee satisfaction solution for a strong push at work is to incorporate a real retro arcade game room in Central American call centers.Company culture built around a employee game room.  Gamification for the motivated customer service staff will assist their mind and body to hit the phones and assist clients. CCC is known in Costa Rica as offering the best free play employee break room ideas. Proving a solid ROI on a large company expense for company retro arcade recreation, the call center staff has enjoyed a spike in engagement, increased online praise and a flattering local reputation in Central America as a great corporate environment run by generous owners.Morale is at an all time high when breaking the ice with new staff.The company executive Human Resources Department was intent on a motivational engagement break room by combining gamification and a top grade free play.Company employee game room requires the same amount of down time to focus and recharge.

A shiny 100 colones coin would be placed the machine's marquee to hold their place in line. Each future telemarketer of CCC was shooting for the high score on Asteroids or Pac Man and enjoyed every game played.The FREE PLAY arcade machines for CCC Central America employees is a big hit and continues to gain momentumOur CCC call center wants to bring a top rated employee break room back into a call center environment for increased employee satisfaction. Finally, happy staff can use company gamification to grow past our 440 agent limit at our current company location on Paseo Colon, San Jose.Video arcade games during the 1980s allowed anyone in Costa Rica to enjoy an authentic machine.  Every member of our company organization may have unlimited employee fun in our company video game room.