Sunday, May 27, 2012

Clearly understand the accuracy of QA.

It is very important for our clients to clearly understand the accuracy of QA and what is involved in order to achieve desired results. The exact method of QA is very meticulous and involves an abundant amount of testing, planning and customization of reports. There is an extensive process of trial and error in order to highlight areas of improvement with the ability to enhance an agent’s telemarketing or customer service potential on the phone. A proficient outsourcing call center quality assurance program must be consistent and repeatable in order to be effective.

Muchas de las tareas todavía implican una revisión exhaustiva de los resultados iniciales para confirmar la exactitud de los datos introducidos manualmente y clave en toda la información perdida o inexacta. La información confidencial o vital se examina varias veces durante el proceso antes de ser finalmente aceptado y pasó a.