Sunday, August 23, 2015


The best call center retro video arcade.
Telemarketers and customer service agents may burn out after a period of time. That is a fact. CCC has dropped the standard attrition rate dramatically. In addition, the attendance rate has remained at a relative high for industry call center standards just from the implementation of the game room.
Let off steam in a call center video game room. “All you can play” arcade machines for CCC Costa Rican call center employees.
Our rigorous bilingual telemarketing structure requires the same amount of down time focus for the agents in order to recharge the mind and body. The call center solution for a strong push on the phones is to incorporate a real retro arcade in Central America.
CCC is known in Costa Rica as offering the best employee arcade.
The international outsourcing industry has the best game room in Costa Rica.
Without question, CCC has the best gaming toys in a Latin American outsourced Telemarketing Company.
The proud owner of CCC, Richard Blank, firmly believes that the more an agent stays away from their virtual cell phone world; the more they will increase their interpersonal relationship building among other BPO employees.
Since 2007, our highly educated call center agents continue to grow as one unit by incorporating many challenging video games during scheduled breaks and lunch time.
CCC took a chance when most call centers do not utilize a common medium of arcade gaming.
The Costa Rican millennial generation that grew up playing video games at home did not share the same pleasure and stimulation as the early retro gamers that had an arcade on every corner and local mall in the United States.
CCC Human Resources Department was intent on a positive learning experience by combining fast momentum and a creative mind. Proving a solid ROI on a large internal expense for employee retro gaming recreation, the telemarketing staff has enjoyed a spike in morale, increased online labor support and a flattering local reputation in Costa Rica as a great call center environment run by generous owners.
Back in the 1980s, anyone in Costa Rica who wanted to play the real video games was on a mission to find an arcade. Once you placed your 100 colones on the game marquee to hold your place, it didn’t get any better when you had the chance to show your skills in front of dozen kids from San Jose.
Each Tico was shooting for the high score on Asteroids or Pac Man and loved every minute of it. CCC wants to bring that excitement back into a call center environment and use it to grow past our 440 agent limit at our current location on Paseo Colon.
Today, CCC firmly stands behind having our call center employees experience the authentic arcade sounds, sights and real time retro competition.
Our new video arcade room has given CCC another strong gust of wind in our sails. Costa Rica’s Call Center will continue to reward our amazing staff by a pace of 1 new arcade machine per 44 new telemarketing agents hired and hitting their monthly quota.
The employee friendly call center environment became more pleasurable immediately which can offset a demanding telemarketing career. Any BPO boss could only imagine and wish for laughter, smiles, spirited jokes and high energy at their Costa Rican office on a Monday morning before shift.
The reality today is that CCC has become the only call center to have gifted their entire staff a video arcade game room to have fun, period. All agents are given the option to arrive early to play the games or they may choose to stay inside and enjoy the machines during the evening while waiting for their ride to safely take them home.
A smart motivational technique used for CCC BPO agents is to compete on the machines in the game room.
One way in which a telemarketer’s confidence could be made stronger or broken down is through an arcade experience during their work day. Costa Ricans have courage and can back up their swagger on the phone after dominating the video games during their scheduled breaks.
In the competitive offshore outsourcing call center arena, CCC has an advantage over the rest in Costa Rica by creating a strategic play environment.
High end arcade video games will reinforce a call center agent’s focus, mind set to win and motor skills while off of the phones during their free time. The most important virtue is to show a solid habit of good sportsmanship regardless of the outcome of the games in the arcade.
More new friendships have blossomed in the game room at CCC call center Costa Rica.
Our entire staff has concluded that an immediate visual stimulation combined with a conditioned manual stimulation in gaming added a very special ingredient to our nuance at CCC.
To date, Costa Rica’s Call Center is the only BPO in Central America with a retro arcade game room, period.
The average age of our Costa Rican call center agents correspond with the virtual gaming boom. Every CCC agent that grew up mastering Nintendo has amazing skills and a strategic thought process.
