Monday, May 28, 2012

Nearshore appointments are set with the decision maker only.

The Costa Rican government offers tax exemptions for those willing to invest in the country and especially the BPO call center industry. Several global high tech corporations have made major employement contracts to employ thousands. For example:chip manufacturer Intel, pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline,consumer products company Procter & Gamble and HP having employed close to 10,000 bilingual customer service and technical support agents. High levels of bilingual education among its residents and high school students have make the country an attractive investing location for call centers, customer support and Latin American sales teams. For those outside of the BPO industry, tropical tourism earns more foreign exchange than the combined exports of the country's three main cash crops: bananas, pineapples and coffee.

Our offshore call center appointment setting services will take care of producing qualified meetings with many potential clients in both English and Spanish. Let our first impression turn a telemarketing cold call into a warm introduction that produces revenue and referrals for your business. Nearshore appointments are set with the decision maker only, period. Costa Rica's Call Center will afford you the luxury of concentrating more on closing the deal at hand, while effortlessly moving on to the next warm BPO appointment that is waiting for you.

Does your nearshore company rely heavily on bilingual appointment setting for growth and profit? Do you invest a major part of your telemarketing marketing budget to make it effective? At Costa Rica's Call Center, our Central AMERICA appointment setting service will give you an advantage before your competition can have a chance to present their product or service. We will work through and familiarize ourselves with your work schedule by utilizing a shared, easy to use online web calendar. Costa Rica's Call Center will keep your BPO appointment machine going in order to maximize your daily sales performance and affording you well deserved down time to recharge and prepare for the next meeting.

Our Costa Rica's Call Center telemarketing agents excel in positive first impressions, great communication skills and limitless persistence on the phone. Depending on your specific nearshore appointment setting campaign, we always assign the Latin America telemarketers that are best suited for your outsourced project. As we hire and train your bilingual appointment setting telemarketer team, we particularly look for call center candidates that have the ability think on their feet while asking your predetermined qualifying questions. More importantly, extensive note taking is made during the life of the telemarketing conversation to uncover specific interests or concerns that can prove to be an invaluable tool when you enter into your first meeting. Our bilingual BPO agents have been specifically trained to ask for an appointment on every call and to report on why an appointment has been rejected for further offshore campaign analysis and strategic improvement. Call center outsourcing jobs require that the call center TELEMARKETERS have a strong sense of innate customer service skills as well as an especially keen ability to listen to detail in order to offer the most effective result for your outsourced campaign. Without an extroverted and relentlessly positive attitude during the initial interview or continuing through the telemarketing training period, the call center’s management team will deny the employment of that particular candidate. Call center outsourcing jobs need to be filled by the best, period The changing global economy and the unfortunate downsizing of the North American corporate world makes call center outsourcing jobs to a CENTRAL AMERICAn call center an important topic for top executives when deciding a company’s growth potential or even survival. Every outsourced CENTRAL AMERICAn call center job can make a difference to your company’s bottom line and increase your employee morale by offering opportunities to very grateful and hard working bilingual call center TELEMARKETERS that will represent your company in the best light. There are ideally suited CENTRAL AMERICA’s Call Center TELEMARKETERS waiting to assist your inbound customer service call today. Call center outsourcing jobs is simple when understanding the qualifications for the ideal bilingual call center agent for your outsourced campaign. From the many years of continuous growth, call center employment is considered a stable long term career in CENTRAL AMERICA. Confidence in a call center agent is just as important as their work ethics. Punctuality, honesty, accountability and results can separate a subpar outsourced call center agent in another firm to one of CENTRAL AMERICA’s Call Center’s highly trained and motivated outsourced call center TELEMARKETERS. A bilingual outsourced telemarketer who believes that they possess advanced communication skills are the first TELEMARKETERS we interview when hiring for an outbound lead generation or bilingual outbound sales campaign. An outsourced bilingual customer service agent that holds empathy and patience in high regard are two skills that every hand picked call center agent posses at our CENTRAL AMERICAn call center. Every well executed inbound phone call ensures the best in top outsourced customer service, client retention and increased referrals resulting from the first class experience given by the CENTRAL AMERICAn call center agent. What you would personally expect to receive from a customer service representative on the phone is exactly how we are going to handle each and every one of your inbound or outbound phone calls with your clients.