Friday, December 13, 2019


Bilingual BPO Quality Assurance

It is very important for our clients to clearly understand the accuracy of call center QA and what is involved in order to achieve desired results. The exact method of QA is very meticulous and involves an abundant amount of testing, planning and customization of telemarketing reports. There is an extensive process of trial and error in order to highlight areas of phone skill improvement with the ability to enhance a BPO agent’s telemarketing or customer service potential on the phone. A proficient outsourcing call center quality assurance program must be consistent and repeatable in order to be effective.

Our Central American bilingual Quality Assurance (QA) program enhances the performance of your outsourcing campaign by implementing a structured and systematic monitoring of your call center agent’s phone skills. Costa Rica’s Call Center can provide for your analysis a detailed evaluation of the various aspects of your BPO nearshore project including: rhetoric, presentation, customer feedback and especially standard offshore call center metrics.

Costa Rica’s Call Center has the necessary BPO call monitoring equipment for a customized QA program. If your company has a QA system already in place and would like to expand the responsibility to our Latin American call center by outsourcing, it will be very easy process to configure your software to work with our IT Department’s servers and telemarketing equipment. By investing in offshore QA, you will have a stronger quality control of your dedicated bilingual call center telemarketers.

Costa Rica’s Call Center QA Department mentally prepares the telemarketing agents in the implementation of automated call recording systems and why it is an essential part of the agent’s professional call center growth. Every outsourced campaign establishes a unique mixture of concepts for quality monitoring followed by an intense training session to learn the process. In order for your employees to play an important role in quality improvement, they will be required to understand clearly the defined goals of your outsourced campaign and to be accountable for all their phone calls. As soon as the bilingual call center agent appreciates the fact that quality checking would enhance customer service and performance metrics, they can begin to play a more vital role when representing your company on the phone.


The 1958 "SUPER LA CUADRA" building was transformed into a modern 3 level call center operation in Costa Rica's famous barrio of Escalante-Carmen. Fortunately, 15 walls of original brick was preserved as well as many fond memories shared by the local residents as they stroll by the amazing structure. CCC boasts the largest collection of American pinball in Costa Rica. An impressive row of 11 classic machines on free play. A gamification call center culture was created and is the only known retro video arcade game room for employees in Latin America.

The beautiful and classic 300D Mercedes Limos join the exclusive vehicle fleet of diplomatic embassies and the era's top celebrities and social elite. Now, the crown jewel for Costa Rica's Call Center.