Combining a bilingual telemarketer’s gaming experience to help motivate, focus and relax the work place mind set is priceless and makes perfect sense for any outsourcing company.
Everyone in Costa Rica that works at a call center possesses certain cognitive attributes to win an arcade game. Naturally, the CCC staff will harness and transfer that energy and high confidence to a telemarketing floor after a hot streak in the game room.
The new generation of online gamers has stated that they prefer the feel of an authentic arcade game machine setup: joystick, eye level monitor and properly spaced buttons. CCC wants to bring back the real unique arcade game experience to Costa Rica for all telemarketers verses a hand held controller game that is found on any standard flat screen TV in San Jose.
All video arcade games at CCC are free.
Many people in the outsourcing call center industry will question the distraction ratio, loss production or adverse effects towards an arcade game room. Well, the risk of an arcade game room was definitely worth the reward to CCC. The most common reaction from the agents is that they are “letting off steam”. CCC telemarketers are able to function better by structuring their break times around a more productive activity than checking their email, text messaging or having a cigarette.
CCC personally challenges all business owners to incorporate a video arcade within their establishment and not to charge a cent.
It is obvious that we take care of our employee’s well mental state while bonding through other mediums besides long meetings or just traditional work place activities that produce average telemarketing results.
Just like on a golf course, we are able to use a game room during a conversation, find alternate ways to focus and share BPO ideas than spending time in a board room with a projection screen.
Bottom line, make our meetings productive in multiple ways when communicating with today’s new work place demographic in call centers.
Recess play has been lost in memories of youth and days long gone. Not at CCC. We ensure that everyone knows how to enjoy their time and has fun at least once a day at our call center.
Telemarketing and video games do have something in common regarding performance and success.
A professional telemarketer’s natural ability to become in sync with their rhythm, pace, concentration, decision making and a positive attitude emerge stronger through video games. BPO agents return to the phones in motion after going into the arcade during their break.
Our call center in Costa Rica has a solution to chain smoking telemarketers. The BPO agents are smoking less at Costa Rica’s Call Center. Does this industry create stress? Yes it does. Yet, many forgo a smoke break to spend 15 minutes playing the video games to relax and increase their health. The average call center agent will smoke a minimum of 4 fewer cigarettes a day via our game room.
CCC promotes the best environment as to find a healthy alternate than chain smoking outside in between calling sessions. We have noted that once a professional telemarketer from Costa Rica leaves the game room, they feel recharged. From a scent perspective, they do not emit an odor of tobacco that carries on the calling floor.
Free play for all CCC agents, period. The games are a gift to all of the hard working telemarketers in Costa Rica. Some companies charge their employees to play their games. Our call center staff has earned their retro arcade game room which is now famous for being the best in Costa Rica.
We have the space for the arcade and plenty of electricity to entertain over 100 telemarketing agents during their free time. The recreational advantage at our call center speaks volumes and has yet to be matched in Costa Rica let alone Central America. Once the word spread, the private arcade was packed since day 1 with our amazing staff having a great time.
The arcade boom of the 1980s was represented by a quarter that would reserve your spot. At CCC, we work on an honor system and it shows since everyone is given a turn to play. Naturally, some gamers last longer than others and show an old playground dominance mentality on the arcade machines which appears to be respected in Costa Rica.
There may be a queue on our predictive dialer, but there is never a long wait to start playing arcade games at CCC COSTA RICA.
We encourage you to visit one of our call centers on your next personal vacation or business trip to Central America's paradise, Costa Rica. While you are here, we would recommend taking an extra day of your trip to visit breathtaking virgin beaches, play golf next to the ocean, try your luck at deep sea fishing, explore tropical jungles, climb volcanos or just relax in natural hot springs.
Come and see for yourself why call center outsourcing in Costa Rica is a perfect solution for your growing company and a powerhouse in the BPO industry that proudly shows off a #1 call center arcade.

