Sunday, October 18, 2015

great corporate environment run by generous owners.

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The employee satisfaction solution for a strong push at work is to incorporate a real retro arcade game room in Central American call centers.Company culture built around a employee game room.  Gamification for the motivated customer service staff will assist their mind and body to hit the phones and assist clients. CCC is known in Costa Rica as offering the best free play employee break room ideas. Proving a solid ROI on a large company expense for company retro arcade recreation, the call center staff has enjoyed a spike in engagement, increased online praise and a flattering local reputation in Central America as a great corporate environment run by generous owners.Morale is at an all time high when breaking the ice with new staff.The company executive Human Resources Department was intent on a motivational engagement break room by combining gamification and a top grade free play.Company employee game room requires the same amount of down time to focus and recharge.