Monday, May 28, 2012

A labor arbitrage generated by the large wage gap.

Per information provided by the World Bank in 2009, Costa Rica's GDP per capita is US$11,122 PPP. Latin America has been developing this country and has an increased interest in maintenance and new investments in infrastructure. Even bening known as a third world country, the poverty rate in Costa Rica is estimated to be 23% with a 7.8% unemployment rate.The call center industry has 16,000 currently employed and is continuing to grow this business medium. Our bilingual call center ensures that all agents receive the best in compensation. We base salaries on the the value of the colón against the dollar. This international monetary exchange has decreased to 86% of its late-2006 value. The unit of currency still remains the colón, and as of May 2012, it trades around 507 to the United States Dollar.

Costa Rica's Call Center assures that we will inform, pre sell and qualify each and every potential client to maximize the lead acquisition of your lists in both English and Spanish. That is our word. We go into every telemarketing call believing in a sale and if they do not end the call during the course of the BPO presentation, they may be interested and need a little more convincing. Every name costs time and money and must not be rushed off the phone or wasted. The calling lists are not extinguished on the first contact as they are worked diligently and kept current until all potential outsourced leads are in your sales rotation. Since Central America bilingual sales people are typically the highest paid call center employees in an offshore organization, it makes sense to provide them pre-qualified leads so that their telemarketing production is highest by selling and not by cold calling.

Identifying and qualifying a prospect can be an expensive and complex task. It becomes even more so if you do not have mechanisms in place to capture that information for a sale. There will always be a set of well-matched candidates for the purchase of your product or service within a larger set of poorly matched candidates that must be filtered. The logical question is, do you personally have the time and energy to achieve new leads and reconnect with all prospects, including past and current clients? Your nearshore solution is to leave the prospecting calls to our Latin America call center so we can supply qualified hot leads, define the interest gauge of the prospect and determine the sales potential for you.

Call center outsourcing CENTRAL AMERICA leads the industry in standardizing business processes, outsourcing advanced IT Services and bilingual customer service application services, enabling businesses to intelligently grow at a reduced price. CENTRAL AMERICA’s Call Center allows a wide range of small to medium sized businesses access to outsourcing services previously only available to large corporations as recent ly as a few years ago.

Smaller companies may succumb to customer pressure and will reduce their customer retention. Customers may see benefits in dealing with call center outsourcing CENTRAL AMERICA and would be very happy with the performance of certain elements of the call center. While they may not see a solution locally, they may accept this through outsourcing. The immediate result will allow organizations to be free to focus on their core business achieving much required competence, leaving non-core responsibilities to CENTRAL AMERICA’s Call Center.

Call center outsourcing CENTRAL AMERICA has received favorable public opinions regarding outsourcing. The main recommendation about CENTRAL AMERICAn call centers is that outsourcing helps a local labor market thereby helping small businesses survive recessions and as well as a growth spurt. BPO outsourcing is the transfer of the delivery of services which affects both customer service jobs and bilingual individuals when companies decided to compete globally. It is clear that outsourcing has a positive effect on individuals abroad who face job vacancies and employment security. However, call center outsourcing CENTRAL AMERICA supporters believe that outsourcing brings down prices and provides greater economic benefit to each company that decides to outsource jobs to CENTRAL AMERICA.

There are a few types of jobs that are generally outsourced by most companies. Call center outsourcing CENTRAL AMERICA is most well-known for its advanced bilingual telemarketing and first class customer service. The future of outsourcing in CENTRAL AMERICA is highly affected by globalization. As the world becomes figuratively smaller, call center outsourcing CENTRAL AMERICA is the way international companies do business within the Latino and Anglo-Saxon markets.

In the area of call centers, top level end-user-experience has deemed to be of higher quality when a service is outsourced to CENTRAL AMERICA’s Call Center. This is enhanced when outsourcing is combined with off-shoring to regions where the first language and culture are different yet, attuned to the North American market. This unquestionable quality is particularly evident when bilingual call centers that service the public are outsourced to CENTRAL AMERICA. There is a perception among the general American public that find the linguistics features in CENTRAL AMERICA such as accents, word use and phraseology similar, make call center TELEMARKETERS in our call center easier to understand.

Call center outsourcing CENTRAL AMERICA immediately lowers the overall cost of that service to any business.

CENTRAL AMERICA’s Call center works closely with clients to define clearly the definition of quality levels anticipated for the call center TELEMARKETERS through closely examined cost re-structuring.

Call center outsourcing CENTRAL AMERICA helps companies gain access to lower cost economies through “near-shoring.” Business process outsourcing to a call center can be described as a labor arbitrage generated by the large wage gap between industrialized and developing nations. CENTRAL AMERICA has a prime advantage by offering highly trained and skilled bilingual call center TELEMARKETERS for a fraction of the price companies would pay within their local market.

Call center outsourcing CENTRAL AMERICA focuses on cost restructuring to increase the bottom line of a corporation deciding to outsource jobs to a call center. Companies that study outsourcing operating costs take into consideration the difference between fixed costs to variable costs. BPO Outsourcing to a CENTRAL AMERICAn call center dramatically changes the balance of this ratio by offering a shift to variable from fixed cost and also by making variable costs more predictable when staffing growth. Instead of investing in more local personnel, additional office space and human resources work, Call center outsourcing CENTRAL AMERICA can make the transition seamless and turnkey when the need is for bilingual call center TELEMARKETERS in the growing and more competitive global economy.