Monday, June 25, 2012

Well executed inbound phone call.

What you would personally expect to receive from a customer service representative on the phone is exactly how we are going to handle each and every one of your inbound or outbound phone calls with your clients.An outsourced bilingual customer service agent that holds empathy and patience in high regard are two skills that every hand picked call center agent posses at our Costa Rican call center. Every well executed inbound phone call ensures the best in top outsourced customer service, client retention and increased referrals resulting from the first class experience given by the Costa Rican call center agent.

A bilingual outsourced telemarketer who believes that they possess advanced communication skills are the first agents we interview when hiring for an outbound lead generation or bilingual outbound sales campaign.Call center outsourcing jobs is simple when understanding the qualifications for the ideal bilingual call center agent for your outsourced campaign. From the many years of continuous growth, call center employment is considered a stable long term career in Costa Rica. Confidence in a call center agent is just as important as their work ethics. Punctuality, honesty, accountability and results can separate a subpar outsourced call center agent in another firm to one of Costa Rica’s Call Center’s highly trained and motivated outsourced call center agents.