Sunday, October 25, 2015

Every member of our company organization may have unlimited employee fun in our company video game room.

In the competitive : I Like to Play Video Games Story & Experience

The reality today is that CCC has become the only call center to have gifted their entire staff a video arcade game room to have fun, period. All agents are given the option to arrive early to play the games or they may choose to stay inside and enjoy the machines during the evening while waiting for their ride to safely take them home.EMPLOYEE APPRECIATION friendly call center environment became more pleasurable immediately which can offset a demanding telemarketing career. Any BPO boss could only imagine and wish for laughter, smiles, spirited jokes and high energy at their CENTRAL AMERICAN office on a Monday morning before shift.A smart motivational technique used for CCC BPO agents is to compete on the machines in the game room.LATIN AMERICANs have courage and can back up their swagger on the phone after dominating the video games during their scheduled breaks.