Sunday, October 18, 2015

plAy a game vs. lighting up.

That is a fact in the outsourcing industry in Costa Rica. In addition to increased company loyalty and satisfaction, the attendance rate is at a relative high for industry call center standards through a top grade game room.  The implementation of the motivational ideas regarding gamification produces positive resultsCCC promotes the best employee environment.BEST BOSS BUYS VIDEO GAME ROOM FOR EMPLOYEES. Positive company break room designs can drop the standard call center attrition rate dramatically. Employees that work in telemarketing and customer service  may burn out after a period of time.  Our company has cracked the code regarding a healthy alternate than chain smoking outside during break times. Our call center executive staff have noted that once a professional telemarketer leaves the free play game room, they feel recharged and happy. From a scent perspective, the smokers do not emit an odor of tobacco that carries on the calling floor if they plAy a game vs. lighting up.