Monday, May 28, 2012

Daily BPO call quota.

Central American call center paradise of Costa Rica rests at a latitude of 8° and 12°N, and longitudes 82° and 86°W. A small Latin American country that borders the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. The country has a total of 800 miles of coastline. Costa Rica has 192 miles of border to the north with Nicaragua and Panama 397 miles of border to the south. Costa Rica is located between 8 and 12 degrees north of the Equator and supplies the ideal tropical climate throughout the year. The year can be split into two periods, the dry season and the rainy season. The rainy season goes from May to November and the dry season goes from December to April.

At Costa Rica's Call Center, we are convinced that making a high quality telemarketing phone call makes more logical sense than cutting a call short to make a daily BPO call quota. We train our bilingual call center team to ask an additional closing question, take the time to offer several options for a sale, avoid sidetracking and especially taking the most direct route toward the conclusion of each telemarketing interaction. A thank you for the customers time is required and made on every customer service call regardless of the outcome. Your clients will appreciate you for not sacrificing the quality of your customer support.

We clearly understand the importance of minimizing call center handling time on the phone while still offering exceptional service. A comprehensive analysis of different calls lengths will be conducted and results sent directly to you for review. Costa Rica's Call Center wants you to feel more secure knowing that your Latin America Customer Care team is under control and well supervised, so that you may focus on areas of your business that require more of your time and attention.

Call center outsourcing campaigns are a major part of the BPO bilingual outsourcing industry. CENTRAL AMERICA’s Call Center is dependent on information technology to make a call center outsourcing campaign successful.

Knowledge process outsourcing, surveys and focus group studies are some of the subsets of business process outsourcing that is becoming high in demand for the emerging Latino market in the United States. India, Eastern Europe, Philippines, Morocco, Egypt and South Africa have emerged to take a share of the call center outsourcing campaign market. Yet, these countries do not have the language base to comply with the growing Latino demographics in the United States, Central and South America. China is also trying to grow from a very small base in call center outsourcing campaigns and will become a powerhouse with the growing Asian market. However, while the BPO call center outsourcing campaign industry is expected to continue to grow in India, its market share that once dominated the offshore piece is expected to decline in the next decade.

Call center outsourcing campaigns continue to be a popular political issue in the United States. Arguments are made defending the outsourcing's consequences for the declining domestic U.S. workforce. Many business owners have supported companies that decided to outsource to CENTRAL AMERICA which is reflected in a steady 25% industry growth. Business owners’ strong opinions and perspectives revolve around the costs associated with transferring control of the labor process to an outsourced external entity in another country to save on business costs and to take advantage of highly trained bilingual call center TELEMARKETERS ready to work. North American business owners believe that outsourcing jobs overseas help small business from failing by saving a substantial amount of money possibly in the form of decreased taxes, low CENTRAL AMERICAn salaries and total benefit packages.

Your company’s call center outsourcing campaign with CENTRAL AMERICA’s Call Center for the purpose of cost savings have a positive influence on the real productivity of a company. Rather than investing in local talent, additional office space, high wages and human resource expenses, companies gain real productivity by hiring fewer and more versatile people locally and outsourcing call center campaigns of more challenging customer service or sales work to bilingual CENTRAL AMERICAn call center facilities offshore. Companies can immediately see the benefits and increased productivity through outsourcing simply because they are able to hire double the number of bilingual employees.

CENTRAL AMERICA’s Call Center has a proven track record of increasing the real productivity of a company due to the result of more productive internet tools or computer reporting methods of operating that make it possible for a worker to do more work overseas. Call center outsourcing campaigns productivity gains are the result of shifting work to lower paid bilingual call center TELEMARKETERS.

A CENTRAL AMERICAn call center outsourcing campaign begins with a wise decision on the part of a company to do business process outsourcing (BPO).

North American companies that outsource jobs to Central America are using a form of near-shore call center outsourcing, which involve the contracting of the operations and responsibilities of a specific inbound or outbound business function to an established third-party BPO call center service provider.

CENTRAL AMERICA offers bilingual (English-Spanish) call center TELEMARKETERS for a salary that is 40-80% less than a North American company would pay locally. By investing in a call center outsourcing campaign, a North American company will see immediate results to their bottom line in a more competitive global marketplace.