Wednesday, December 11, 2019


Outsourcing a Virtual Executive Assistant

Are there times when you are a slave to your mobile phone? Invest your valuable time handling immediate business instead of answering telemarketing calls that can be filtered for you and addressed at later time. During the call, we would be able to ask your predetermined questions depending on the type of client and response you desire. How many meetings have you sat through where your important client had to listen to a voicemail and wait for a call back? That alone can cool the client’s interest or put out the fire entirely. Your personal Costa Rica’s Call Center Executive Assistant will professionally answer every call and immediately send messages to you by text, email or phone depending on your preference.

Our Costa Rica’s Call Center Virtual Executive Assistants are trained to give compassion for your demanding work and increasing responsibilities. Our call center would like to relieve your stress by outsourcing all of your necessary tasks. Your own reliable and well-trained bilingual Central American virtual receptionist expects to work under pressure, time constraints and knowing the importance of limitless patience when it is crunch time. Our call center agents can handle anything from sending emails, resetting appointments and making your travel reservations. All you have to do is let us know what you need accomplished for that day and will get done.

Your personal bilingual Latin American Virtual Executive Assistant can be an important part of your BPO team by providing all of your clients a great first impression through a warm welcome. You can choose from a structured long-term format or convey daily instructions as needed. Think how much it will help you financially by organizing your telemarketing calls and being able to prioritize your communication. Every BPO Virtual Executive Assistant that you outsource will commit to the fundamental knowledge of your business in order to sound professional and to thoughtfully cater to your clients in both English and Spanish.

It is understandable that many businesses have a full time outsourced receptionist in place and may need additional help. All sizes of nearshore businesses have, at one time, missed a very important call, took too long to answer the phone or the worst-case scenario, having a client on hold for a long time until a receptionist could attend to the call. . It is a fact that the majority of people calling to inquire about a product or service will not leave a message if they encounter voicemail. How much is each client worth? Let Costa Rica’s Call Center handle your overflow of calls or receive calls for a specific project or assignment so that every client is given proper attention.


The 1958 "SUPER LA CUADRA" building was transformed into a modern 3 level call center operation in Costa Rica's famous barrio of Escalante-Carmen. Fortunately, 15 walls of original brick was preserved as well as many fond memories shared by the local residents as they stroll by the amazing structure. CCC boasts the largest collection of American pinball in Costa Rica. An impressive row of 11 classic machines on free play. A gamification call center culture was created and is the only known retro video arcade game room for employees in Latin America.

The beautiful and classic 300D Mercedes Limos join the exclusive vehicle fleet of diplomatic embassies and the era's top celebrities and social elite. Now, the crown jewel for Costa Rica's Call Center.