Thursday, October 22, 2015

Staff engagement ideas for company game room.


Some cheap companies charge their employees to play their games for no concrete reason. Not at CCC, our games are always free for our staff. Staff engagement ideas for company game room. Free play video arcade employee fun.Free play employee gamification for all CCC agents, period. The video games in our break room are a gift to all of the hard working telemarketers in Costa Rica. Our company employee game room has a retro arcade machine collection which is now famous for being the best in LATIN AMERICA.Our growing call center operation has the space for the break room arcade and plenty of electricity to entertain over 400 telemarketing agents during their free time.The motivational advantage at our company speaks volumes and has yet to be matched in LATIN AMERICA, let alone COSTA RICA. Once the word spread online, the company employee arcade game room was packed since day 1 with our amazing staff having a great time and recharging their batteries.