Friday, February 6, 2015


Engaging customers in these modern times is vital to your business environment. is always seeking and helping its members with hints, tips and best practice ideas. We interviewed Richard Blank of Costa Rica's Call Center and asked him to share his thoughts on customer engagement. In your opinion, do you believe the customer service you get today from other companies is better or worse than it was say 5 years ago? Worse. The customer support agents have better social networking skills and less interpersonal verbal communication skills. Do you believe there is a correlation between the service you receive as a consumer and your loyalty to the supplier? Please explain your answer Good question and can be seen two ways: They may take my loyalty for granted and give less attention while placing those efforts and resources to entice new clients. Unless you have a luxury of a solid track record, you should expect that everyone receives 100% first class customer support. In your opinion, which industry sectors provide great service and which ones are poor? Please do not name individual companies just sectors. I always was biased towards cable and cell phone company customer service. It may seem that they have an inelastic market position and can play as they wish. On the other hand, I have seen banks and financial organizations go the extra mile to hold a customer's hand to ensure a positive experience. Can you recall a really good experience recently - where you were WOW'd by the service you received? Please explain in as much details as you would like. When an individual takes amazing notes and can repeat a majority of a previous conversation, they have earned my time and attention. A good chance of a sale as well. Talking about bad experiences, where do companies go wrong with the service they provide? Give examples to illustrate your response Please pronounce my name correctly. Use the military alphabet if necessary. At least try to make an effort and not just ASSUME the proper spelling. Have you noticed any differences in service from people from different cultures? Please explain. One of the simple observations revolve around their rate of speech. ESL agents must speak twice as slow as they think they should in order to produce measured tones. All have high intelligence, proper grammar and advanced vocabulary. Yet, their excitement and passion cause a "blending" of words, unnatural pauses and disrupted speech rhythm. If you had to give just 1 tip regarding the use of technology in relation to improving customer service, what would your tip be? Do not forget to use spelling and grammar check. If you had to give just 1 tip regarding staff in relation to improving customer service, what would your tip be? Have integrity and patience on every call. If you had to give just 1 tip regarding business processes in relation to improving customer service, what would your tip be? Do not forget your soft skills. Make it a habit on every call. In your opinion, how should contact centers measure the level of service they give? Please explain in detail. Can the client truthfully say that your agent ranked among the best telephone customer support experiences that they had? Were you thanked multiple times on the call? Did they ask to speak to a supervisor to praise the agent? Is your attrition rate low? Finally, do the agents SMILE while on the phone. That action alone speaks louder than words. Lastly, can you share with us one of the worst customer service experiences you have experienced recently (do not mention company names just industry type). Unfortunately, when a company has a monopoly, you have to dance to their tune. I do not approve of waiting over 20 minutes to just speak to someone. Long hold times are not acceptable and will only cause me to look for other options. How much is my business worth? Hopefully, at least those lost 20 minutes of my time.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Costa Rica's Call Center

Friday, August 15, 2014


FELIZ DIA DE MADRE COSTA RICA 2014. CCC Call Center wants to celebrate with all of our telemarketing MOMS! Have a wonderful day. PURA VIDA!


At CCC call center, we love to reward our agents with prizes, cakes and parties. Once a telemarketing goal is reached, we alwyas find ways to continue our growth and motivation. Pura Vida!

Monday, June 30, 2014


Costa Rica beats Greece in the World Cup. Ticos celebrating outside of the call center. El técnico de la Selección Nacional, Jorge Luis Pinto, utilizará ante Grecia los mismos once jugadores que actuaron en las victorias ante Uruguay e Italia en fase de grupos. El timonel colombiano, había realizado dos variantes para el juego ante Inglaterra con el ingreso de Roy Miller y Randall Brenes, sin embargo, este domingo ambos volverán a aparecer en el banquillo. La “Sele” saltará a la cancha de la Arena Pernambuco con Keylor Navas en la portería y línea de cinco defensores: Oscar Duarte, Geancarlo González, Michael Umaña, Junior Díaz y Cristian Gamboa. En labores de recuperación estarán Yeltsin Tejeda y Celso Borges, mientras que Christian Bolaños y Bryan Ruiz se encargarán de la creación de juego. El encargado del ataque en solitario será Joel Campbell. Por su parte los helénicos saldrían con Karnezis, Torosidis, Manolas, Papastathopoulos, Cholevas; Karagounis, Samaris, Maniatis, Chistodoulopoulos, Samaras y Salpingidis. El encargado de impartir justicia en este cotejo que arrancará a las 2 p. m. (hora de Costa Rica), será el australiano Benjamin Williams.