Wednesday, December 4, 2019

STEFAN ENRIQUEZ HEINRICH sends a Castilian Spanish greeting to COSTA RIC...

STEFAN ENRIQUEZ HEINRICH sends a Castilian Spanish greeting to COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER.

"Hola todos en Costa Rica" is how the international video shout out starts. Prior to joining Cameo, Heinrich, most recently head of marketing for short-form video app TikTok. Now, he is the CMO & GM International at Cameo,

"Me alegra mucho a enviar como mensaje a ustedes del BOSS" Stephen shows his  led TikTok’s rebranding from (after Bytedance’s 2017 acquisition) and had previously launched in Latin America as general manager. Obviously, whatever he touches turns to gold and he knows a solid outsourcing call center when it crosses his path.

"This is a special message from the Cameo team for the whole office because I know you guys are really rocking it down in Costa Rica" Stefan is the chief marketing officer and general manager of international for Cameo and making big moves. Prior to TikTok, he spent several years in executive roles at Google and YouTube, where he was responsible for several product launches, including YouTube’s first paid subscription service in the U.S. (now called YouTube Premium) and subsequent international rollout.

"I know your 12th year anniversary of business is coming up. So, congrats to that" A Wharton School class of 2016 alumni knows when a proven business model can exceed all expectations in the telemarketing industry.

"I know you guys have an amazing office" What a compliment from a man who has seen the most beautiful buildings in his home country of Spain. We strive to create the most pleasing BPO work environment with a touch of classic style that is reflected on the phone with clients.

"Art deco building is just magnificent". Any call center needs to have an impression that enhances the neighborhood in which it resides. We have one of the most fashionable buildings in Central America.

"You have neon marquees and a jukebox arcade, 11 pinball machines and a 50s cafe" Our call center has perks but cannot compare to Stefan's time at Google as their TitleProduct Manager, Public Policy (Europe) + Country Marketing Manager and their top class game room.

"A vintage Mercedes limousine for VIP guests. It's a blast" CCC is the only outsourcing call center that supplies a classic Lang when clients arrive at SJO in order to travel in comfort.

The video ends with a blast of well wishes, “Que tengo que ir a Costa Rica y visitar a todos. Entonces en hora buena otra vez y que la pasen muy bien”